What Happens After The 1000 Year Reign Of Jesus

What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?

QuestionAnswer The millennium (also known as the millennial kingdom) is the 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ following the tribulation period and prior to the judgment of the wicked at the Great White Throne Judgment. Over Israel and all of the nations of the world, Jesus will reign as king for a thousand years during the millennium (Isaiah 2:4; 42:1). It is predicted that the world will be peaceful (Isaiah 11:6–9; 32:18), Satan will be bound (Revelation 20:1–3), and that everyone will worship God at the beginning of time (Isaiah 2:2–3).

Some of these promises, referred to as covenants, were made specifically to the people of Israel.

Jesus’ 1,000-year reign will be characterized by the fulfillment of promises.

After Abraham’s death, Joshua led the Israelites in claiming ownership of the Promised Land several hundred years later.

  1. Not even Solomon reigned over this exact territory (1 Kings 4:21–24).
  2. Furthermore, God’s covenant with Abraham stipulated that he and his descendants would have ownership of the land in perpetuity (Genesis 13:15; 17:8; Ezekiel 16:60).
  3. The Davidic Covenant (2 Samuel 7) (2 Samuel 7) God’s covenant with David was that his line would never die out and that David’s heir would sit on the throne of Israel forever (2 Samuel 7:16).
  4. Biblical scholars agree that Jesus is the fulfillment of this covenant—one of the reasons His genealogy is given for both His adoptive father (Matthew 1:1–17) and His mother (Luke 3:23–38).
  5. They expected Him to be a military/political leader that would liberate them from the Romans and make Israel a great nation again.
  6. The 1,000-year reign will be the beginning of Jesus’ reign over Israel and the earth (Revelation 20:4, 6).
  7. The New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34) (Jeremiah 31:31-34) The work of the New Covenant—Jesus’ death and resurrection to reconcile hearts to God—has been accomplished.

Jeremiah 31:33 says, “But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts.

This covenant does not mean that every Jew will be saved.

The Old Testament prophets who spoke of this covenant, including Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Ezekiel, all wrote that it will be fulfilled in the future.

They will be in the 1,000-year reign of Christ.

God promised Jesus He will make His enemies a footstool, and that Jesus’ followers will worship Him freely (Psalm 110).

God promised the nations of the world that they would live in peace with Jesus as their ruler (Daniel 7:11–14).

(Ezekiel 34:16).

The main purpose of Jesus’ 1,000-year reign is to fulfill the prophecies given to Israel and the promises made to Jesus, the nations, and the whole earth.

God’s covenants were voluntary and one-sided. He promised He would bless Israel and restore the world in specific ways, and He will. Return to:Questions about the End Times What is the purpose of the thousand-year reign of Christ?

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What Is the Millennium? 7 Answers to 7 Questions

Can you fathom living in a world where there is no fear? Is there no disease? Is there no discomfort? Is there no cause for concern? As a result, the Millennial Kingdom will be similar to this in nature. In the end, there will be peace; we shall dwell in a beautiful world with Christ as our king for a thousand years to come. It is something we can look forward to when things are difficult in our life and when our world is plagued with turmoil, immorality, and misery, and it is something we can count on.

Here is a quick description of what life would be like in the Millennial Kingdom.

What Is the Millennium?

Millennium is derived from the Latin word mille, which meaning “a thousand,” hence millennium is “a thousand years.” In the book of Revelation, the phrase is referenced six times. Following the Tribulation period, Christ will reign as King for a thousand years, which is known as the Millennium. David will be His vice president, and he will share the throne with the King of the universe. They will reign over the globe in righteousness and holiness, as the Bible says. Despite the fact that sin will continue to exist in the Millennium, it will be dealt with instantly.

The next millennium is going to be wonderful.

Many of these references are found in unexpected places in the Old Testament, such as the Book of Enoch.

Will Believers Today Be on Earth for the Millennium?

Every believer, whether alive or dead, will be caught up into heaven at the moment of the Rapture, according to the Bible. We shall be there for around seven years, during which time the Tribulation will be taking place on the planet. These events will include the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, as well as the Seat of Christ at the Last Judgment. Christ will return to the planet once the Tribulation period has concluded. When Christ returns to destroy the forces of the world that have risen up against Him, we shall accompany Him to the battle field of victory.

For a thousand years, they shared Christ’s life and reigned with him (Revelation 20:4).

What shall we do as members of Christ’s governing body?

According to the Scriptures, there appears to be a connection between one’s fidelity in this time and the administration that they will be given in the next time.

A parallel may be drawn with the story of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30. Jesus will reward us with tasks that are proportional to our level of devotion to Him.

Will There Be Conflict in the Millennium?

The presence of war has been a constant feature of human history since the beginning of time. When I was growing up in Toledo, Ohio, during the conclusion of World War II, we had blackouts every night. At that time, there would be a siren, and it would aid in preparing people for the ongoing war that was taking place. The topic of war has constantly been brought up in our discussions, but there will be no fighting when we reach the millennium. Nevertheless, according to Micah 4:4, “everyone will sit beneath his vine and under his fig tree, and no one will cause them to be scared.” Can you imagine not having any fear?

Take a look at these verses from Isaiah 19:23-25: “There will be a roadway connecting Egypt and Assyria at that time, and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians will come into Assyria, and the Egyptians will serve alongside the Assyrians.” In that day, Israel will be one of three nations, together with Egypt and Assyria, who will be a blessing in the middle of the country, whom the Lord of hosts will bless, saying, ‘Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My heritage,'” according to the Bible.

How calm do you think the millennium will turn out to be?

They will collaborate in order to achieve their goals.

“Country shall not raise up sword against nation, nor shall they study war any longer,” the Bible says.

Will There Be Death During the Millennium?

“Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be unstopped,” according to Isaiah 35:5-6. Then the lame will jump like deer, and the tongue of the deaf will sing like a bird of paradise. Waters will erupt in the wilderness, and streams will flow through the desert,” says the prophet. Individuals will survive for an extended period of time as a result of the immaculate circumstances of the cosmos during Christ’s thousand-year reign. It looks that human life spans will return to levels seen prior to the Flood, when humans might expect to live to reach more than nine hundred years of age.

Someone who is a hundred years old will appear to be as innocent as a little child.

Death will only be experienced by those individuals who are unable to change their ways and who rebel against the laws of their country, not by everyone.

Will There Be Sin During the Millennium?

People are surprised when they hear that a rebellion would take place at the Millennium, but this is how it will take place. Everyone who lives during the Millennium will be virtuous, and they will all be rescued by the grace of God. There will be weddings, though, within that one-thousand-year span of time. A generation will come into being, and some of those children will rebel against the ways of God. Every person born during the Millennial Age, just like every person born now, will make a personal decision for or against Christ.

Every heart will be known by the One in command, and every wrong will be swiftly rectified by the One in charge.

There will be no lengthy delays in the administration of justice—no lengthy waits for trials, and no lengthy waiting for sentences to be carried out. Based on the righteous rule of King Jesus, there will be an immediate restoration of justice.

What Is the Purpose of the Millennium?

There are a number of compelling reasons why a literal Millennium must come in the near future.

To reward the people of God:

God’s followers are assured of receiving rewards for their faithfulness via a slew of promises sprinkled throughout the Bible, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament (Matthew 16:27; Matthew 25:34; Revelation 22:12). And we shall have the opportunity to reign and govern with Christ on this planet throughout the Millennium as part of our celestial recompense. The Lord will provide chances for everyone of us to serve Him in the future based on our current level of faithfulness in serving Him.

To respond to the prophets’ predictions:

These events were foreseen by the prophets of the Old Testament (Psalm 72:11; Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:32-33). Without the Millennium, none of those prophesies would be able to come to fruition.

To receive an answer to the disciples’ prayer (Matthew 6:8-13):

His reign will come to this world one day, when Jesus comes, and His will will be done on the face of the globe.

To reemphasize man’s depravity and the necessity of Christ’s death:

While still alive during the Tribulation, those faithful servants who have survived will birth offspring, in whom the sin nature will exist. This is because the fallen human nature of man will not be destroyed until the conclusion of the millennial reign, when eternity starts. A thousand years from now, Satan will be unleashed, and he will stir up a last revolt against God in the same way that he did in the Garden of Eden thousand years before (Revelation 20:1-3, 7-8). You heard correctly: even though Christ is governing and reigning on the planet throughout the Millennium, some people will be mislead by Satan.

Man will never be able to accomplish righteousness without the help of God.

What Is the Purpose of the Book of Revelation?

This is a book with a specific aim. Revelation is a book that was written with a specific purpose in mind. There are two things that we are supposed to learn from this book: the King’s homecoming and the King’s rule. First and foremost, it states that Jesus Christ will return. One day, there will be a King on our planet who will reign over all of the nations of the world. The book of Revelation 1:7 declares, “Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who have pierced Him.” And because of Him, all of the tribes of the world will be in mourning.

  1. In my night visions, I saw someone who looked like the Son of Man descending down from heaven on the clouds of heaven!” Daniel 7:13 (NASB) In His Olivet Discourse, Jesus used similar language to describe His second coming.
  2. Jesus’ statements were expounded upon by John.
  3. It is going to take place.
  4. And when He returns, He will establish His kingdom and rule over all of mankind.
  5. As soon as Jesus comes to this globe with His believers, He will establish His kingdom on this planet, and for a thousand years, the reign of righteousness will prevail on our blue marbled planet.

On this planet, we shall govern alongside Him. ~ ~ ~ To understand more about biblical prophesies for the future, get David Jeremiah’s classic on the topic, The Book of Signs—31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse, which is available on Amazon.com.

Who will be on the earth during the Millennium, and what will they be doing?

Despite its length, this book serves a specific function. The book of Revelation was created with a specific purpose in mind. There are two main points to be learned from this book: the King’s return and the King’s rule. As a starting point, it states that Jesus Christ will return. One day, a King will reign over all of the nations of the world, and he will be known as the Christ. He will come with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who wounded His side, according to Revelation 1:7.

  • “However, Amen” says the Lord.
  • “I was watching in my night visions, and behold, One who looked like the Son of Man was approaching with the clouds of heaven!” Dan.
  • “When the sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven, then all of the nations of the earth will grieve, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with great authority and glory,” he explained.
  • After Jesus’ statements, John elaborated on them.
  • Yes, that is going to occur.
  • Then, upon His return, He will establish His kingdom and rule over all mankind.
  • According to Scripture, individuals who are His followers will reign with Him in the hereafter.
  • Request David Jeremiah’s classic on the topic, The Book of Signs—31 Undeniable Prophesies of the Apocalypse, if you want to learn more more about biblical prophecies for the future.
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What is the reason for the 1000-year reign of Christ?

When Jesus reigns over the entire globe for one thousand years, a span of time known as the millennium or the millennial kingdom will have elapsed between his crucifixion and the final annihilation of humanity. For the goal of allowing for the fulfillment of various promises God made to Israel, Jesus, the Gentiles, and all of creation, God has instituted a thousand-year rule. Israel has been promised a lot. The God of Israel has made a number of unilateral (one-sided) pledges or covenants throughout the course of Israel’s history, vowing to reward Israel in specified ways.

  1. According to the Palestinian Covenant (Genesis 15:18-20; Numbers 34:1-12), Israel will hold the precise limits outlined in the covenant for all of eternity; yet, the nation of Israel has not yet been able to encompass these specific bounds.
  2. Jesus is that heir, but He has not yet claimed His bodily and political birthright as a result of His death.
  3. During the 1000-year reign of King Solomon, these agreements will be honored.
  4. Psalm 110 is a recital of God’s promises to Jesus, which David writes in the first person (“my Lord”).
  5. While His people freely worship Him, Jesus will rule over them, judge them, and annihilate their adversaries.
  6. In a similar vein, Jesus is given sovereignty over all people, countries, and languages in Daniel 7:11-14 before His foes are completely annihilated.
  7. The promise made in Daniel 7:11-14 is applicable to Gentiles as well as Jews.

God will be known across the entire earth (Isaiah 11:9).

Promises made to the Creator In the end, Jesus’ dominion will extend beyond human political structures and include the all of creation.

Animals will be able to live in harmony once more (Isaiah 11:6-9, 35:9, 65:25).

Furthermore, the mortals who escape the Tribulation and inhabit the 1000-year rule will be free of sickness during their lifetime (Isaiah 33:24, 35:5-6, 61:1-2; Ezekiel 34:16).

It might be the conclusive proof that mankind is unable to select God or to choose what is good (Romans 3:11-12).

When the 1000-year reign of God comes to an end, it will provide an answer to all those who question if Adam and Eve would have rebelled against God if the snake had not tempted them.

And not simply a handful of individuals—”number is like the sand of the sea” as the saying goes (vs.

The effect of Jesus on civilisation and the annihilation of Satan are not enough to persuade people to turn their lives over to God.

God gave specific promises to Israel, Jesus, the Gentiles, and the rest of creation, among other things.

The Lord is not sluggish to fulfill his word, as some would think, but he is patient with you, not desiring that any should perish but rather that all should come to repentance through Jesus Christ.” God’s 1000-year reign provides a time for Him to fulfill His promises, and the waiting period provides an opportunity for us to reach the entire globe and educate people about Him.

What is the Millennium / Millennial Kingdom, and how does it work?

What is going to take place at the end of the world? What are the signals that we are approaching the end of the world? What is the significance of Jesus Christ’s second coming? What is the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Return to: The Truth About the End of the World

The Inhabitants of the Millennium and the Timing of the Rapture, Part 1

Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, Ankeny, Iowa, July—August 2001, Faith Pulpit

The Inhabitants of the Millennium and the Timing of the Rapture, Part 1

Introduction Christians who adhere to a pretribulational view believe that the rapture of the church is a future event on the eschatological calendar, and that it will take place before the tribulation (also known as Daniel’s seventieth week) begins. Furthermore, pretribulational theologians contend that the rapture is soon, claiming that no prophetic event is required before the rapture may take place. The rapture, they assert, will take place before Christ’s second coming to the earth, which will take place after the tribulation period has ended and the church has been raptured.

  • 1 Those who believe in the posttribulational view of the rapture believe that it will occur at the conclusion of the tribulation, in connection with Christ’s return to the world.
  • It is possible for posttribulationists to argue that pretribulationists unduly complicate the return of Christ by splitting it into two parts (i.e., the rapture and the second coming), which are separated by the tribulation.
  • 2 The pretribulational theologians’ answer is to demonstrate from Scripture that the partition of Christ’s coming into two occurrences is a necessary divergence from the simple view of the future.
  • Using the nature of millennial residents as a basis, this essay asserts that the rapture must be separated from the second coming, hence refuting the posttribulational perspective.
  • 3 As a starting point, they both believe that individuals who have natural bodies will continue to exist on the planet for the rest of millennia.
  • “A premillennial scheme must give an account for the presence of unglorified saints and unbelievers in the Millennium,” Douglas J.
  • 4 The books of Isaiah and Revelation both provide evidence for the veracity of these two points of agreement.

During the period of Messiah’s earthly dominion, at least a portion of the millennial inhabitants will perish in the process.

The truth is that sinners will pass away early, at the comparatively young age of one hundred years, similar to the death of a kid before completing his or her days (65:20).

(5) In addition, members of Messiah’s earthly kingdom will have children and give birth to “offspring” (65:23).

Second, the book of Revelation predicts that Satan will be unleashed at the conclusion of one thousand years, according to the book of Revelation.

This prophecy of a last revolt demonstrates the existence of a large number of nonbelievers during the closing days of the millennium period.

It is “all” believers who will be affected by the resurrection of the dead and the transformation (or “translation”) of the living at the time of the rapture (15:42).

When the rapture occurs, those who are “dead in Christ” (1 Thessalonians 4:16) will be raised to life, and those who will be translated are those who “believe that Jesus died and rose again” (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

If we consider 1 Corinthians 15:51 as the “mystery” of the rapture, it is the discovery that not every believer living during this church era will perish.

The chapter from 1 Corinthians is particularly remarkable since it was written to a congregation in which carnality was the dominant virtue.

The “resurrection of the corrupted bodies of believers to heavenly incorruption” will also be a part of this process.

It is possible to deduce from His response that individuals who have glorified bodies do not reproduce.

So, to summarize, at the rapture, every believer “in Christ” will “be transformed,” and this transformation will deprive those who participate in it of their mortal existence as well as their reproductive capacity.

Unbelievers will not be permitted to enter the millennial reign, according to the teachings of the Bible.

There are a number of verses in the Bible that provide credence to this idea.

When Christ comes to judge the world, He will collect the people of Israel under His rod of judgment (Ezekiel 20:39), and He will force them to pass under His rod of judgment (20:37).

Christ will “purge away from among” the family of Israel “the rebels and those who transgress,” according to the Bible (20:37-38).

Isaiah also foresaw this future moment of reunification for Israel (60:8,9), when “all” the people will be “righteous,” as predicted by the prophet (60:21).

He will place believers on His right hand, and they will “inherit the kingdom,” as the saying goes (25:34).

Those nations and kingdoms that do not obey the Lord will “perish,” and their resources will be “utterly squandered” (Isaiah 60:12).

As a result of these two judgements, any unbeliever who survives Christ’s second coming will be erased off the face of the world and will not be permitted entry into the kingdom of God.

The unbelievers of the last millennial generation who take part in the great uprising must thus be descended from the first generation believers, which is another way of saying the same thing.

“We believe that the rapture of the Church will be followed on earth by Israel’s seventieth week,” which will be a time of great judgments and tribulation, as stated in our statement of faith.


1349), a philosopher-theologian who used it in his Summa totius logicae, which was published in 1349.

Feinberg’s “The Case for the Pretribulational Rapture Position,” in The Rapture: Pretribulational, Midtribulational, or Posttribulational?

72; and Douglas J.

Moo,” in The Rapture: Pretribulational, Midtribulational, or Posttribulational?

Archer’s “The Case for the Mid-Seventh-Week Rapture Position,” which appears in The Rapture: Pre-, Mid-, or Posttribulational?, which is published in The Rapture: Pre-, Mid-, or Posttribulational?, pp.

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“Response: Douglas J.

It is impossible for Isaiah 65 to be referring about perpetual blessedness on the new world because there will be no death in that state, according to the Bible (cf.

6 A revised and extended edition of John F.

7 Ryrie further points out that, properly speaking, the rapture relates exclusively to the translation of living saints and that no other type of translation occurs.

Ryrie, Basic Theology: 478). 8 Furthermore, it should be noted that the full involvement of all live Christians in the event of the rapture provides strong evidence against the claims of partial rapture proponents.

What Will Happen After Christ’s 1,000-Year Rule?

These events are described in detail in the apostle John’s visions, which are documented in Revelation 20:7 to the conclusion of the book. This historical period is just briefly mentioned in the Bible and does not have any extra information about it. Revelation 21 describes what will happen after God’s plan of salvation has been completed and the earth has been purified by fire (see “Does Peter Predict the Total Destruction of the Earth in II Peter 3:10?” for an explanation). “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth,” says the prophet, “for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.” In addition, there was no longer any sea.

  1. And I heard a resounding voice from heaven say, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with mankind, and He will be with them, and they will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.” And I understood what the voice was saying.
  2. The only thing we can do is speculate about what members of God’s Family will do.
  3. God’s purpose is concerned with the entirety of time and space.
  4. They will not simply sit around doing nothing, but will instead plan and create, just as the Father did.
  5. According to Hebrews 2:6-8, God will finally place the entire cosmos — all things — under the rule of man.
  6. For all of eternity, we will be unable to comprehend the grandeur and splendor of what the born-again sons of God will be accomplishing.
  7. The world will be transformed into something gorgeous and lovely beyond our wildest imaginations (I Corinthians 2:9;Romans 8:18).

Does Christ return to Heaven after the thousand year reign, and then return to earth after the seventh trumpet?

The chapters of Revelation 19 and 20 are arranged in chronological sequence for the most part. Now I saw heaven opening, and there was a white horse riding through it. And He who sat on him was referred to as Faithful and True, and He judges and wages war in the name of righteousness. His eyes were like a blaze of fire, and He wore numerous crowns on His head to symbolize His majesty. He had a name scrawled on a piece of paper that no one else knew but himself. He was dressed in a robe that had been stained with blood, and His name was given to Him as The Word of God.

  1. Now a sharp sword emerges from His lips, and He intends to use it to strike down all of the nations.
  2. He is the one who treads the winepress of the ferocity and anger of Almighty God on his own person.
  3. 1 Thessalonians 5:11-16 Christ is represented by the figure on the white horse.
  4. His name is the Word of God, which means “God’s Word.” In addition, the book of John teaches us that Jesus Christ is the word of God.
  5. This is a day of celebration for those who have been saved.
  6. And the first to rise will be those who have died in Christ.
  7. As a result, we will be with the Lord at all times.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) The Bible says: When Christ comes, what will happen to the lost who are still alive today?

“Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice, calling to all the birds that fly in the midst of heaven, “Come and gather together for the supper of the great God,” saying to all people, free and slave, both little and great.

The beast was arrested, and with him the false prophet, who performed signs in his presence, deceiving those who had gotten the mark of the beast and those who worshipped his image.

These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire, which was brimstone-red in color.

Furthermore, their meat was consumed by all of the birds.

As a result, the seven final plagues occur just before Christ’s return.

For those who see Christ’s return, there is no second opportunity, no second probation, no second chance at salvation.

“He took hold of the dragon, that ancient serpent who is also known as the Devil and Satan, and chained him for a thousand years,” the Bible states.

In the same way that Satan “did not unlock the door of his slaves” who were tied to him by sin, Satan is now himself enslaved by sin (Isaiah 14:17).

According to legend, “the remainder of the deceased did not come back to life until after the thousand years were through,” Revelation 20:5 (New International Version) The scripture Revelation 20:5 is extremely important.

‘But the remainder of the dead,’ i.e.

“Do not be amazed at this,” Jesus says in response, “for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth—those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.” (See also John 5:28-29) According to John 5:28-29, there will be two resurrections in the future: the resurrection of life for the righteous and the resurrection of condemnation for the wicked; however, according to Revelation 1920, these two resurrections will occur at different times.

  1. Everyone who has died is brought back to life to face their punishment after a thousand years (Revelation 20:5).
  2. Revelation 20:7-8 is a passage that says “Now Satan is preparing for a final, all-out battle for supremacy in the universe.
  3. He will gather all of the armies of the fallen under his banner and, working through them, will attempt to carry out his plans.
  4. They have accepted the rule of the rebel leader as a result of their rejection of Christ.
  5. Nonetheless, he maintains his early deception by refusing to acknowledge himself as Satan.

He portrays himself as a savior to his befuddled subjects, assuring them that his power has raised them from their graves and that he is about to rescue them from the most cruel tyranny imaginable.” In addition to Revelation 20:7-10, Ezekiel 38:10-12, 18-23, 2 Corinthians 11:14, John 8:44, and The Great Controversy, page 663, other passages include More information can be found here –

The 1,000-Year Reign

And I saw an angel come tumbling down from heaven, clutching the key to the Abyss in one hand and a massive chain in his other hand. He captured the dragon, that old serpent who is also known as the devil or Satan, and imprisoned him for a thousand years in a dragon’s den. As soon as he was thrown into the Abyss, he closed and sealed the door behind him, preventing him from misleading any more countries until the thousand-year period was over. After then, he must be released for a little period of time.

  • And I saw the souls of people who had been beheaded as a result of their witness about Jesus and as a result of the teachings of the Bible.
  • They were brought back to life and ruled with Christ for a thousand years after his death.
  • People who were a part of the first resurrection are blessed and holy in their lives.
  • When the thousand years are up, Satan will be freed from his prison and will go out to mislead the nations in the four corners of the world — Gog and Magog — in order to bring them together for battle with the Antichrist.
  • They marched over the face of the world and encircled the camp of God’s people, the city he adores.
  • However, fire descended from the skies and consumed them.
  • They will be tortured day and night for the rest of their lives.
  • They were forced to flee from his presence since there was nowhere else for them.
  • Another book was opened, and it turned out to be the book of life.
  • Everyone was judged according to their deeds, whether they belonged to the sea or to death or to Hades.
  • The second death occurs in the lake of fire.


In this chapter, we are given a glimpse of the Millennial Kingdom in regard to Christ, Satan, man, the tribulation saints, the resurrections, the world, and the judgment of the Great White Throne of the Millennial Kingdom. This chapter serves as a dividing line between the three major schools of eschatology: Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, and Premillennialism, all of which are discussed in detail elsewhere in this book. Eschatology is the study of “things that come to an end.” Chapter 20 is taken literally by this author.

  • As a result, I approach this chapter from the perspective of the premillennialist movement.
  • The revelation of Christ’s earthly reign provides us with a brief glance into this 1,000-year time span in human history.
  • It is those who have placed their trust in the One True King who will run this government!
  • This is the final uprising of mankind, and it will be brought to a close by the descent of fire from the sky.
  • J.V.
  • As a result of this final victory against evil, we are informed of the coming of the Great White Throne Judgment.
  • Those whose names were not found in “The Book of Life” will be judged according to the actions that they have committed.
  • They will go through the second death, which is eternal separation from God, as a result of this.
  • Campbell Morgan in his commentary on Revelation.
  • The most profound form of death would appear to be the annihilation of the possibility of dying.

Whatever the meaning of the final statement, it is the sentence of the One who sits on the Great White Throne of Power.” If man would not accept the life of God, he will be forced to take the only other option available to him: eternal affiliation with the devil.


In this chapter, we are given a glimpse of the Millennial Kingdom in connection to Christ, Satan, man, the tribulation saints, the resurrections, the world, and the judgment of the Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11–21). This chapter serves as a dividing line between the three major schools of eschatology: Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, and Premillennialism, all of which are discussed in detail in the following chapters. It is the study of “the end of things” that is known as Eschatology.

  1. Rather than a figurative 1,000-year reign of Christ on the world, I believe John is witnessing and writing about it.
  2. We will not be able to unpack all of this amazing doctrine in a short devotional, I recognize that once again.
  3. We might infer from the passage that this will be a period of flawless earthly administration under the authority of the King (Jesus), who has been ordained and anointed by the Almighty God.
  4. In accordance with the passage, Satan will be “released from his prison” at the conclusion of the 1,000-year period and will be permitted to walk forth and mislead the citizens of the Millennial Kingdom for the final time.
  5. “The lake of flaming sulfur” will be the permanent residence of Satan!
  6. McGee in his interpretation on the Book of Revelation, “is the last test of man in ideal circumstances.” The Millennium marks the culmination of mankind’s trials before the commencement of the everlasting state.
  7. People who rejected the redemption that was offered to them through Christ will be condemned in this hall of justice.
  8. They believe in their own righteousness, to put it another way.
  9. “There is a last movement,” argues G.
  10. To some, the ultimate form of death is the elimination of all possibilities for death.

Whatever the meaning of the final statement, it is the sentence of the One who sits on the Great White Throne of God.” Unless man is willing to accept God’s life, he will have no choice but to take the only other option available to him: eternal connection with the devil.

Prayer Points

  • The Lord, You, Jesus, are the One and Only True King
  • God, You are dependable and trustworthy. We bow down before You and adore You
  • Holy Father, I pray that You would guide us away from temptation and release us from the power of evil.
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Prayer Recommendation Lord God, You are deserving of praise, and I exalt Your name in all that I do. I thank You, Lord, for Your great kindness and redemptive love, which I cannot express enough. Lord, I pray for the establishment of Your kingdom and the accomplishment of Your will. Teach me and Your church to live each day as though it were our last for You. Help us, oh God, to keep our accounts with You as short as possible and to bring You honor in all we do and say. I make my request in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bible Gateway passage: Revelation 20 – New International Version

In the midst of it all, I saw an angel come descending from heaven, A)”>(A), bearing the key B),”>(B), to the Abyss C)”>(C), and clutching a massive chain in his hand. 2He captured the dragon, that old serpent, who is also known as the devil or Satan, and imprisoned him for a thousand years in a stone chasm. Then he put him into the Abyss, F)”>(F), and closed and sealed it over him, so that he could not deceive the nations H)”>(H)any longer till the thousand years were through. After then, he must be released for a little period of time.

It was then that I saw the souls of those who had been decapitated because of their witness about Jesus, and it was then that I saw the souls of others who had been killed because of the word of God.

They came to life and ruled P)”>(P)with Christ for a thousand years after his resurrection.

Q)”>(Q) Sixth, those who participate in the first resurrection are blessed R)”>(R) and holy.

The Judgment of Satan

7When the thousand years are up, V) will say: “Gog and Magog — Satan will be set free from his prison8 and will go to mislead the nations W)”>(W)in the four corners of the globe X)”>(X) in the four corners of the world Y) Y) Y) Y) “>(Y) —as well as to marshal them for combat. Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) “>(Z)In terms of numbers, they are comparable to the sand on the beach. AA)”>(AA) 9They marched over the whole surface of the planet and surrounded AB) “He calls it (AB)the camp of God’s people, and the city that he loves.

Tentatively AE)”>(AE)the devil, who had tricked them, was cast into the lake of burning sulfur, AF)”>(AF), where the beast AG)”>(AG)and the false prophet AH)”>(AH)had previously been cast as well.


The Judgment of the Dead

On the other side of the room was a huge white throne AJ)”>(AJ) and the person who was sitting on it. When he was present, the earth and the sky fled, and there was no place for them to take refuge. 12And I saw the dead, both big and tiny, AL)”>(AL)standing before the throne, and books were being opened before their eyes. This morning at 8:00 a.m., another book was opened, this one being the book of life. As recorded in the books, the deceased were judged AO)”>(AO)according to what they had done AP)”>(AP)in their lives before they died.

AS)”>(AS) 14After then, death AT)”>(AT) and Hades AU)”>(AU)were cast into the lake of fire, which was a lake of fire.

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Revelation 20:2-7 (King James Version): “He captured the dragon, that old serpent who is also known as the devil or Satan, and imprisoned him for a thousand years in a dragon’s den. As soon as he was thrown into the Abyss, he closed and sealed the door behind him, preventing him from misleading any more countries until the thousand-year period was over. After then, he must be released for a little period of time. It appeared to me that there were thrones on which individuals who had been granted the authority to judge were sitting.

  • They had not worshipped the beast or its image, and they had not been marked with the beast’s mark on their foreheads or their hands, as was required by law.
  • (The remainder of the deceased did not return back to life until the thousand-year period had come to a close.) This is the first resurrection to take place.
  • They will have no control over the second death, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years after the resurrection.
  • Satan is freed from his prison after a 1,000-year reign of Christ, and he is given one more opportunity to strike back.
  • But, exactly, what is the Millenial Kingdom and what is its reign?
  • And has it already gotten underway?

What Is the Millenial Kingdom and Reign?

Apocalypse 20:2-7 (New International Version) “He captured the dragon, that old serpent who is also known as the devil or Satan, and imprisoned him for a thousand years in a stone cauldron. As soon as he was thrown into the Abyss, he shut and sealed the door behind him, preventing him from misleading any more countries until the thousand-year period was complete. It is necessary to release him for a brief period of time after that point in the process. A throne with individuals who had been granted the ability to judge sat before me, and I could see them.

  • There was no evidence that they had worshipped the beast or its image, or that they had acquired its mark on their foreheads or on the palms of their hands.
  • After the thousand years were up, the rest of the deceased were brought back to life.
  • Participants in the first resurrection are regarded as blessed and holy.
  • Satan will be liberated from his captivity at the end of the thousand-year reign.” If you listen to the right people, the Millenial rule, as described by the Apostle John, can occur at any point throughout the End Times.

Warning: there will be a defeat for him. Nevertheless, what is the Millenial Kingdom and what is its rule? The date for the event has not yet been determined. What about now? Has it already started? In this session, we’ll answer these and other questions.

When Will the Millenial Kingdom Reign Take Place?

Once again, it is dependent on who Christian you speak with. According to certain Amillenials, the millennium kingdom is currently taking place right in front of their eyes. That point in history marked the beginning of the 1000-year period in which we now find ourselves. Others in the millenial camp believe in a symbolic 1000 years rather than a physical 1000 years, and they are known as millenials. Premillenials, on the other hand, believe that Christ will return after the seven years of tribulation have passed.

  • Premillenials can be divided into three groups based on their beliefs about when the Tribulation will begin, when Christians will be raptured, and when Christ will appear on the scene.
  • Check out this post for a graphic that explains this in further depth.
  • They just have different ideas about when it will take place.
  • In this post, we will not take a position on whether Millenial camp is right or wrong (or at the very least, we will not hint to which camp the author of this article belongs to).
  • However, we should be aware that the Millenial rule does represent a significant phase in the End Time.

What Will Happen during the Millenial Kingdom and Reign?

Scripture, whether in the literal or figurative sense, does not appear to reveal anything about what will transpire during the next 1000 years. We do know that Satan will remain imprisoned throughout this period, and that his authority will be severely restricted. All saints of God will be given a breath of fresh air as a result of his increasing the stakes with the Tribulation that precedes this. Of course, Satan isn’t finished with us yet. He has one more battle to face before he can rest. However, he will be given a 1000-year reprieve from his plans for the world.

  1. The verse also indicates that people who have been martyred for their beliefs will be raised to life again.
  2. Commentators are divided on this point, with some believing that persons who are saved but die get to paradise instantly.
  3. We should make the essential distinction that those who are not rescued do not return back to life throughout the 1000-year period of time.
  4. Satan is liberated from his prison at the conclusion of the 1000-year period.
  5. In that place, fire from heaven devours them, and all those who followed the Beast, together with Satan himself, are cast into the lake of fire, which is known as the second death.

The Bible appears to imply that the second death is far worse than the first. Some have speculated that it represents the passing of the soul.

Why Should Christians Know about This?

As we get closer to the events of Revelation and hear more about wars and rumors of warfare (Matthew 24), we can’t help but be a little curious about what is going to transpire in the future. We want to be as prepared as possible, despite the fact that we won’t be able to know everything because apocalyptic literature are often cloaked in mystery. The Millenial Kingdom and its rule are unknown to us, but we do know that we may look forward to this 1000-year time. Christians desire for it today, as evidenced by their cries of “Maranatha!” Come, Lord Jesus, and be glorified.

In the meanwhile, let us not lose sight of our purpose for being on this planet.

It’s definitely thrilling to think about all of the events that will take place in the near future, but we’ll trust in the Lord’s perfect timing and continue to be diligent laborers for the Lord.

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