How To Trust Jesus

What does it mean to trust in Jesus?

QuestionAnswer The expressiontrust in Jesusholds multi-layered meaning. In one sense, trusting in Jesus means believing in Him for salvation (John 3:16). (John 3:16). We believewho He is —God in human form—and put our faith in Him as Savior. And we believewhat He has done —that Hedied for our sinsandrose from the dead. Since we cannot save ourselves from sin and death (Romans 3:10–20), we trust in Jesus to save us (John 11:25). (John 11:25). We cannot receive eternal life and live forever in the presence of God until we’ve trusted in Jesus as Savior and accepted His forgiveness (Ephesians 1:7).

Subsequent to salvation, trusting in Jesus means committing or dedicating ourselves entirely to Him.

As His followers, we put complete confidence in Him and His Word.

The more we know and abide in the words of Jesus, the more we will obey Him, and the more our confidence in Him will grow as we experience freedom in Christ.

  1. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
  2. A yoke is a wooden harness used to join the necks of two draft animals.
  3. In the time when Jesus spoke these words, farmers would often pair a young, inexperienced, but vigorous animal with an older, weaker, but seasoned animal.
  4. Rest, another way of expressing trust, is a state of leaning on Jesus for strength and learning from Him.
  5. When we are tired and overburdened, we can come alongside Jesus and find rest for our souls.
  6. Jesus is the believer’s Sabbath-rest (Hebrews 4:1–11).
  7. That is why Scripture says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
  8. When we take our anxious hearts to God in prayer, He offers us peace.
  9. The passage does not say He’ll always give us what we’re asking for, but it does promise peace to guard our hearts and minds.
  10. We don’t have to fret about tomorrow.
  11. Our trust in Jesus grows through experience (2 Corinthians 1:10) as we see God working all things in our lives—both the good and bad—for His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Jesus wants us to live by faith in Him (2 Corinthians 5:7; Galatians 2:20), and so the Christian life becomes a testing and training ground in trust: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

  1. (James 1:2-4).
  2. Trust in God; trust also in me” (John 14:1).
  3. We may know that Jesus loves us and promises always to be with us (Matthew 28:20), but we can’t see Him, and, during times of trouble, doubt and fear can creep in and make it difficult to apply that knowledge.
  4. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.
  5. Even though we can’t see Jesus with our physical eyes, the Holy Spirit enables us to see Jesus with the eyes of our hearts (Ephesians 1:18–20).
  6. That is why Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).
  7. The apostle Paul captured what it means for a believer to trust in Jesus: “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
  8. Jesus is teaching us to trust Him in all things at all times with all of our heart (Proverbs 3:5–6) so that our faith becomes unshakeable: “Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal” (Isaiah 26:4).
  9. As we learn to trust in Jesus more, we identify more with the psalmist’s description of a believer at rest in the arms of God: “I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content” (Psalm 131:2).

(Psalm 131:2). Return to:Questions about Salvation What does it mean to trust in Jesus?

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How to Trust Jesus

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Do you think that Jesus is the Son of God and that he is the Lord of the universe? Do you think that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead to bring you eternal life and break the bonds of death? Then take a peek at His kind heart. Develop your ability to accept the Lord and place your faith in His work and plan for you and other Christians.

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  1. One easy prayer to say is: “Jesus, I put my faith in Thee. Amen.” Prayers have a significant influence. It has an effect on the person’s thinking and helps them to feel more connected to God. Pray as though you are having a conversation with God, and He will pay attention to what you have to say
  2. 2Accept the fact that Jesus died in your place for your sins. Offering up the Body and Blood, the Soul and the Divinity of His Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for the sins of the entire world when praying to the Eternal Father is a beautiful gesture of love. Advertisement
  3. 3Confess your misdeeds to the priest and ask for forgiveness. Guilt may have a negative impact on one’s mental health. You must talk with God about your sins if you want to have faith in him. Taking responsibility for your acts and taking action now can help you achieve control over your actions in the future and in the present. Using prayers and a willing heart, confess and set your mind free in order to accept what is to come. 4Receive the Holy Eucharist (the Body and Blood of Christ). You must let God’s work, word, and promise to be fulfilled before you can put your confidence in Him. 5Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Inviting God to intervene in your life is a good idea. You can begin self-healing and placing your confidence in God, but it is He who must do His miracles in your mind, soul, and being
  4. You cannot heal yourself. 6Create an image of Our Lord, with one hand uplifted in benediction and the other hand touching his chest, and hang it in a prominent place. The Saviour’s breast will be illuminated by two rays of light, which will be shown in this painting. One is crimson, representing His Sacred Blood, while the other is white, representing His Sacred Water. “Jesus, I put my confidence in Thee,” or “Jesus, I put my trust in You,” is inscribed beneath the photo. Advertisement

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  • Question When a loved one is dying, how can I put my faith in Jesus? Pay with your thoughts, whether spoken openly or silently. Pray for your loved one’s health and for his serenity on Earth and in the hereafter, in the spirit of Acceptance
  • Question How can I put my faith in Jesus? Examine whether or not adhering to and obeying his beliefs makes your life happy. Question: If this is the case, how do you know you can trust Him? I’m having a hard time putting my faith in God because I’m afraid He’ll betray me in the same way that this youngster did. I know in my heart that He won’t, but I’m having a hard time putting my faith in Him. Help? When you’ve been deceived, it’s difficult to put your faith in anyone else again, and I completely understand. When I had lost confidence in God, I went to a church, believing that everyone else there would also be absolutely trusting in God, and that this would maybe encourage me to have faith again. It was quite beneficial. If you don’t have access to a church, I’d suggest that you turn to prayer as a last resort. It may be beneficial to pray to God for the strength to trust Him and others once more. Additionally, if you have Christian friends, it may be beneficial to share your experiences and concerns with them.

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  • ‘Jesus, Friend of a lonely heart, Thou art my Haven
  • Thou art my Peace,’ say the words of this prayer. Thou am my Salvation, Thou art my Serenity in the middle of a sea of uncertainty and in the midst of periods of difficulty. Thou is the ray of sunshine that shines brightly on the path of my life. To a lonely person, you are the only thing that matters. Even when the spirit remains mute, thou understandst it. Tu knowst our weaknesses and, like a good physician, tu comforts and heals us, sparing us from pain – for Thou art an expert in this field. Amen
  • The soldier who pushed a sword into Our Lord’s side gushed blood and water, confirming Our Lord’s death
  • (This is merely a condensed version (the ending words, actually) of a much longer prayer.)
  • Isaiah 26:3, “Thou wilt maintain him in perfect peace because he trusts in Thee.” Over time, people’s trust in you will develop. Make an effort to encourage others to place their faith in God as well. In the process of making some efforts for others, you may find yourself opening your own heart to Him
  • Jesus stated in John 14:27, “Do not let your heart be worried, nor let it be fearful.” It is your obligation to maintain control over your thoughts and avoid being troubled
  • When you were unable to pay your expenses and could not sleep, read Philippians 4:8 and remind yourself that God would not have told you to maintain control over your thoughts unless you were capable of doing so. This would help to relax your thoughts

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  • Not everyone, even other Christians, is required to comprehend your decision to place your faith in the Divine Mercy of Our Lord Jesus in this manner
  • But,


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Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Do you place your faith in Jesus as your Saviour? Although it may seem like a simple question to answer when everything is going well in your life, the question is: Can you still put your faith in Jesus when the going gets tough? Of course it is possible. It is critical to understand that you are capable. Jesus mentions a number of different types of behavior that we would encounter throughout our lives as His disciples, including difficult times, persecution, and rejection.

It is we who are most inclined to turn away from God when things are going well and we believe that we do not require His help.

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  1. 1″Believe in your heart and confess with your tongue, and you will be saved.” However, the term ‘believe’ refers to more than merely believing in something. The translators discovered that this word believe is the closest term they could find in the Greek language for the word “pisteuo.” The distinction is that the term in Greek indicates to put one’s faith in and rely on someone. 1 The book of Romans, chapter 10
  2. 2 Consider the following challenge: It was reported in the local newspaper that a guy had tied a tight rope over Niagara Falls and was planning to go across the falls with a wheelbarrow filled with pebbles. When the day arrived, there was a large and enthusiastic audience anticipating the event. “How many of you trust that I will be able to make it across the tight rope and back?” the Man inquired as he emerged with his new wheelbarrow in tow. “We believe in you,” the audience said as they erupted in applause. The man proceeded on his journey with steely determination, making it to the other side and returning with a wheelbarrow full of stones. The applause erupted from the audience. How many of you believe I can push a man or woman across the field and back again?” he said of his fellow citizens. The crowd became even more enthused and roared when he said that he would be ferrying someone across Niagara Falls and back. The man was looking forward to performing at his final engagement. “Raise your hands if you believe,” the guy instructed them. The adoring throng erupted in applause, their hands raised in the air. He began soliciting volunteers from among those who trusted in Him to sit in His wheelbarrow as he prepared to leave the safety and comfort of dry land. It’s hardly surprising that no one offered to help. Despite the fact that many people felt he was capable, no one volunteered to sit in his wheelbarrow. All of those who believed and raised their hands said, “You are insane.” “I’m not getting into that wheelbarrow,” I declare. Many people profess to believe in Christ, but only a small number of them choose to ride in His wheelbarrow. When Christ says, “Trust me,” you should take him at his word. You can rely on me. “Will you submit to me and rely on me, and will you give your life to Him?” “Many are called, but only a few are selected.” Advertisement
  3. s3 Take a look at this, You do well because you believe that there is only one God
  4. The devils likewise believe and tremble in fear of you. (See also James 2:19)
  • This verse should be studied because it demonstrates that simply believing will not bring you salvation. Is it possible for Satan and his demons to accept and comprehend that God exists and, as a result, to join God in Heaven? Demonic beings do not give over control and Lordship over their life or their own existence to the Almighty, nor do they have a servant relationship with Him
  • 4Confirm that this term is used in the majority of American English Bible translations. However, you will discover that the Amplified Bible does translate the word “believe” with the right meaning of “trust and rely,” but that no alternative translations are available. 5 Look up the Greek word “pisteuo” in the Strong’s Concordance4100
  • 6 to see the English version. See how Merriam Webster defines these terms farther down on this page.
  • “believe b believed
  • Believ ing
  • Believ ing” 1: to be a person of religious conviction 2: to have a firm conviction about something: accept as true 3: to hold as an opinion: (c)2000 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All intellectual property rights are retained. trust n 1: assured reliance on the character, strength,€1trust “tr or truth of someone or something 2: a basis of reliance, faith, or hope 3: confident hope 4: financial credit 5: a property interest held by one person for the benefit of another 6: a combination of firms formed by a legal agreement
  • Esp: one that reduces competition 7: something entrusted to one to be cared for in the interest of another 8: care, custody syn confidence, dependence, faith, reliance (c)2000 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All rights reserved
  • Re ly ri-“l re lied
  • Re ly ing: to place faith or confidence: depend (c)2000 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. All rights reserved
  • 7See the list above for synonyms of the word trustthat translate it into terms such as confidence, dependability, faith, and relianceas opposed to just believing that something exists. Knowing that He would save me and placing my trust, confidence, and dependence on Him is something distinct from, and more than, and more than simply believing
  • 8 Analyze the ways in which salvation has been watered down
  • It is not just believing that will save you. It is a matter of faith, reliance, and reliance
  • It is a matter of holding on and perseverance. The ability to trust and rely on others is one of the reasons why Jesus says we must be like young children in order to join the Kingdom. What do children do with their parents? They express confidence, reliance, faith, and reliance by stating things like, “Feed me, clothe me, and provide me with everything I require.”
  • And, as Jesus instructed his disciples and everyone of his followers, “receive the Holy Spirit” (according to the Bible)
  • This is for as many as the Lord shall call. These latter days are the time when God is pouring out His spirit upon all flesh, and His Children will be blessed as a result.
  • 10Follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and make the decision to be one of His flock. What exactly do sheep do? Shepherd, are you getting the picture? Depend on, follow, rely, and trust your leader, are you getting the picture? It is pointless to just believe in God since even the demons from hell believe that Jesus saves and that he is the Son of the Living God. Read James 2:19 and 11 for further information. Consider the following: God’s path is limited, and only a select few will find it. One cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless one believes, but one who relies, trusts, and depends will be admitted via the narrow gate of faith.
  • Pray to God for wisdom and insight. Because of this, the entire church community must be saved. “What is that?” many people may wonder when they read this. “Yes, the church as a whole, as well as the person sitting in the pew or chair next to you, must learn to live a life of confidence, reliance, and trust in the Lord
  • “He is the source of real redemption and discipleship.” Trust and resolve to be obedient
  • It takes more than simply believing to be obedient
  • Take a seat in God’s wheelbarrow. This would imply that you put your faith in him, rely on him, and rely on him for your survival. What if your answer is “no way!” Why? In other words, it is the anxiety associated with relinquishing control of your life and placing it in the hands of another.
  • He may cross “with someone else” in his wheelbarrow, but he may not cross with oneself, and this is the reality. Do you notice a difference between the two? In the same manner, do you simply believe in Jesus, or do you do both?
  • Put your faith, dependability, and reliance in Him, and place your life in His hands! In relation to that statement, where do you stand? If you do not have complete faith in Jesus, immediately pray to him, “Teach me to trust You!” (See also Psalms 73:28, 115:10-11, 91:1-16). To continue to rely on the Lord, make this a lifelong process.
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  • Question Is Jesus considered a deity as well? Jesus is also considered to be God. The Holy Trinity is comprised of three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are all part of the same entity. Question What can I do to keep my relationship with God strong? Meditation, Bible study, and prayer are all recommended
  • I’m not sure what to do when I feel like my faith in Jesus is slipping away. Inquire of Him for assistance. Make a lot of prayers. After you have prayed, remain silent and ask Him to allow you to hear His voice
  • Ask questions. How can I put my faith in Him when others put their faith in Him, but He still allows them to be hurt? This is something that many individuals struggle with. Keep in mind that we live in a fallen world, one that has been fractured and marred by sin. Satan’s goal is to make a Christian’s life as miserable as possible. Jesus, on the other hand, remains faithful
  • What is the best way to receive the Holy Ghost? Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus. Simply inquire of him about it. A free gift, and a beautiful gift, at that
  • Question I have confidence in God and pray often, but I’m not sure whether I’m doing enough of either. What can I do to make that different? There is no set number of times to pray every day or week. If you have a prayer in your heart and say it out loud on a daily basis, you should be alright
  • Question What is the best way to beg God to be with my children? Pray to Him, but do not force the children to join you in your prayers. If they do not believe that Christianity is the best religion for them, you should not be upset with them or try to compel them to believe. Allow them to pick their own route by acting as a guide rather than an enforcer
  • Ask probing questions. Is there a certain prayer that must be uttered in order to put your confidence in Jesus, and how do you put your trust in Jesus? Knowing that Jesus is in command allows you to put your confidence in Him. He is well aware of what He is doing, and He has a plan, which is sound. And prayer is just communicating with God, therefore express yourself honestly to Him.

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  • On a daily basis, one can surrender to Him as the ruler of one’s destiny and discover the Energy of God.
  • The words of Jesus were, “Take up your cross daily and follow me.”
  • The Holy Spirit should be received (according to the Bible)
  • Jesus instructed his disciples and everyone of his followers to wait for the Lord and to receive the Holy Spirit. This blessing is for as many people as the Lord our God chooses to receive it (Joel). “I am going to send you what my Father has promised
  • Nevertheless, you must remain in the city of Jerusalem until you have been endowed with power from on high.” Trusting is not something that happens once in a while, but rather something that happens on a regular basis

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  • Obtaining the dependence, hunger, and desire for the righteousness of the Lord may appear to be a difficult task (so, pray: “Lord I do believe, but you can help my unbelief.”) Because it might take some individuals a long time to be persuaded, faith is a gift from God. However, you must recognize that “God’s grace is sufficient” to carry you through. Instead of giving up, continue to put your faith in the Lord, and he will provide you with certainty of your response, peace, and guidance on the best way to serve the Lord
  • Even in weakness, one may emerge stronger after settling any concerns or issues


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After His resurrection, Jesus made a dramatic speech to Thomas, one of His doubting disciples, which is recorded in the Bible: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. ” (John 20:29). I feel that the following principle holds true for anyone: As long as we spend our lives with confidence in God, we will be blessed. Peace (John 16:33) and contentment (Proverbs 19:23) are among the numerous rewards that are promised to people who put their confidence in Him. Humanly speaking, trusting what we cannot see is a hazardous, unnatural task that requires us to go out of our comfort zones.

Trusting in Jesus is not the same as having blind faith.

Because Jesus Christ is the everlasting Word of God (John 1:1), and because we hear the gospel of Christ, which is the power of God to redeem everyone who believes in Him, we put our faith in Him (Romans 1:16).

A foundation of our confidence in Jesus is founded upon the gospel’s proclamation of Christ’s Godhead as well as His death, burial, and resurrection, all of which are revealed in Scripture (Romans 10:9).

It is only through Jesus Christ that mankind may come to know God and have a personal connection with Him. He is the only way, the truth, and life (John 14:6). So, what exactly does it mean to put one’s confidence in Jesus? A minimum of three parts of our lives may be learned from the Bible: 1.

1. Commit Our Ways to Him (His will)

Trusting in Jesus entails handing up control of our life to Him. It entails placing our whole confidence in Him, even when we are unable to comprehend, and relying on His guidance at all times (Proverbs 3:5-6). In the same way that Jesus prays not for His will to be done, but for God’s will to be done (Luke 22:42), we are to adopt the same attitude of allowing a sovereign God to take charge of our lives as Jesus does. In placing our faith in Jesus, we are transformed into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), with a renewed desire to live in obedience to God, no longer seeking to satisfy our fleshly needs, but rather to fulfill God’s purposes.

2. Find Rest in Him (His love)

“Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has written, will have rivers of live water flowing from his heart,” Jesus announces (John 7:38). It is the process of regeneration done in us by the Holy Spirit, which produces the fruit of righteousness and transforms us into the image of Jesus Christ (Titus 3:5-7). So we may gladly accept the Lord’s offer to find rest in Him, laying our loads and anxieties upon Him, as He invites us to do (Matthew 11:28). It also assists us when we are physically unable of seeing Jesus, since it enables us to walk by faith rather than sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) and to conduct our lives from an everlasting perspective (2 Corinthians 4:17-18).

Having Christ as our Good Shepherd provides all we need; we want for nothing good (Psalm 23).

3. Take Delight in Him (His promise)

All who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, are adopted as God’s children as a result of his work. Putting one’s faith in Jesus implies developing a close and intimate relationship with the Almighty. Now that we have been set free from the bonds of sin and the punishment of death, we may genuinely take pleasure in the Lord, and we can enjoy our connection with Him more than ever (Psalm 37:4). Also certain is God’s eternal love for us: nothing will be able to separate us from His love for us in Christ our Savior (Romans 8:38-39).

  1. Putting our faith in Christ not just for this life (for health, knowledge, peace, joy and worldly benefits, among other things), but also for the hereafter (because of His resurrection) is something Paul tells us to do (1 Corinthians 15:19-20).
  2. This promise remains in our hearts, even though we have not yet seen or touched the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. If you were to get a government-issued blessing promise, would you place your faith in the blessing or in the government to deliver it?
  4. What we have here is wonderful news: Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, has made the promise of redemption to us.

It’s no surprise that Peter says we might be filled with an incredible and magnificent delight once we get the final result of our faith, namely, the redemption of our souls, when we receive the ultimate result of our faith (1 Peter 1:8-9).

Why Does This Matter?

The decision to put our faith in Jesus and to dedicate our lives to Him is the finest decision we can make in this life. Salvation is not the result of human efforts, but rather the work of theTrinity. We are saved by God’s mercy via trust in Christ’s act of redemption and the operation of regeneration performed by the Holy Spirit. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit deserve our praise. iStock/Getty Images Plus/iStock Photo mbolina Philip Wijaya, Ph.D., is married to Sandra and has a daughter named Shalom.

In addition to his professional research work in the areas of renewable energy and chemical engineering, he is inspired by his passion in science and trust in God, which has led him to actively write on his personal blog (

How to Trust God, Even in Difficult Times

Life does not follow a predetermined pattern. Throughout the journey, there are ups and downs. Many of us desire to put our faith in God. When things are going well, it might appear to be less difficult. However, it is even more critical to put your confidence in God through tough circumstances. When circumstances appear to be wobbly and unpredictable, God’s constant character may provide a solid foundation for us. For a period of time, life may appear to be running smoothly. Your job is quite fulfilling.

  1. Your aspirations, financial situation, health, and perspective all appear to be positive.
  2. Someone close to you becomes ill.
  3. A friend or a member of your family betrays you.
  4. How do you put your faith in God’s goodness in the midst of these circumstances?
  5. When you are unable to see a solution?

What Does It Mean to Trust God?

To put one’s faith in something means to believe in its dependability, truth, capacity, or strength. In other words, when it comes to trusting God, it means placing your faith in his dependability, his Word, his abilities, and your strength in Him. God, according to the Bible, is incapable of lying. That He always follows through on His promises. That He cares about you and has excellent things in store for your future. When you put your trust in Him, you are saying that you believe what He has to say about Himself, the world, and you.

Your emotions and situations are important, and it is important to pay close attention to them.

However, such items are not sufficient to provide a solid foundation for your existence.

As opposed to this, God is immutable and unchanging.

Trusting God does not imply that you should ignore your feelings or reality. It is not a case of pretending that everything is well when it clearly is not. Living a life of faith in and obedience to God, especially when it is tough, is what it means to trust God.

How to Trust God

Now that you understand what it means to put your faith in God, what steps can you take to put your faith in God in your everyday life? If you have faith in someone, you may be completely honest with them about any subject matter. God is far more dependable than even the most dependable of your closest friends. His request is not for you to keep your emotions bottled up when things get difficult for you. Cast all of your worries on Him, for He is concerned about you. Peter 5:7 (New International Version) says that Every one of my sorrows is kept track of by you.

  • Each one has been meticulously documented in Your book.
  • You may demonstrate your faith in God by sharing all of your feelings and situations with Him — both the good and the bad — via prayer.
  • Don’t allow your emotions take over your life; instead, bring them to God so He can assist you in dealing with them.
  • He is concerned about you, and you may put your confidence in Him in those matters.
  • Your actions are also based on obedience (doing what God commands in His Word), and your trust is in God’s ability to take care of the rest.
  • You will make mistakes, but God will be kind and patient with you as you learn to rely on Him and put your trust in Him.
  • “Stay here and keep an eye on things.” After a short distance, he fell to the ground and prayed that the hour would pass him by as quickly as possible.
  • Please take this cup from Me.” Nevertheless, it is not what I will, but what You will.” (Mark 14:34-36, New International Version) Jesus, who was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task before Him, went directly to His heavenly Father.
  • He’s paying close attention.
  • Knowing that God is on your side will help you to put your trust in Him even more during times of difficulty and uncertainty.
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1. Seek Truth in Scripture

Scripture, often known as the Bible, is God’s written Word. God understands you need a safe place to go when you’re feeling uncertain. That is the location of His Word. It is constant and absolutely dependable in all circumstances. The Bible contains examples of how God has responded in tough situations in the past. It serves to remind you that He is trustworthy no matter what your circumstances are. Many people in Scripture refer to other passages of Scripture in order to encourage themselves and those around them, and this is not uncommon.

It also frees you from the false situations that you tend to fall back on when you are stressed.

Particularly when you are feeling uncertain, you require a solid biblical basis on which to build your life. God’s everlasting and unchanging Word is found in the Bible. When life throws you a curveball, you may hold to the reality of the statement.

2. Confess Unbelief

Be forthright. Allow God to remind you of who He is and what He has promised you, and then be honest with Him about your circumstances. You have the ability to communicate with God about how you are feeling and about the areas of your life where you are having difficulty trusting Him. First and foremost, it is important to recognize that His character is good and trustworthy. You can agree with Him on the fact that what He says is correct. In addition, you can inform Him when it’s tough for you to believe in Him.

  1. He pleaded with Jesus to heal him “if you are able.” When Jesus questioned the man if he did not think that Jesus could heal him, the man responded as follows.
  2. (Mark 9:24, New International Version) He had faith, but it had been a tough thing for him to believe.
  3. Knowing the truth is one thing.
  4. However, when life takes an unexpected turn, it may be difficult to remain optimistic.
  5. When your sentiments and beliefs are out of sync with God’s Truth, you have the ability to confess them to Him.
  6. This assists you in accepting the fact that God is far greater than you could possibly comprehend.
  7. He pays attention to your wishes and responds to them.

3. Share Your Concerns With Your Community

You are not alone in dealing with these terrible circumstances. Every step of the road, the Lord will be at your side to encourage and support you. He also provides you with fellow Christians with whom to walk. Paul was a disciple of Jesus who rose to prominence as a leader in the early church. As a source of encouragement, he shared this with a fellow believer. I trust that your collaboration with us in the faith will be fruitful in helping you to have a better knowledge of all we do for the cause of Christ and everything we believe.

When you are experiencing difficulties, confide in another follower of Jesus in whom you have faith – someone you know is actively pursuing a relationship with God on a regular basis and who is familiar with God’s Word.

Through encouragement and accountability, your fellow Christians can serve as a reminder of God’s character.

They are able to pray for you and offer assistance. When you’re struggling, they might serve as a reminder of the reality. Even in difficult times, belonging to a community helps you remember that you are never alone.

4. Remember God and Spend Time With Him

It doesn’t matter how bad things are going for you; God is larger than all of it. Even while it may seem like difficult times would continue forever, they are only transitory. God is there in both the hard and the happy periods of our lives. He is a man of unwavering loyalty. God desires for you to come to Him in your current situation. Furthermore, He desires for you to come to Him just for the sake of spending time with Him. It is important not to allow your circumstances dictate how you relate to the Almighty.

  • Spend frequent time in God’s presence.
  • When it comes to establishing that foundation, it is never too late to begin.
  • Spend some time in prayer, thanking Him for who He is.
  • Serve others in your immediate vicinity.

5. Look for Things to Be Grateful For

At times, difficult circumstances seem to consume one’s entire life. It is really difficult to look past them and recognize the many positive things that are taking place. God’s grace, on the other hand, is present in everything. When you first wake up. On a bright and beautiful day. In response to a phone call from a buddy. He is involved in every aspect of it. However, such happy times are frequently overshadowed by other, more challenging events that are taking place. The Lord communicates His will for you and how you should respond to those obstacles when you are faced with them.

  1. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, New International Version) God is calling you to express gratitude.
  2. When everything appears to be coming apart, it might be difficult to recognize how the Good Father is at work.
  3. By being thankful, we may combat the idea that everything is terrible.
  4. God is here and is making himself known to those who are listening.
  5. As you seek God’s presence in the midst of what appears to be a dark and weighty situation, your faith strengthens.

6. Walk in the Holy Spirit

Anyone who puts their faith in Jesus has the Holy Spirit living inside them. The Holy Spirit is your continuous companion, directing your attention to Jesus. Knowing that His people would be concerned when He announced that He was about to be slain, Jesus prepared them in advance. They would be terrified of being left alone in the house. As a result, He shared this information with them in order to provide comfort. Although you will be taught all things and reminded of all I have spoken to you by the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, I will be your teacher.

You will also be guided by the Spirit in your obedience.

One of the most typical struggles people face during tough times is a sense of powerlessness and concern about an uncertain future.

He will not always provide you with the broad picture, but He will show you the next step in the right direction.

God is not a far-off horizon. He is on your side while you are in trouble. He is clearing the path for you. If you want to learn more about how to follow the Spirit’s direction, visit “How Do I Hear God’s Voice?”

7. Wait on the Lord

You will be guided by the Holy Spirit in determining what you should do. Sometimes the best course of action is to simply wait. Continue to seek the Lord with all your heart, but be patient and wait for His timing. Allow Him to intervene on your behalf while you wait. Allow Him to complete what you are unable to complete on your own. God speaks to the Israelites in the book of Isaiah after they believed that God had abandoned them and turned away from them. He reminds them that He does not sleep or take a break from His work in the world.

  1. These are the people who wait for the LORD: they will regain their strength; they will rise up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be exhausted; they will walk and not become faint.
  2. Waiting on the Lord serves as a constant reminder that you are not in command.
  3. He is far more powerful than any of your circumstances can ever be.
  4. God is never far away from you or your needs.
  5. When the righteous call out for aid, the LORD hears them and rescues them from all of their difficulties.

When Trust Falters

Although you may not immediately see your prayers answered or your difficulties resolved, God is always trustworthy. Life may be surprising and tough at times, and that struggle may last for a longer period of time than you had anticipated it would. It may even lead you to the brink of your physical and mental endurance. So, what do you do in that case? Continue to wait and trust, and always remember that God loves you. You may put your confidence in Him to maintain you, provide for you, and be by your side even when you are going through a difficult time.

  1. God is entirely trustworthy, yet He does not want you to put your faith in Him on a whim.
  2. Personal time with God as well as reading His Word are excellent ways to learn to know God.
  3. Throughout the book of Romans, one of Jesus’ early disciples, Paul, talks to Christians about the present state of their lives.
  4. Moreover, we see that God works all things for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purposes.
  5. Keep in mind who He has been from the beginning.

If you are perplexed as to why God allows trouble, see the essay “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” for more information. More materials about putting your faith in God may be found at:

  • “Trusting God in the Unknown”
  • “21 Bible Verses on Trusting God”
  • “Trusting God in the Unknown”

21 Bible Verses on Trusting God

Life is full with surprises. Everyone’s life is unpredictable, and no one can foresee what will happen to them even if they have the greatest of plans and intentions. COVID-19 was not on anyone’s mind when they made their New Year’s resolutions in December of 2019. The majority of us had never heard of it before. The universe gave me a huge curveball. When unexpected events occur, it is important for everyone to remember that God is good, in control, and trustworthy, even when everything appears to be spinning out of control.

  1. God knows what will happen next
  2. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do not be alarmed by bad news
  3. Allow God to lead the way
  4. God is with you
  5. God is a source of courage. God does what He says He will do
  6. Jesus is the Good Shepherd
  7. God is working for your good
  8. God is concerned about His creation. God Is a Safe Haven for Me
  9. Troubled Hearts Can Take Comfort in Jesus
  10. He hears you when you ask
  11. He understands what you’re saying. Place your faith in God, not in things
  12. Maintain Your Concentration on God
  13. You should turn to God when you are afraid. You can put your faith in God to forgive you
  14. Do not put your faith in people, but in God
  15. Believe in What Jesus Has Done for You
  16. Put your trust in God, and you will be blessed
  17. Look forward to the promise of heaven.

1. God Knows What Will Happen Next

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. Putting your trust in the LORD with all of your heart and leaning not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your pathways straight will result in success. —Proverbs 3:5-6 (New International Version). When you are suffering uncertainty or struggle in your life, this is one of the most reassuring scriptures to hold on to. Your position or the scenario in which you find yourself may be beyond your comprehension, but it is not beyond God’s comprehension.

  • When you are unsure of what to do or what will happen next, put your confidence in Him because He knows what is best.
  • My strength and protection come from the LORD, and He is ever at my side as I call on Him.
  • He is well aware of all He has shielded you from.
  • You do not have to succumb to your fears.

2. Jesus Never Changes

Jesus Christ is the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. English Standard Version of the Bible (Hebrews 13:8) Jesus is the same every day. His authority, as well as His promises, do not. During the beginning of time, he was present with God. He is the same Christ who transformed lives and performed miracles in the Bible, and he is the same Christ today. His promises to His people throughout the Bible are the same promises He provides to you now, which gives you reason to put your faith in Him.

3. Do not Fear Bad News

He is not scared of receiving terrible news; his heart is steadfast, and he places his confidence in the LORD. (Psalm 112:7, English Standard Version) According to the author of this psalm, the faith of those who follow God is founded on God’s character, rather than the circumstances that He enables them to encounter in their lives.

When you are fearful of the unknowns in your life, you may turn to the One who is all-knowing and all-powerful to provide comfort. God is never concerned about anything. When you put your trust in Him, He will provide you with the strength and stability you need to face whatever is ahead.

4. God Is a Source of Courage

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. Have you not heard what I’ve said? Take a deep breath and keep your head up. Remember that the LORD your God will be with you no matter where you go, so do not be afraid or alarmed. (Joshua 1:9, English Standard Version) This line emerges at a critical juncture in the history of God’s people, and it is particularly poignant. After 40 years in the desert, they are ready to reach the land that God has promised to them, but they anticipate to be engaged in a deadly battle for their lives to do so.

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The instruction to be courageous in your own power does not come from him.

5. Let God Make Your Way

Commit your plans to the LORD; put your faith in Him, and He will take care of everything. Even though you may not comprehend the difficult or uncertain position you are in, God does. (Psalm 37:5, ESV)You may not comprehend the difficult or uncertain situation you are in, but God does. His track record in your life, as well as in the Bible, is one of consistency and dependability. If you entrust your life to Him, you may be confident that He will uphold His half of the agreement and fulfill your expectations.

6. God Is With You

Do not be afraid because I am with you; do not be disheartened for I am your God.” It is I who will strengthen and assist you; it is I who will sustain you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10, New International Version) God is with you and is capable of providing you with strength no matter what you are facing. He does not guarantee that you will not have troubles or be afraid in the future. He does promise that He will be with you and that He will be able to get you through it.

7. God Keeps His Word

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. Because the LORD’s word is right and truthful, and He is trustworthy in all He does. (Psalm 33:4, New International Version) The Bible describes the numerous instances throughout history in which God has demonstrated His love and reliability to mankind. Even in the midst of your anguish, He never fails you. You may place your faith in His promises since He has been successful and true to His word in all he has ever attempted to do.

8. Jesus Is the Good Shepherd

“I am the good shepherd,” says the good shepherd. ‘I know my own, and my own know me,’ I say. (John 10:14, English Standard Version) A shepherd is responsible for guiding and caring for the sheep under his care. Jesus, the Son of God, is known as the Good Shepherd, and His disciples are referred to as His flock. There is only one God in the universe, and He is the one who created you, understands what you require, and claims you as His own. Jesus is a wonderful shepherd, and we can trust him.

He always knows what’s best for you, even when it’s not easy to follow his advice.

To follow Him, you must first get to know Him and then learn to listen for Him. After getting to know Him better through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with other Jesus believers, you will be able to recognize His excellent voice among the cacophony of other voices.

9. God Is Working for Your Good

We understand that God works all things for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purposes in all things. (Romans 8:28, New International Version) God is concerned about you and has a plan for your future. God’s desire for you is that you come to know Him through a relationship with Jesus and that you love Him and others as you grow in your ability to emulate Jesus. The Lord guarantees that, regardless of how great or horrible things happen in your life, He will work them all out for your benefit in order to make you more like Christ and establish your place in His kingdom.

He is constantly hard at work on behalf of people who love Him and seek to please Him.

10. God Cares for His Creation

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap, nor do they store food in barns, yet your heavenly Father provides for them. Isn’t it true that you’re far more valuable than they are? Is it possible for any of you to add even a single hour to your life by worrying?” (Matthew 6:26-27, New International Version) God is concerned about His creation. Obviously, He is concerned about animals and plants (see v. 30), but this passage indicates that He is particularly concerned about giving us with what we require.

The better technique is to put your faith in a God who is concerned about the specifics of your life.

11. God Is a Safe Place

Put your trust in Him at all times, you people, and pour out your hearts to Him, because He is our shelter and strength. (Psalm 62:8, New International Version) A refuge is a safe haven to flee to, a haven of protection in the midst of chaos. God assures you that you may place your confidence in Him and leave everything in His hands because He is strong, dependable, and consistent in His actions. Instead of turning to things or other people for security and safety, you might turn to Him for these things.

If you know God personally, no amount of worldly pain you may endure will prevent you from entering securely into His arms in His kingdom of righteousness.

12. Jesus Assures Troubled Hearts

Keep your hearts from becoming worried. ” “You believe in God; believe also in Me,” says the Lord. (John 14:1, New International Version) The following statement was made by Jesus to his disciples immediately after He finished teaching them something unexpected. They were caught off surprise and were concerned. Jesus, on the other hand, reminded them of who He is. In his words, he reassured and encouraged them that they did not have to be concerned or troubled because they could place their trust in Him and His promises, just as they had placed their trust in God’s promises.

Nothing He said or did ever failed to provide what He promised. He is the manifestation of God in the flesh. All of what he accomplishes is inspired directly by God. Because of the witness of His life and the testimony of His Father, Jesus has established himself as trustworthy.

13. When You Ask, He Hears You

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. This is the assurance we have when we approach God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He will listen to our prayers and respond. (1 John 5:14, New International Version) Your confidence in God will rise as you approach Him with more trust. He has always been a dependable partner. Immediately after this line comes the affirmation that if you accept what God has spoken is true and place your confidence in Jesus, you will have eternal life.

Your destiny is to come to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus, and to love Him and others as you grow in your ability to emulate Jesus.

14. Trust in God, Not in Things

Some put their faith in chariots, while others put their faith in horses, but we put our faith in the name of the LORD our God. (Psalm 20:7, New International Version) In this text, the author recalls all that the Lord has done for His people throughout history. He was present in the happy times as well as when the adversary was close by. He protected them and freed them from captivity, and they were grateful. Because He is constantly present, the Lord may be relied on to be trustworthy. There is no need to put your faith in anything other than God – not in powerful people, employment, health, or anything else that might provide the appearance of security, such as wealth, fame, or power.

He is unwavering and unfailing in his character.

15. Keep Your Focus on God

If their hearts are firm in their belief in You, You will preserve them in complete tranquillity. You may put your trust in the LORD forever because he, the LORD Himself, is the Rock of Eternity.” (Isaiah 26:3-4, New International Version) To be “steadfast” means to be solid and unyielding in one’s beliefs. If you keep your thoughts fixed on the Lord, you will be able to rest certain that He is in complete command. He is a rock of stability. He does not shift or falter in his convictions. You may be certain that you are being watched over by a loving and dependable God.

16. When You Are Afraid, Turn to God

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. My faith in You is strengthened when I feel terrified. (Psalm 56:3, New International Version) As David, the king of Israel and author of many of the Psalms, faced the prospect of being captured by his enemies, he wrote that he placed all of his confidence in God alone. He was surrounded by those who want to do him harm, and he felt vulnerable. Instead of succumbing to his fears, he called out to the Lord, knowing that He was in complete command of the circumstances.

It’s a normal reaction.

God knows you’re in desperate need of that reminder. Yet, just like David, you have the option of turning to God when you are terrified. You have the option of confessing your fear to Him. You may put your trust in Him to look after you. He never fails to deliver on His promises to His people.

17. You Can Trust God for Forgiveness

While the wicked suffer greatly, the LORD’s unfailing love is always there to protect those who put their confidence in Him. (Psalm 32:10, New International Version) The opening of this psalm offers an image of those who love God coming before Him and admitting their sins. David was no stranger to the consequences of his actions. David adopted the wife of another guy as his own. Then he ordered the husband of the woman to be slain in combat. In this psalm, he recalls what it felt like to turn to God in repentance and be restored to his rightful place.

You may put your faith in God since He does not treat you as a result of your misdeeds.

18. Trust God, Not People

Trusting in human beings is preferable than taking shelter in the LORD’s provision. (Psalm 118:8, New International Version) Instead of putting their faith in God, God’s people, Israel, attempted to defend themselves by forming alliances with other countries rather than believing in him. They formed partnerships with other, more powerful countries, believing that they would be able to defend themselves, despite the fact that God had promised them protection. Israel discovered that it is always preferable to put one’s reliance in God rather than in anything else.

To turn to Him for protection and direction rather than to look to others, especially those who appear to be powerful, is the wiser option.

Everyone is going to let you down at some point.

19. Trust What Jesus Did for You

Get This Wallpaper for Your Smartphone by clicking on the image below. And here is the evidence: God has provided us with eternal life, and this life is found in His Son, Jesus Christ. (1 John 5:11, New International Version) It is in Jesus’ death on the cross that you place your faith and trust. Your sin necessitated your death. It necessitated making a sacrifice. As an alternative to your death, Christ died on the cross for you. He made atonement for your sins. Your faith is based on who Jesus is and what He has done, not on anything you have done or will do in response to that faith.

You’ll never be able to do what it takes to be in God’s presence.

You may put your faith in this salvation since it is predicated on something that Jesus has already achieved for you.

20. Trust in God Brings Blessing

“Whoever puts his or her trust in the LORD and puts their confidence in Him will be blessed.” (Jeremiah 17:7, New International Version) It is described in the verses that precede this one what it is like for those who put their faith in other people. The outcome is not one of wealth, but rather one of struggle. Humans, like you, are prone to making errors and failing in their endeavors. A human being is an insecure entity in whom you should not put your confidence. When it comes to God, you may put your trust in His dependability.

Ever since the beginning of time, he has proven himself to be trustworthy and consistent. Due to the fact that He has never made a mistake, He is deserving of our trust. Throughout your life, He has never lost sight of His purpose for you.

21. Look to the Promise of Heaven

The Lord will protect me from any wicked assault and will lead me safely to His heavenly kingdom, I may be assured. To Him be the honor and the glory forever and ever. Amen. (2 Timothy 4:18, New International Version) This passage was written by the apostle Paul. This disciple of Jesus was writing to his young apprentice to tell him about one of the many difficulties that he was experiencing at the time of the writing. Paul, on the other hand, felt certain that no matter what torture, incarceration, or persecution he could be subjected to, the Lord was on his side.

  1. When the world failed Paul, he put his faith in God to carry him through.
  2. He didn’t have to be concerned about anything because of the challenging circumstances he was in.
  3. God is concerned about the way you have been wronged, no matter how minor.
  4. Do not allow them to detract from your focus.

What to Do With Truth

The unexpected, both good and unpleasant, is a part of life. God’s word is reliable in all circumstances. His Word is a vehicle through which He communicates all He intends for you as you traverse life. Discover His promises as they are revealed in His Word. These passages are a fantastic location to begin your journey. However, as you read God’s Word in context, the reality of God’s Word becomes much more revealing. Take these verses and read them in the Bible again. For further in-depth understanding, read the chapters in which they are located.

Learn more about putting your faith in God through challenging times.

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