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What a friend we have in Jesus

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus was written by Port Hope Man

Cobourg Public Library is a public library located in Cobourg, Ontario. Email:[email protected] Website:Agency street/mailing address: 200 Ontario Street, Cobourg, ON K9A 5P4LAKESHORE LAKESHORE LAKESHORE LAKESHORE THE END OF SUMMER JUNE 30, 1983 Port Hope’s ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’ was composed in memory of Joseph Scriven, who was buried near Bewdley. Man What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” one of the most well-known Christian anthems in the history of the world, was composed in a little frame cottage in Port Hope, and the man who penned it is interred a few miles north at a cemetery beside route 28 near Bewdley, Ontario.

  • The lyrics of his song are well-known around the world: “What a friend we have inJesus, all faults and griefs to bear.” What an honor it is to bring everything before God in prayer.
  • Oh, what needless suffering we are causing ourselves, all because we are not taking everything to God in prayer.
  • A companion inquired as to whether Scriven had written the poetry on the table, and Scriven said that “the Lord and I did it together amongst us.” It had taken a long journey to get Scriven to this location, and it was only after his death that his name became well-known.
  • As a child, he dreamed of a military career and attended Addiscombe Military Seminary in London, where he received his education.
  • Because of the drowning of his future wife the night before their wedding, Scriven decided to start a new life and travel to Canada to make a fresh start.
  • When he first arrived in the Rice Lake region, he taught school and then became a tutor to the Pengelley family, who was also staying at Rice Lake.
  • Scriven had been betrayed by his lady love on two separate occasions.
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He forwarded a copy of the letter to his mother, who was still living in Ireland at the time.

His health was deteriorating, he lacked financial resources, and he was terrified of being physically powerless.

It was never determined if he died in an accident or committed suicide.

Scriven was laid to rest in the Pengelley family cemetery, where a massive monument was constructed in his honor, displaying the hymn’s stanzas in their whole.

People all throughout the world continue to be inspired by the hymn today.

In Russia, it has been performed. It has even been performed at the Vatican. The song was performed during Terry Fox’s funeral. The fact that it was written here has a unique importance since it serves as a reminder of a guy who maintained his faith even as his world closed in around him.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Lyrics, Hymn Meaning and Story

Joseph M. Scriven is a well-known author. The ability to come to God each day and surrender our cares and anxieties is a tremendous privilege. Our troubles can be removed and our spirits can be purified when we have Jesus as a friend. Watch this video to hear the beautiful lyrics of the song “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” and understand the wonderful narrative that inspired this uplifting song. This is a song that you’ll want to sing to Him each and every day in order to honor His name. What a buddy we have in Jesus, who is willing to suffer all of our sins and sorrows!

  • How much serenity we frequently sacrifice, how much unnecessary suffering we endure, just because we fail to bring everything before God in prayer!
  • Is there any difficulty in any part of the world?
  • Is it possible to meet a buddy who is so loyal, who would share all of our tragedies with us?
  • Are we weakened and burdened with a tremendous burden of responsibility?
  • Do your friends detest you and abandon you?
  • He will take thee into His arms and shelter thee; thou wilt find comfort in His embrace.
  • Soon, in a glorious, unclouded day, there will be no need for prayer—only rapture, praise, and infinite adoration will be sufficient.
  • Songwriters Charles C.
  • Public Domain has published this article.
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The Story Behind What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Joseph Scriven was born in the Irish capital of Dublin in 1820. He received his education at Trinity College in Dublin and was engaged to be married at the time of his death. Scriven’s fiance died in a drowning accident the night before their wedding. A tragic event, compounded by strained family connections, compelled Joseph to adopt the practices and philosophies of the Plymouth Brethren. Scriven met and fell in love with Eliza Roche shortly after relocating to Canada to pursue a teaching career.

  • Joseph was able to empathize with the elderly and underprivileged because of the tragedies and difficulties he had experienced in life.
  • When Joseph penned his renowned hymn in 1855, he was doing so to console his mother, who was still living in Ireland at the time.
  • Scriven himself began to suffer from ill health, financial difficulties, and despair during his final years on the planet.
  • He was suffering from a severe depression at the time.
  • I retreated to an adjoining room, not to sleep, but rather to observe and await the outcome of the situation.
  • Despite extensive searching, no sign of the missing guy could be found until, just after midday, his body was located in a nearby body of water, dead and cold in death.” According to Christianity.com’s article, “How Did Joseph M.

Make Thyself My Vision in the Name of the Most High, the Most Holy, the Most Holy Lord God Almighty Amazing Grace

What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Christian Wall Art. Instant

With the song lyric included, this is an immediate download of our print: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” You will receive two files for an 8 x 10 print, one in PDF format and the other in JPEG format. We recommend printing this design in color to make the black and grey more distinct from one another. Keep it safe. It should be printed. And then put it in a frame of your choice. This piece is ideal for displaying in your own house. Alternatively, it makes an excellent present. – Christian Wall Art Bundle 1 – A collection of Christian wall art.

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  • – What a wonderful ally we have in Jesus.
  • Digital print available for immediate download.
  • Artwork in black and white.
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What a friend we have in Jesus – Fervr.net

It is recorded in Genesis 3:6 that the first time humanity sinned against God was: “When the woman discovered that the fruit of the tree was nutritious and aesthetically appealing, as well as desired for gaining wisdom, she took some and consumed it. She also shared some with her husband, who was present, and he happily devoured it.” There were severe ramifications of this decision. The man and woman were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and the way people and God relate to one another has never been the same since that event.

  1. According to Romans 3:23, we are all guilty of sin.
  2. As a result, we are unable to be friends with God as a result of our sin.
  3. There’s fantastic news to share!
  4. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus reconciles us with God and restores our connection with ourselves.

Jesus, the ultimate friend

Take a look at what the Bible has to say about Jesus in the book of John 15:13. No one has shown greater love than he has shown his friends by laying down his life for them.

Do your pals have a tendency to be hurtful to you? Jesus will never do so. Do your pals let you down on a regular basis? Jesus, on the other hand, will not. Do you understand the agony of a shattered friendship? Jesus will always be there for you and for your family.

Do you want to be friends with Jesus?

The companion we have in Jesus is the best friend anybody could ever hope to have. Do you consider yourselves to be friends with Jesus? The only relationship that matters, the one friendship that will never be damaged, is a friendship with the Creator of the universe, the Almighty. Continue to put your faith in Jesus, and you will be friends with him for the rest of your life. Continue to cling to him; he will not let you down. Find out more about how to become friends with Jesus by visiting this page.

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