The Girl Who Painted Jesus

The “Heaven is for Real” painting of Jesus Story – by Colton Burpo and

Do you believe in the existence of heaven? According to Colton Burpo and the small Lithuanian girl who painted Jesus in the Heaven Is for Real movie, it certainly is true. Akiane Kramarik was a child prodigy who began drawing stunning, lifelike paintings of Jesus at a very young age, according to her autobiographyAkiane, Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry, which was published in 2012. Until this day, one of her most notable works of art is “Prince of Peace,” an amazing painting of Jesus that she completed when she was just eight years old.

His tale has resonated throughout the world, thanks to the success of the book and subsequent film.

Where does she get her visions from?

Akiane tells the Washington Times about her visions.

In an interview with the Washington Times, Akiane stated that “a vision is like an oasis in a desert.” As you continue your trip through the desert of life experiences, which is full with faith difficulties, you will not be able to have it all the time. As a result, I am not very anxious about waiting for a vision to arrive since I know that it will appear when I least expect it. “I still experience images that serve as inspiration for my work.” Visions, which are similar to dreams, frequently require documentation in order to best recall the experience; otherwise, clarity might be lost.

When we look at a painting that was inspired by a vision, such as “Prince of Peace” (theHeaven is for Realpainting of Jesus), we get a glimpse of what the artist saw and chose to capture, whether in words or with paint.


Have others seen and experienced Jesus in this way?

Yes! The author of the Heaven Is for Real books and the film Heaven Is for Real, Colton Burpo, has verified that Jesus looks exactly like the way Akiane has shown Him in her paintings. As a matter of fact, Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” painting is sometimes referred to as the “Heaven is for RealJesus picture.”

  • More information on the Akiane Kramarik narrative may be found here. More information regarding the tale of Colton Burpo may be found here.

We may have a window to the divine and glimpses of heaven through divinely inspired paintings by artist Akiane Kramarik

What, in your opinion, is the most remarkable aspect of Akiane’s paintings? Is it possible that these are Akiane’s pictures of Jesus? The peace and love that emanates from the artwork is genuine. Perhaps these breath-taking artworks have touched your heart as they have mine. Please share your ideas with us. Accuracy and precision in the search for excellence and precision. Here are a few illustrations:

  • 8-year-old Akiane stabbed her small finger to get a drop of blood for the Jesus painting “Prince of Peace,” then urged her mother to run to the art store and buy that hue of paint – soon, because the color was about to change! Her painting “Father Forgive Them” required a lot of painting and repainting until Akiane was satisfied that Jesus’ hands were strong enough to lift the entire world to God in the garden of Gethsemane and ask for forgiveness for all before He was crucified. Her painting “Supreme Sanctuary” was the most difficult to complete because the intensity and colors of heaven are not available in our world. (Washing Station)
  • Whether we look at the minute detail painted into the heavenly gardens in “Supreme Sanctuary” or a teen aged Jesus talking with Father God in “Jesus, the Missing Years,” we can be confident that, according to this gifted young artist, Jesus was resurrected and Heaven truly is a reality. “Supreme Sanctuary,” an abstract heavenly painting by Akiane, gives us a glimpse of colors and scenes in Heaven. (Pictured below and available at ArtSoulWorks

When asked “What is Heaven like?” Colton has said:

  • The city of Heaven is constructed of a gleaming metal such as gold or silver. These are adorned with pearls and constructed of gold
  • They are the Gates of Heaven. The first thing I noticed about Jesus was that he was dressed in white clothes with a purple ribbon
  • The nails that were used during the crucifixion have left “markers” on Jesus’ hands. A plethora of colors, a plethora of people, and a plethora of creatures may be found in Heaven. In paradise, there are more hues, and the flowers and trees are more lovely than on earth
  • The average age in Heaven is between 20 and 30 years old. Everyone I saw in Heaven (with the exception of Jesus) had wings. In heaven, there is always light, since Jesus is the light who illuminates the entire place
  • I discovered that paradise is a genuine place, and I believe you will enjoy it

and from the little Lithuanian girl who painted Jesus in the movie Heaven is for real movie.

  • Everything is absolutely beautiful and effortless in paradise
  • There is no struggle. Unlike on Earth, colors are more vibrant in heaven, and many of them are not visible here on Earth. The music in paradise is more lovely than the music in our world
  • It is nothing like the music in our world. Plants, animals, and all other beings communicate in heaven not via words, but rather by color, vibration, and ideas. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of different hues.

Is it possible that we are experiencing something genuinely remarkable because of a gift God granted to a young prodigy? The painting known as the “Prince of Peace” – also known as the “Heaven is for RealJesus painting” or the “Jesus Resurrection painting” – has grabbed the imagination of many people. If you think that God is the divine source of Akiane’s inspirations for the Akiane art seen here, then read on. More paintings of Jesus are available, ranging from the birth of Jesus until the resurrection of Christ.

Akiane Kramarik’s picture, “Prince of Peace, the Heaven is for Real,” is one of nearly half a million admirers of the Jesus, Prince of Peace series. Thank you for your daily inspirations and encouragement!

Akiane – Wikipedia

Akiane Kramarik
Born July 9, 1994(age 27)Mount Morris, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Painter, poet

Akiane Kramarik (born July 9, 1994) is a poet and painter from the United States. She began sketching when she was four years old. The painting Prince of Peace, which Kramarik painted when she was eight years old, is her most well-known work.

Early life

A Lithuanian mother and a non-practicing Catholic American father welcomed Akiane Kramarik into the world on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois, where she grew up. According to Kramarik, she had visions in which she saw the face of Jesus Christ. Her formal education began at a parochial school, although she eventually went on to be home educated. According to the artist, her early exposure to religious art in the form of sculptures, reliefs, and paintings at one of the Catholic schools she attended had a significant impact on her subsequent fascination with legendary individuals.

In my opinion, the majority of individuals were either entirely unaware of other realities or had their perceptions of those realities limited to a very restricted range of perspectives.


Her paintings are self-taught, and she claims that Jesus talked to her when she was four years old, urging her to sketch and paint the images that she had in her head. She began drawing at the age of four, began painting at the age of six, and began writing poems at the age of seven. Akiane began painting Jesus when he was eight years old. Her first completed self-portrait sold for US$ 10,000 while she was just starting out. It is common for Kramarik’s paintings to be metaphorical as well as spiritual in nature, including likenesses of Jesus, children, and animals, as well as his own resemblance.

  1. Kramarik, on the other hand, claims that her primary sources of inspiration are her glimpses of Heaven and her religious experiences.
  2. The United States Embassy in Singapore has acquired a number of her pieces of work.
  3. Kramarik made his television debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show when he was ten years old.
  4. 2005’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was her first television appearance, while the 21st episode of Kaatiein 2012 was her second.

Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace, according to Kramarik, is her “favorite portrait” and one of her most enduring works. When she was eight years old, she had been searching for the ideal face to assist her paint a picture from her thoughts and visions for quite some time when a family member suggested a carpenter as a potential subject. Kramarik recognized the man’s face as being very similar to what he recalled as the face of Jesus. She was able to create the image after 40 hours of concentrated effort. Not shortly later, it was transported to her agent for display, who promptly stole it and sold it without her knowledge or consent.

Prince of Peace was found by the artist’s family in December of this year and sold to a private collector for the sum of $850,000.

His tale was told in the best-selling book Heaven Is for Realas well as the film adaption with the same name that followed.

Many years later, when he watched Kramarik’sPrince of Peaceon television, he informed his father, “Dad, that one’s correct.”


  • Akiane Kramarik’s full name is Akiane Kramarik (2006). Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry. Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry W Publishing Group is based in Nashville. ISBN0-8499-0044-1
  • Akiane Kramarik’s full name is Akiane Kramarik (2006). Akiane My Dream Is Greater Than Myself: Memories of the Future.


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External links

  • Akiane Kramarik’s official website
  • AkianeeatIMDb
  • “Interview with Akiane Kramarik.” On January 6, 2009, the original version of this article was archived. Retrieved2008-05-26

Child artist Akiane Kramarik said she saw Jesus’ ‘true’ face in her dreams and decided to paint it on canvas

Child-prodigy As a child of three, Akiane Kramarik began painting glimpses of the “real” Jesus she saw in her dreams. She found her unusual gift when she was three years old. Image courtesy of By the age of ten, the gifted artist had already been asked to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her first television appearance! When Akiane appeared on the show, she informed Oprah that she believes her particular abilities were bestowed upon her by God. Image courtesy of Akiane was certain that her visions and vivid dreams were genuine, despite the fact that she was born to atheist Lithuanian parents.

  • Image courtesy of Image courtesy of “I was so young when I started experiencing these visions and impressions of the universe,” she explains.
  • Akiane explains that while her visions are similar to dreams, they lose clarity rapidly, therefore she attempts to catch them as soon as she is able.
  • “His eyes are really stunning,” she said in an interview with CNN when she was 12 years old.
  • And when asked to describe paradise, Akiane responded that its vibrancy and beauty are inconceivable to anyone on this planet.
  • It was incredible.” As of right moment, we don’t know the colors of hundreds of millions of different hues.
  • Akiane refers to her awe-inspiring masterpieces as “the paintings of Jesus.” Image courtesy of She is now 22 years old and has earned a wealth in the millions of dollars as a result of her artistic abilities.
  • Akiane intends to one day establish a hospital in Africa and use the gift she thinks she has been gifted with to benefit others in the community.
  • Source:Bles

Akiane Kramarik – The Girl Who Paints God

It is the Lord who extends His strong and tender hand to us when we are still children and innocent. When a kid hears the Lord’s calm, silent voice, he or she goes to Him with abandon, unafraid of what could happen. Akiane Kramarik had her first encounter with the Lord when she was four years old, and she still remembers it vividly. Akaine was raised by her atheist parents in a home-school atmosphere and did not have access to a television, so she had little exposure to Christian influences. Despite this, she began to see images and hear voices in her head.

  • It was impossible to ignore the rambling of divine messages coming from the tiny blond girl, but it was impossible to overlook her breathtaking ability of artistic expression.
  • She was considered a child prodigy and the only known kid binary genius in painting and poetry.
  • Awakened by the suffering and joy she witnessed in others, Akaine was touched.
  • As a result, Akaine earned the nickname “The Girl Who Paints God.” The only thing I’m doing is putting my gift to work to encourage people to live better lives filled with more pleasure, love, and hope.
  • The Lord speaks with her via her paintings, which she interprets as a kind of communication.
  • The lessons Akiane has gained from these life-changing experiences are that everything is related via one word: love.
  • Amazingly, she painted the portrait of Christ at the age of eight, claiming that she had been able to see Him for many years prior to that, but that His image had become blurred by the time she painted it.

Experts then researched the artwork and compared it to the Shroud of Turin, and to their surprise, they discovered that it was 80-90 percent accurate in comparison to the original!

Having been seen several depictions of Jesus by his father, Coulton immediately recognized the Prince of Peace as he walked through Akaine’s painting.

Each of her paintings has a spiritual undertone and is in some way linked to her Creator.

Her father expressed his belief in the afterlife by saying, “There is life beyond death.” Akaine painted “I AM,” which is one of my favorite paintings, when she was just 17 years old.

She considers it to be one of her most difficult paintings because she wanted to capture every aspect of Christ just right.

This half-year experience of focusing on Christ on her painting has taught Akaine that “everyone is perfect, precious, and unique,” as she says. More information about this remarkable woman may be found in the book ” Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry “.

Visit Akiane’s Gallery

It seems likely that most of us have something to say about God’s work in our lives, whether it has been earth-shattering or constantly straightforward. According to 1 Peter 3:15, we must constantly be prepared to render an account to people for the hope they have placed in us. As a result, it is critical that we spread the word about our experiences with others. ‘Once I Was Blind, But Now I See’ is a testimonial like no other that I have ever heard! My personal life was transformed as a result of the experience, and it was through it that I came to know Christ after many years of running.” This is a book that you should read for yourself and then give to those who are suffering with their faith.

Although he has spent a significant amount of time dabbling in the occult and fleeing from God, this man continues to hear God’s voice, and he has not ceased hearing it since.

Get Your Hands On A Copy

Kimberly Cook

Writer, podcaster, mother, and apologist for Catholicism. Kimberly is a wonderful person.

Akiane Kramarik: Former Painting Child Prodigy

The deadline for submissions is May 29, 2021. 1 minute to read The world has been shocked by people who have accomplished amazing achievements at a young age, and Akiane Kramarik is one of these persons. She is a poet and painter from the United States. She began drawing at the age of four, while she was still in diapers. Prince of Peace is her most well-known picture, which she produced when she was eight years old.

Early Life

Akiane Kramarik is a young artist who is considered a “child prodigy” in the art world. Akiane Kramarik was born on July 9, 1994, in Mount Morris, Illinois, to a Lithuanian mother and a non-practicing Catholic American father. She is the youngest of three children. Akiane claimed that she had a dream in which she saw the face of Jesus Christ. Her formal education was finished at home, but she had begun her formal education at a parochial school earlier in her career. When she was born, her family lived in close proximity to a major nuclear power station.

When asked about her family’s financial situation, she stated that they were too poor to have a kitchen and that they had very little furniture aside from a mattress and a chair and three pots, a little bookcase, a few hand-made books, and two iron cast pans on a portable burner.


Akiane is a self-taught artist who claims to have had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ when she was four years old. Jesus urged her to sketch and paint her vision on a piece of paper, which she did. She began to sketch and paint when she was four years old, and she began to write poems when she was seven years old. She created a painting of Jesus when she was eight years old. It was sold for a premium price of 10,000 US dollars since it was a fully completed self-portrait. In Akiane Kramarik’s paintings, the resemblance of Jesus Christ, children, animals, and a self-portrait are shown, all of which are highly spiritual in nature.

Some of her artwork were also acquired by the United States Embassy in Singapore. It is estimated that she has finished 800 literary pieces and over 200 artworks, and she has released two best-selling novels in her lifetime.


Akiane poses with her iconic picture of Jesus, which is now on display. Akiane made her television debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show when she was just ten years old. The 12-year-old was also interviewed by CNN. During her appearances on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Katie in 2005 and 2012, respectively, Akiane Kramarik was a guest. In 2016, Akiane was given the honor of being inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame.

Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace, according to Akiane Kramarik, is the artwork that she remembers the most and enjoys the most. She was on the lookout for the ideal face that might assist her in creating a picture from her dream. Akiane was eight years old when she seen a carpenter who resembled the face of Jesus, which she afterwards identified as Jesus. To complete the image, it required 40 hours of effort on my part. It was intended for display at an exhibition, but it was stolen and sold without the owner’s permission.

The portrait painting of Akiane “Prince of Peace” was found by the artist’s family in December of this year and sold to a private collector for 850000 US dollars in December of this year.

Additionally, see:Alma Deutscher: Former Musical Child Prodigy.

Opinion: Akiane Kramarik, the woman artist whom God taught to paint

Let us introduce you to Akiane Kramarik. Ms. Kramarik, now 23 years old, was a child prodigy from Illinois, United States, who completed a painting of Jesus when she was just eight years old. The image of Jesus, known as the “Prince of Peace,” helped to establish her as a miracle kid in the eyes of the public. It should be noted that she possessed no official training. She only had her ‘visions’ to rely on. Hers is a narrative that confounds and intrigues a large number of people. Ms. Kramarik was 5 years old when she inexplicably vanished on a wet spring day.

Her parents, understandably, were distraught and pleaded with everyone to help them locate their lost daughter.

However, they were unable to locate anything.

So that’s what’s unusual about it.

Kramarik claims that during the whole time period in which people were attempting to locate her, she was always in the vicinity of them, but was simply invisible.

Kramarik explains in response to the interview questions that she graciously agreed to answer.

Despite the fact that she had grown up without any religious influence, she suddenly began to speak about God in her conversations.

“When I was a youngster, my images were powerful and clear, but I lacked the patience and talent to depict them in paint.

My visions came back, and with them, my enthusiasm for painting.

“The story is told in detail in the documentary ‘Painting the Impossible,'” she explains.

After all, she was a very little child when she first began to experience them.

Only later, when Ms.

“No one else, with the exception of my mother, could comprehend what was going on,” she recounts.

The artist acknowledges that her “painting approach is pretty complex—there are hundreds of layers that are constructed in order to elicit varied emotional responses from the viewer in my art.” ‘Jesus’ is one of her most beloved and emotionally charged compositions.

“Sixteen Lives in the Wind” and “Jesus” were the most emotional for her.

Jesus, ‘Lily of the Valley,’ “The Dreamer,” “Jesus,” “Metamorphosis,” “Immortal,” and “Today” are a few of her other favorite songs to listen to.

and 7 a.m., while the rest of the world is sleeping.

Another of her great works, ‘Enlightenment,’ tells the story of a Hindu monk who traveled the world to meet her in person.

Kramarik believes.

“India is a work of art,” she believes.

“Its history and its people, its dreams and its spirituality, its ambitions and its astounding innovations and breakthroughs in every aspect of life are one of a kind.

Akiane Kramarik enjoying her vacation in Sydney.

“My inspiration has been and still is life itself.

Busy and serene life.

She has lived in 15 different countries and has drawn from her experiences in creating her art.

Literally, under layers of paint,” she says.

Kramarik’s faith and beliefs were moulded by direct visions and experiences of Jesus, heaven, and angels that began at a tender age four.

She is young, talented, famous and yet simple and grounded.

For all her success, she is painfully media shy.

And our lifestyle in the family did not promote pretentiousness and vanity”, she adds.

It was this interview that declared her arrival to the world.

What does a woman with such intense thoughts do when she is not creating art?

Kramarik helps her family out with farm work when she is not painting.

If this does not reflect the simplicity of her life, I don’t know what else does.

One with the Truth and one with peace and love.

It is inseparable from life.

It is a gift that keeps on growing and multiplying”, her words underlines her sentiment.

She had once said, “If I have been gifted by God, and I have been, it is for one reason only, to help others.” She is involved with several charities and wishes to donate her all free time to humanitarian and educational causes.

She believes in the power of the womankind.

Women will go on to build a new future, she believes.

She talks about how and why women should support and encourage each other.

In turn, we will make more giving communities, and more peaceful countries”, she mentions in her parting notes. (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL)

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