How Much Did Jesus Weigh When He Was Born

Contrast & Comparison: The Birth of an 8 Pound 6 Ounce Baby Jesus

It’s fascinating to see how becoming a father has shifted my perspectives on life, the world, and the Bible. Today, the Christmas story from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke was revealed to me in a completely new and completely unexpected way. As we sang the traditional Christmas carol “O’ Holy Night,” my heart was stirred. I immediately thought of the traditional nativity scene. After that, our pastor delivered a Christmas sermon in which he recounted the story of Christ’s birth, drawing parallels between the evil tyrant King Herod and the loving, humble, and powerful King Jesus.

It was a moving experience.

I believe that the majority of new Christian parents believe these things.

My contemplation of and experience of the miracle of Christmas has shifted dramatically from where I was a year ago.

  • WHEN MY WIFE AND I discovered she was pregnant after taking three or four pregnancy tests, we were overjoyed.
  • An angel of the Lord announced to MARY that she was pregnant while she was still a virgin, and she was overjoyed.
  • The virgin’s name was Mary, by the way.
  • The angel then told her not to be afraid, saying, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” You will conceive and give birth to a son, whom you will name Jesus, and you will keep him as a son for all of eternity.

He will be given the throne of his father David by the Lord God,33and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end to the extent of his kingdom.” Luke 1:26-33 (KJV) Her initial response was expected… “And Mary said to the angel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?” Luke 1:34.

Imagine finding out like this!

How will this work?

  • She was an adolescent who was not married at the time. This has enormous ramifications. A legal death sentence might have been applied to her
  • She would be referred to as a whore for the rest of her life
  • And she was informed that she would be conceived by supernatural miracle and that her son would be the Son of God! (See Luke 1:35.) Can you image having to deal with this?

Mary’s reaction was outstanding. especially considering that she was just a teenager! “Behold, I am the Lord’s servant; grant it to me according to your word,” Mary responded to the Lord. And the angel withdrew from her presence. Luke 1:38 (NIV) It reminds me of one of Christ’s teachings on prayer: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.” “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” says the Lord Jesus. Matthew 6:10-11 is a passage of scripture. Mary was also most likely illiterate and had a little educational background.

  • This is just one of many incredible stories that God tells throughout the Bible about how He uses “the least” to magnify and proclaim His Name throughout eternity.
  • She may have even foreknown that she would one day witness the fulfillment of the predictions and watch her Son be beaten and slain, but she chose to remain silent.
  • He was overjoyed and completely charmed with his new fiancee.
  • On top of that, he had to find out how to put his faith in something that looked ridiculous at the time.
  • You can only imagine the dreadful rumors that were being spread about Mary and Joseph across the village.
  • Yuck.
  • 18And it was in this manner that Jesus Christ was born into the world.

19And her husband, Joseph, being a kind man who did not want to portray her in a bad light, decided to divorce her quietly instead.

22All of this occurred in order to bring about the fulfillment of what the Lord had foretold through the prophet: 23 “Behold, the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will name him Immanuel,” the prophet says (which means, God with us).

And he gave himself the name Jesus.

This clearly demonstrates Joseph’s discipline, obedience, and the kind of guy he was in every way.

We couldn’t wait to inform our friends and family, so we drove them hundreds of miles in our cushioned, air-conditioned, gas-powered automobile and flew them thousands of miles on aircraft to see them.

During her first trimester, my wife suffered from severe nausea.

It’s likely that the journey to Judah was an unpleasant experience.

We were covered by Kaiser Permanente for our medical needs.

Because to modern technology, we and our physicians were able to monitor our kid’s heartbeat and see images of our child while he or she was still in the womb!

MARY was a destitute adolescent who had no idea that her kid would grow up to be the SON OF GOD!

She was probably able to get help from a midwife or her mother.

All the time, he’s being sneered at and getting ugly glances from others in the neighborhood.

I’m sure she wondered aloud, “Does this apply to the Son of God?” she said.

Surely, she was apprehensive about the prospect of going through the pain and trauma of labor.

MARY lived in a region that was governed by the terrible King Herod, who was a tyrannical dictator.

Can you image how terrified they must have been?

They were, after all, human, and they were certain that someone would try to murder them around every turn.

During MARY’S pregnancy.

We had more questions than we could possibly answer, and we had more knowledge at our fingertips than we could possibly consume in one lifetime.

Other ladies were undoubtedly apprehensive about being linked with Mary.

MARY spent the majority of her third trimester traveling more than 100 kilometers BY DONKEY through the desert.

I did everything I could to be of assistance and service to her (as I am sure Joseph did Mary).

Mary most likely didn’t have enough food to sustain herself.

Deserts are really unpleasant places to be.

Following a day of burning in the scorching sun, they were most likely to sleep under the stars, exposed to the elements.

I had been thinking about what type of father I would be to our boy.

In my mind, I was worrying about petty things like the fact that I was a geek and not-handy (what if my son wants to play football?

and that I wouldn’t be able to teach my son “manly things.” I was concerned about complications during my son’s delivery or genetic issues with him.

What a sense of inadequacy there is!

My wife and I have visited our local hospital a countless number of times.

I had practiced it a number of times in my brain.

They were well aware that they were going to give birth to the holy Son of God, but they were out of town and unable to find a place to give birth!

2:7 (Luke 2:7) Both Mary and Joseph were first-time parents with this child.

During MY WIFE’S labor and delivery, we had millions of dollars in scientific technology and centuries of medical knowledge at our disposal, as well as seasoned medical professionals who attended to every need we could possibly have.

When my kid was born, we had a small team of medical specialists who handled every aspect of his care.

My wife was sewn up when a midwife removed the baby out of her womb.

A nurse took a few moments to examine and clean the infant before weighing him and measuring his height and weight.

Our kid was placed in a sterile container that continuously monitored his body temperature and vital signs to ensure that he was in good health.

I prayed fervently for a long time.

She was married to a man who was undoubtedly terrified because he had never witnessed a delivery before.

Is it possible that someone informed them what to anticipate or what needed to be done at certain times along the labor and delivery process?

Having to birth our child on my own is unthinkable to me.

What do you think?

What happens if something goes wrong?

Joseph was attempting to uplift and support his wife in her endeavors.

They were shivering.

Baby Jesus was wrapped in an old cloth and placed in a trough for animals to eat out of.

We were witnesses to the miracle of life.

There was nothing else that happened (except I cried a lot and was overwhelmed with emotions I had never experience before).

When MARY’S SON was born, angels and the universe proclaimed his greatness, and affluent men prostrated themselves before her in adoration of her child.

10When they saw the star, they were overjoyed and filled with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Matthew 2:9–10 (KJV) In the form of a dazzling star, the universe roared forth His name.

The gifts they got from the three wise men were worth many years’ pay in their own right.

Surely, they were sitting in the barn, dazed and disoriented, trying to make sense of everything that had transpired.

I was really fatigued after staying awake for over two days without sleeping.

I was racking my brain for everything and everything I could do to help my wife.

We were on our guard and a little terrified.

We were taken aback by the beauty of our newborn son.

If my son’s breathing rhythm altered in any way, I gasped for air for a little while.

When our child started wailing and wouldn’t stop, I became a little irritated and even angry.

They immediately gathered their belongings in the middle of the night and set off on an unforeseen journey to Egypt.

14 His response was to get up in the middle of the night and take the boy and his mother away to Egypt15, where they remained until Herod’s death.

Consider how uncomfortable Mary must have felt on that trip, considering what her body had been through.

It’s hard to imagine yourself riding a donkey with a helpless baby through the desert to a place you’ve never been before, all while being terrified for your own and your baby’s lives!

They returned to their lousy hometown in order to regain some kind of normalcy in their lives.

with the Son of God in their possession.

Joseph pondered how he would pay for and care for his family in the future (financially and spiritually).

As he breathed, they could see his chest rise and fall with each breath.

They became concerned when he began to sob and they were unable to determine the cause.

That’s what babies do.

They were exhausted.

I bet they thought “Wait a minute… this kid is a little frustrating… how can he be the Son of God?” When MY SON was born…with tears in my eyes, I held him in my arms.

I wondered what the future held.

When MARY’S SON was born…with tears in her eyes… she and Joseph held Him in their arms… They wondered what their new normal would look like… They pondered what the future held for them and for Him.

He was a gentle, small, defenseless, innocent, sobbing, lovely, and gorgeous infant human boy, and he was also the LIVING GOD. manifested in FLESH. and the SAVIOR OF ALL HUMANITY.

How much did Jesus weigh?

Incredibly mature for a teenager, Mary’s response impressed me. “Behold, I am the Lord’s servant; grant it to me according to your word,” Mary said to the angels. She was left alone with the angel. Luke 1:38 is a biblical passage. This response reminds me of Christ’s teaching on prayer: “Our Father in the highest, hallowed by your name.” The Lord’s kingdom come, the Lord’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Scripture readings for today are Matthew 6:10–11. It’s also possible that Mary was illiterate or at least not very well informed.

  1. In fact, this is just one of many incredible stories that God tells throughout the Bible about how He uses the “least” to magnify and proclaim His Name throughout all of time.
  2. Some speculate that she was aware that she would one day witness the fulfillment of the prophecies and witness her Son being beaten and murdered.
  3. In fact, he was head over heels in love with her.
  4. He also had to figure out how to put his faith in something that seemed like crazy talk at the time.
  5. You can only imagine the horrible rumors that were being spread about Mary and Joseph throughout the community.
  6. Yuck.
  7. It was in this manner, in fact, that Jesus Christ was born.

Joseph, being a just man who did not want to put her in a bad light, made the decision to divorce her without a public announcement.

This occurred to bring about the fulfillment of the Lord’s word to Jeremiah, who had spoken to the people through the prophet.

24 When Joseph awoke from his sleep, he followed the instructions of the angel of the Lord and took his wife,25whom he did not know until she had given birth to a son.

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Matthew 1:18–25 (KJV).

This clearly demonstrates Joseph’s discipline and obedience, as well as the kind of man he was in every other aspect.

To tell our friends and family, we drove them thousands of miles in our cushioned, air-conditioned, gas-powered car and flew them thousands of miles in airplanes to visit them.

During her first trimester, my wife experienced severe nausea.

Judah must have been in a bad mood on the journey there.

Kaiser Permanente provided health insurance for us.

Because of modern technology, we and our doctors were able to monitor our child’s heartbeat and see images of our child while he or she was still in the uterus!

MARY was a poor adolescent who had no idea that her child would grow up to be the SON OF GOD.

A midwife or her mother, most likely, was on hand to assist.

It’s safe to assume she received plenty of advice from others on how to be a good mother.

It’s safe to say that my wife received a lot of guidance.

In America, we live in a democratic republic with elected public officials and a complex legal system that includes checks and balances of authority.

Because King Herod was so filled with narcissism and paranoia, he attempted to assassinate “all of the male children in Bethlehem and throughout that region who were two years old or under” (Matthew 2:16).

Their confidence in God’s protection grew stronger with each passing day.

I spent time researching various topics on the internet and attending birthing classes during MY WIFE’S pregnancy.

So many questions arose, and we had access to more information than we could possibly consume in a lifetime.

Most likely, the other women were apprehensive about becoming associated with Mary.

While pregnant, MARY traveled more than 100 miles by DONKEY through the desert during her third trimester, which she describes as “awesome.” During her third trimester, my wife was in a lot of pain.

Whatever food she desired or didn’t desire was available to her at all times.

Together, she and Joseph traveled through the rocky, sand-dusted, hilly, and dusty desert of scrub-brush.

In the summer, the days are scorching and the nights are brisk.

Each of them was filthy as well as fatigued.

I was thinking about it.

He could get hurt!).

How in the world did Joseph deal with the fact that he was the father of the Son of God?!?!?!?!?!

Our comfortable minivan was already packed when MY WIFE went into labor, so we drove straight to the hospital with our suitcases in tow.

The scene had been practiced numerous times in my head.

But they were out of town and couldn’t find a place to stay because they were about to give birth to the divine Son of God!

Luke 2:7 is a biblical passage.

Probably a little giddy with excitement, but mostly nervous and terrified out of their minds.

A sterile hospital room served as the setting for our birthing experience.

When the pain became unbearable near the end of my wife’s labor, she decided to get an epidural to help her cope.

I cut the umbilical cord as directed by the nurses.

She then gave the child a vitamin shot and other medications, applied anti-bacterial gel to his eyes to prevent infection, and did whatever else she needed to.

I was terrified that something could go wrong at any time during the entire process, but I tried not to let it show.

Every ounce of pain that MARY endured during her pregnancy and delivery was felt by MARY herself.

A stench filled the animal barn where she gave birth to her child.


What if they had no choice but to bang two rocks together in order to cut the umbilical cord?

If something goes wrong, what do you do then?

Joseph was attempting to uplift and support his wife in her efforts.

They were shivering in the freezing temperatures.

An old piece of fabric was wrapped over Baby Jesus, and he was placed in a cattle feeding trough.

The miracle of life was witnessed by us.

The rest of the day passed without incident (except I cried a lot and was overwhelmed with emotions I had never experience before).

At the time of MARY’S son’s birth, angels and the universe shouted his glory, and affluent men prostrated themselves before her in adoration of her child.

Luke 2:13-14 (King James Version).

10The moment they spotted the star, they were ecstatic and filled with a tremendous amount of happiness.

1 Corinthians 2:10-11.

Please keep in mind that Mary and Joseph were low-income individuals.

They most likely only saw males like these on rare occasions, if at all.

Immediately following the birth of MY SON.

Following nearly two days without sleep, I was completely weary.

When I was thinking about what I could do to help my wife, I couldn’t come up with anything.

In addition to being cautious, we were also a little afraid of what may happen.

I came up with several ideas (financially and spiritually).

As he breathed, we could see his chest rise and fall.

When he wailed and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong, we became anxious.

After the birth of MARY’S SON, the family piled into the donkey and set out on an unforeseen vacation to Egypt, before returning to Nazareth to finish the pregnancy.

When they had left, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Rise, take the child and his mother, flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you, for Herod is about to search for the child and destroy him.” So Joseph arose and took the child and his mother and fled to Egypt, where they remained until they were told otherwise.

  • Matthew 2:13-15 is a passage from the Bible.
  • Think about how uncomfortable Mary must have felt on that journey after everything she had gone through in terms of her physical well-being!
  • It’s hard to imagine yourself riding a donkey with a vulnerable infant through the desert to a location you’ve never been before, all while fearing for your own and your kid’s life!
  • by the way.
  • We, too, traveled back to our lousy hometown in order to continue some kind of a regular existence.
  • just as they did.
  • During his contemplation, Joseph considered how he would pay for and care for his family (financially and spiritually).

As he breathed, they could see his chest rise and fall.

Because they didn’t know why he was crying, they were anxious.

That is exactly what babies do.

They were completely spent.

“Wait a minute.

how can he be the Son of God?” I’m sure they wondered to themselves.

He was perfect.

I was apprehensive about what was ahead.

The moment MARY’S SON was born, she and Joseph clasped him in their arms, tears in their eyes.

What their new normal will look like was something they were curious about. Neither of them had any idea what the future would bring them or Him. The LIVING GOD. in FLESH. and SAVIOR OF ALL HUMANITY was a gentle, small, defenseless, innocent, sobbing, lovely, and gorgeous infant human child.

8 Answers

  • Strangely enough, there is no bodily description of Jesus at all, as if the gospel writers were consciously attempting to make him as un-human as they possibly could have intended. Our knowledge of other great spiritual individuals, and of course of historical persons who lived during the time of Jesus, is limited
  • Nevertheless, we know nothing about Jesus. This might imply that he was concocted from a blend of professors who were still living at the time
  • Jesus was a Jewish carpenter who worked at the lower end of the wage range
  • He was not impoverished, but he was also not affluent either. A medium build, comparable to the normal height of males in his day, would position him at 5 foot 8 to 10 inches tall and 150 to 170 pounds, with an extremely muscular and lean frame, would place him at 5 foot 8 to 10 inches tall and 150 to 170 pounds. He practiced fasting on a regular and frequent basis, which helps the physical body to get more tone and physical capacities in difficult conditions as a result of the practice. Nevertheless, he learnt obedience through the trials he underwent, and he was tested in every way, just as we are, yet he was without sin. In part because he was quite active, his weight and height were both approximately 5 10. He was a very muscular 180 pounds or thereabouts, and about 5 10. But he wasn’t freaky in the way a body builder would be
  • He weighed 98 lbs soaking wet, but because he just bounced across the water and it never really stuck to him, he weighed only about 96.5 1/2 pounds. He must have weighed the same mass as helium, given that he was drunk and walking on water and all that jazz. The weight of Jesus must have been immense, especially considering that he was bearing the guilt of the entire world. I’m no expert on the issue, but if I had to guess, I’d say 3 pounds. rvc

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Matthew 1.4 – Jesus’ Birth (Matthew 1:18-25)

1 The development of Matthew’s narrative from his family’s history to the story of “the birth of Jesus Christ” (18) matches the typical practice of his day. In the same way, historical biographers would add significant data about a person’s mother and father, as well as other relatives (e.g. Josephus,The Life of Flavius Josephus). Matthew’s relevance to his particular historical environment, on the other hand, is more than just a coincidence. It is done on purpose. As with a person’s genealogy, the biblical writers (including Matthew) thought that the circumstances surrounding a person’s conception/birth (or the parents themselves) had an impact on how that person will ultimately turn out in the future.

  • 1.3.
  • Jesus’ childhood (in its whole) has, in reality, been almost completely overlooked over the centuries.
  • The childhoods of the majority of biblical figures are mostly absent from the narrative.
  • It’s also because the biblical writers were well aware of what was most essential at the time (and impactful).

1.4.1. Mary’s extraordinary circumstance

= She was expecting a child, yet she was still a virgin (18). Mary became the super-fulfillment of Isaiah’s promise about a virgin having a son as a symbol of God’s good will toward His people (Isa 7:10-14 w/v22-23 – “Immanuel.God with us” = God is FOR us) as a consequence of her extraordinary pregnancy. This infant would represent God’s decision to provide redemption rather than continue to punish mankind. This was accurate during the first fulfillment of the prophesy. When Isaiah’s son was born, it signaled that God was now preparing to save Judah from the anger of Israel and the rulers of Syria (see Isa 7:15-16 w/7:1).

For the sake of this example, salvation from God’s wrath (Rom 5:9).

1.4.2. Jesus’ extraordinary circumstance

= He was conceived without the presence of Original Sin (18 – “. child of the Holy Spirit” = He was conceived without the involvement of male fertilization). A man’s sperm is believed to be the conduit via which sin (i.e., the sinful nature) and a share in humanity’s collective guilt/condemnation for sin are transmitted to his offspring. Tradition has it that this is referred to as the Doctrine of Original Sin, and that it is a curse that we all bear (Psa 51:5; Rom 5:18). In the case of Jesus, however, this particular curse was avoided due to the absence of a male input to the conception of Jesus.

1.4.3. Joseph’s extra-ordinary circumstance

His wife became pregnant with someone else’s child while they were engaged, and he married her as a result (18-21, 24 – “he accepted his wife” = stayed pledged to her rather than continuing to seek a divorce). The fact that Joseph was initially unwilling to endure Mary’s pregnancy (thinking it to be a sign of an illicit affair) is made evident by his intentions in the first chapter of the book of Genesis (v19). Because of what the angel had imparted to Joseph in his dream, Joseph’s change of heart (24) was solely due to the fact that Mary’s child was, once again, the consequence of divine intervention (v20).

It was a supernatural event (and hence cb regarded it “exceptional”), but it did not cause – but rather served to alleviate – the extraordinary scenario that was already in place (i.e.

When one analyzes the following facts about Joseph’s life, it becomes clear why this was (in fact) an unusual situation in his life:

So, divorce was no longer only an option in situations of adultery, but rather the “new law” in such cases (i.e.

According to God’s instruction, Joseph was not only going against the expectations of his people, but he was also forfeiting his reputation/standing (as a “just man”), his family’s reputation in general, and the fact that his new family would most certainly be destitute as a result of his decision.

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Speaking a person’s name out loud was considered a show of respect in ancient civilization.

Exo 23:13; contra Heb 2:12; Phi 2:9-11; for example, James and John, the sons of Zebedee; Joh 8:41; Luk 2:22-24) or were not mentioned at all (e.g.

1.4.4. Why all of this is important: is significant because it tells who we should be listening to if we want to be able to appropriately appraise our lives and travel securely through this planet. Eph 4:17-21 = In other words, you understand that you should listen to Him/His method of thinking rather than the perverted reasoning of unbelievers. Because His mind has not been warped or corrupted, He is the ultimate arbiter of all truth. A person’s capacity to discern will always be proportional to their understanding of Christ’s Word/Word of God, and this will always be true.

  2. Adam’s fall into sin resulted in more than simply a rift between him and God.
  3. As a result, the stain can be found at the ontological level of the individual’s soul.
  4. The need for divine intervention (i.e., God joining the human race in order to supply someone who could swap His moral status for ours – 2Co 5:21) is required instead of human intervention.
  5. When it comes to our connections with God – or even our relationships with one another – it is not unusual to see them as being founded on unconditional love.
  6. Biblical relationships (and the rewards that flow from the love they reflect) are, on the other hand, contingent on faithfulness.
  7. So it’s no surprise that Jesus says he would save only those who are (or remain) “His people” (Judg.

14:15-16, 21; Rev.

For the simple reason that it reminds us that keeping faithful to God should never be contingent on our circumstances (whether spectacular or otherwise): In relation to Mary and Joseph, see

For example, even when the conditions were incredibly severe (Mat 19:12; 1Pe 3:14-15 w/Rom 13:13-14), they were able to maintain their sexual purity.

In regards to Joseph= (24-25)Joseph followed God by not only proceeding with the marriage – but also by adopting Jesus as his own son.

” You shall call His name Jesus.” w/24 –”He did what the angel of the Lord had instructed him.

In ancient times, this was the responsibility of fathers.

The biblical authors were well aware that inconsequential events were just that: insignificant, and that they would not ultimately determine the direction of a child’s life.

b-day parties, amusement parks, games, sports, etc.).

John Calvin seems to support this point of view as well.

Losing one’s virginity, on the other hand, does not need having children, but rather intercourse.

Mary’s three-fold defense (personal testimony, as well as the testimony of Elizabeth and Zechariah, to the angelic announcement – Luk 1; ability to pass the virginity test – Deu 22) made it clear to Joseph that a charge of adultery against her would not be justly/righteously established, and he acted accordingly.

in accordance with the amicable divorce option provided by Deu 24) as evidence that he is a “just man.” “ In contrast to much of contemporary Western culture, Joseph grew up in a society where he had no choice but to reject Mary’s request for a second opportunity.

When a man discovers that his wife has not been a virgin, Jewish law requires that he charge her with adultery immediately.

The frailty of a man who allowed his love for his wife to overcome his due honor in rejecting her was considered with disdain by Mediterranean culture.” Craig Keener is an American actor and director (Matthew: Socio-Rhetorical Commentary) “Joseph was just in marrying Mary; to refuse to do so would be a violation of law and tradition, would bring lasting dishonor on his family, and would represent welcoming as his wife someone who had deceived him in the most heinous manner imaginable in his society.” In a culture where the value of honor predominates, it would be unthinkable to be considered a source of embarrassment.

As a result of his dedication to God, Joseph lost his ability to place a value on his own reputation.” Ibid.

In spite of the fact that they were married, they repressed their emotions for the dignity of God’s Messiah (see Matthew 19:12).” Craig Keener is an American actor and director (ibid)

How Much Did Jesus Weigh?

My observations on the Lord’s Supper will be posted on a regular basis, generally once a week, with occasional remarks on other topics, such as books I am currently reading or ideas sparked by something I have read. HOW MUCH WEIGHED JESUS AT THE TIME OF HIS DEATH? What do you believe Jesus weighed in total? I see him as being around 5’10” and weighing about 142 pounds, not very large, but strong and wiry. There is no fat or extra weight, but the person is powerful. Walking all day on the rocky trails of Palestine and then doing it again the next day on a diet that was meager and thin allowed him to do this.

  • Someone comes from a well-known family, and his or her name bears significance.
  • The advice of a doctor is taken seriously.
  • How much does Jesus weigh when he is fully clothed in his majesty?
  • Consider the Golden Gate Bridge, which spans the San Francisco Bay.
  • Coils of wire three feet in diameter are draped over the tops of those towers, and from them are strung additional coils that support the bridge bed.
  • However, it is not the towers or the wires that are the problem; rather, it is the anchors, which were poured, first on the San Francisco Peninsula and subsequently in Marin County, that are the problem.
  • But no matter how strong the earthquakes are or how strong the wind is, the bridge will not be moved!

While the billows tumble about you, remain firm and sure.

This table of the Lord serves as a constant reminder of our Savior’s love for us – a love that will never leave us and on which we can always rely.

Hebrews 6 speaks about Christ’s death on our behalf and the hope we have in him as a result of his sacrifice.

The weight of Jesus on our shoulders is more than sufficient to hold our spirits fast.

Originally published on Geo.

What Did Jesus Really Look Like? New Study Redraws Holy Image

Following new study by Joan Taylor, it has been suggested that Jesus was of normal height, with short black hair and brown eyes, as well as olive-brown complexion. (Image credit: Painting by Cathy Fisher, depicting Jesus with shorter garments and hair in conformity with the latest results.) Quickly searching for “Jesus” on Google will provide a range of photos depicting a tall, white person with long, blondish hair and a beard, with a beard. But what didJesus look like in his natural state? According to a recent book by a professor, Jesus most likely did not look anything like the image we have today.

in Bethlehem and spent a brief period of time in Egypt as a kid before settling in Nazareth with his family.

(T T Clark et al., 2018) “It’s very interesting how little is made of it, and what he looked like,” Taylor said in an interview with Live Science.

Additionally, Taylor writes in her book that the oldest creative portrayals of Jesus date back at least two centuries after he died, and that they give little trustworthy information about what Jesus may have looked like.

She also looked at beautiful images on coins as well as Egyptian mummy paintings for more inspiration.

Average, short-haired guy

According to Taylor’s study, rather than towering over his contemporaries in Judea, Jesus was around 5 foot 5 inches (1.7 meters) tall, which corresponds to the typical height observed in skeletal remains of males from the region at the time of his death. As evidenced by the presence of archaeological remains, historical writings, and portrayals of individuals in Egyptian mummy pictures, Taylor asserts that people in Judea and Egypt tended to be of dark complexion with brown eyes, black hair, and olive-brown skin, among other characteristics.

  • Taylor discovered that because Jews in Judea and Egypt preferred to marry among themselves at the period, Jesus’ complexion, eyes, and hair were most likely similar to the skin, eyes, and hair of the majority of the people in Judea and Egypt.
  • According to Taylor, historical records also revealed that individuals in Judea tended to maintain their hair (and beards) moderately short and well-combed, most likely in order to keep lice out, which was a major problem at the period.
  • In order to cut his hair and beard, he might have used a knife, according to Taylor, who pointed out that individuals in the ancient past were generally more competent with knives than people are today.
  • This busy lifestyle, combined with a lack of regular eating, resulted in his being likely lean but slightly muscular, according to Taylor.
  • In any case, he shouldn’t be portrayed as someone who was content with his lot in life; unfortunately, that’s the type of picture we sometimes receive.” Taylor stated that other elements of Jesus’ face, such as his lips and cheeks, are a mystery at this time.
  • She expressed skepticism about representations of Jesus in which he is shown to be particularly attractive.

Jesus’ tunic

A few suggestions regarding Jesus’ attire may be found in the gospels, as well as in archaeological remnants that have been discovered. He was most likely dressed in a woolen, undyed tunic that exposed his lower legs; a loincloth; and a “mantle,” or outer cloak, to keep warm. His shoes would have looked like modern-day sandals, and because clothing was so expensive at the time, it is probable that Jesus performed a lot of repairing. Furthermore, unless someone gave him with new clothing, the clothes he was wearing would get increasingly damaged with time.

Taylor’s book received generally excellent reviews from biblical experts who have studied it, including Helen Bond, a professor of theology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and Jim West, an adjunct professor of biblical studies at Ming Hua Theological College in Hong Kong.

Aside from that, she expressed excitement at the prospect of seeing additional artists attempt to rebuild depictions of Jesus in light of her results.

The original version of this article appeared on Live Science.

A bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto and a journalism degree from Ryerson University are among Owen’s qualifications. He loves learning about fresh research and is always on the lookout for an interesting historical story.

8 Interesting Facts about the Birth of Jesus

The tale of Jesus’ birth is one that many of us have probably heard before. We’ve either had our children participate in Christmas pageants at church (as angels, donkeys, or lambs), or we’ve made our own nativity scenes out of clay or porcelain that we can name our own. In the meantime, as is often the case with Scripture, you could learn something new with each reading. Allow me to share some intriguing facts about Jesus’ birth with you that you may not have previously known.

What Is the Story of the Birth of Jesus?

The stories of Jesus’ birth may be found in the books of Matthew and Luke. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Mary, a young virgin, learns that she will give birth to Jesus Christ, who will be the Messiah of the world. She and her husband, Joseph, travel to Bethlehem in order to register for the census conducted by the Roman Emperor. When they arrive, they see that the city is completely filled. They are offered a spot to stay the night in a cave by a frazzled innkeeper because they do not have a room at the inn.

  • Local shepherds, who had already received the joyous news from the angels, were present to witness this lowly birth.
  • Through his death and resurrection, this infant would three decades later save the entire world from destruction.
  • Here are some interesting facts regarding the birth of Jesus that you may not have known before.
  • Interesting facts regarding the birth of Jesus include the following:

3. Jesus’ Birth Came after 400 Years of Silence from God

Interested in learning about God’s activities following his prophetic ministry in the Old Testament? We’d agree with you! God is deafeningly quiet for 400 years, right up until the birth of Jesus. There are a lot of nations that overrun Israel throughout this 400-year span. The people of Israel successfully fight against some of the Romans (for example, the Maccabean insurrection), but by the time Jesus appears, the Romans had already invaded Israel. The Israelites desired a Savior in the same way they did throughout their 400-year exile in Egypt.

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4. Joseph Could Have Had Mary Killed for Adultery

In Christian communities today, if a spouse commits adultery, the pair will almost certainly divorce. However, according to Old Testament traditions (Leviticus 20:10), if someone commits adultery, they might be put to death as a result of it. Following the discovery of the pregnancy, Joseph chooses to pursue a discreet divorce with Mary rather than sentence her to death as he had planned. Fortunately, an angel appears to him and reveals the truth about Jesus’ actual nature. As we have seen in the preceding sections, Joseph is determined to complete his marriage to Mary, no matter how damaging it would be to his reputation.

5. Jesus Was Probably Not Born in December

“So, why do we celebrate Christmas in December?” you might wonder. Emperor Constantine, who reigned during the fourth century, can be credited with this achievement. Many Christians choose to celebrate holidays at the same time as pagan festivities in order to provide a more healthy alternative. In this particular instance, Christmas fell on the day of the winter solstice. In spite of the fact that Christmas has been celebrated on December 25 for approximately 1700 years, Jesus was not truly born on that day.

  • In the year 336 AD, Emperor Constantine decreed that Christmas would be celebrated on the 25th of December, which is the winter solstice.
  • Sheep gave birth to lambs throughout the springtime, which is why they would remain outside at night in case a night delivery occurred.
  • She is a multi-published author and a graduate of the professional writing program at Taylor University, where she studied creative writing.
  • As a writer and editor, she has worked for a number of different publishing firms as well as periodicals, newspapers, and literary agencies, and she has worked with writers such as Jerry B.
  • Her modern-day Daniel trilogy, published by IlluminateYA, is now available.
  • Her inspirational adult novel Picture Imperfect, which will be released in November of 2021, will also be released.
  • As part of our bigger Christmas and Advent resource library, which focuses on the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ, this piece is included.
  • What Exactly Is Christmas?
  • Nicholas’s First Visitation Traditions associated with the holiday season Christmas Prayers that are both beautiful and inspiring Advent’s Meaning and Purpose: A Delightful Reflection Wreath for the Holidays Understanding the History, Meaning, and Tradition of Candles is important.

Understanding the Origins and Significance of the Advent Calendar Listen to our Christmas Podcast, which is completely free: The Christmas Characters – The Surprising People in Jesus’ Family: The Characters of Christmas:

How much did little baby Jesus weigh? –

-Ricky Bobby, number twenty-one. “Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know what a word means yet, simply a small newborn, so cuddly, yet still omnipotent,” the narrator writes. Ricky Bobby is a fictional character created by author Ricky Bobby.

How much did baby Jesus weigh in Talladega Nights?

Weight: 8 lbs., 6 oz. Ricky Bobby: 8 pounds 6 ounces, my love. infant who has just been born I haven’t even learned a single word yet, Jesus.

What is the prayer in Talladega Nights?

As a result, Ricky Bobby prays: “Dear 8-pound, 6-ounce newborn child Jesus, I pray for you. “You haven’t learned a single word yet, yet you’re still omnipotent, thanks to your golden diapers.” When Ricky Bobby’s family members point out that Jesus did not grow up, Ricky Bobby’s predilection for praying to Baby Jesus is called into question by some of his relatives.

What did Ricky Bobby say?

“I’m hoping that both of you have boys,” Ricky Bobby says. Sons who are handsome, attractive, and articulate, as well as brilliant and star sports, get their legs amputated from under them. I mean, I pray that you are aware of the agony and the suffering.”

Is Ricky Bobby a real race car driver?

The actual sport in which Ricky Bobby and the other characters compete – NASCAR racing — is completely fictional, notwithstanding the evident absurdity of the story aspects. In addition, the races in the film appear to be very accurate in their depiction. As a result, the following question arises: Did actors Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly participate in the film?

What is Ricky Bobby shake and bake?

Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby are referred to as ShakeBake in the media. Cal is known as the Shake, while Ricky is known as the Bake. Cal gets excited when he hears the phrase “ShakeBake” because “it rhymes, they’re both verbs.awesome!” it’s Girard considers the moniker to be “utter nonsense.”

What version of Jesus does Ricky Bobby like the best?

“Well, I think the Christmas Jesus is my favorite, therefore I’m saying grace,” Ricky continues. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying grace to a mature Jesus or a young Jesus, or a bearded Jesus, or anybody you choose.”

Is Ricky Bobby shake and bake?

Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby are referred to as ShakeBake in the media. Cal is known as the Shake, while Ricky is known as the Bake. Cal is excited when he hears the phrase “ShakeBake” because “it rhymes, they’re both verbs.amazing!” that’s

Is 6 lbs a low birth weight?

What is a low birth weight during birth? The phrase “low birth weight” is used to describe newborn newborns that weigh less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces at the time of their birth (2,500 grams). An typical newborn weighs around 8 pounds on average. Even if a baby is born with a low birth weight, he or she may be perfectly healthy.

Is 6 lbs small for a newborn?

Between 6 pounds, 9 ounces (3,000 grams) and 7 pounds, 11 ounces (4,000 grams), the average birth weight ranged (3,500 grams). 6 Low birth weight newborns accounted for 8.28 percent of all babies born in the United States (defined as less than 5.5 pounds or about 2,500 grams). 7

Is Ricky Bobby a true story?

Darrell Waltrip, a three-time NASCAR Cup Series winner and three-time NASCAR Cup Series runner-up, must have served as the basis for the Ricky Bobby character in Talladega Nights, according to the film.

When and Where was Jesus Born?

Discover the date and location of Jesus’ birth as we examine significant biblical and historical evidence, as well as academic conjecture, about the miraculous birth of Christ.

Explore if Jesus was indeed born on Christmas Day in the little village of Bethlehem by reading the Gospel of Luke.

When was Jesus Born?

This is an issue for which the Bible does not provide a clear solution. According to historical evidence, the earliest Christians did not make a big deal out of the birth of Jesus Christ. Even if they were aware of the particular day of his birth, they did not make a big deal about it. The customary date of December 25 may be traced back to the first decades of the Christian period, according to certain sources. No proof exists that Christians “took” the date from a pagan celebration celebrating the sun, contrary to what some have said.

Tighe, the opposite is more likely to be true: “Rather, the pagan festival of the “Birth of the Unconquered Son,” which was instituted by the Roman Emperor Aurelian on 25 December 274, was almost certainly an attempt to create a pagan alternative to a date that was already of some significance to Roman Christians.” Consequently, the “pagan roots of Christmas” are a fable without any historical foundation.” According to Luke 2:8-9, the Bible describes the precise time of year when Jesus was born: “Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their sheep by night.” When they looked up, they saw an angel of the Lord standing before them, and they were surrounded by the glory of the Lord, and they were terrified.” It was customary for the shepherds of that region, according to biblical historian Adam Clarke, to send their sheep out to pasture from the beginning of spring until the beginning of October.

As the darker winter months approached, the flocks would begin to return from their summer pastures in need of shelter and warmth.

John the Baptist and the Birth of Christ

Christian academics have utilized the birth of John the Baptist as a point of reference in order to determine a more accurate date for Jesus’s conception and birth. John the Baptist is mentioned in Luke 1 as being born to Zacharias and his wife, Elizabeth, after Zacharias’ term of service in the temple was completed. In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the angel Gabriel came to her and informed her that she would be the mother of Jesus, the Messiah. As a result, the alleged month of Jesus’ birth may be calculated by calculating the time between the date of Zacharias’ clerical duties and the date of Jesus’ birth.

This date can be calculated by starting at John the Baptist’s conception in June, moving forward six months to reach Gabriel’s announcement of Jesus’ conception, in December, and then moving forward nine more months, the time it takes for a human pregnancy to develop, until you arrive at September, when Jesus was almost certainly born.

When the Roman Emperor Constantine decreed that Christmas should be celebrated on December 25th in 336, it became the first known instance of Christmas being celebrated on that day (the first Christian Roman Emperor). However, at the time, it was not a recognized Roman state holiday.

Why is Christmas on December 25th?

Scholars believe the Roman Catholic Church chose December 25 as the date for the decision for a variety of reasons, including the date’s association with the winter solstice and Saturnalia, a celebration dedicated to the Roman god Saturn. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, church authorities most likely chose the date “to correspond with the pagan Roman celebration commemorating the birthday of the unconquered sun,” which occurred around the time of the winter solstice in the year 2000.

Where was Jesus Born?

The answer to the question of where Jesus was born is frequently given as a city – Bethlehem. We know this because of prophecies and narrative records in the Bible, such as Luke 2:4 and Matthew 2:1. Bible experts, on the other hand, are less certain about more particular elements pertaining to the place. As previously said, we know from Luke’s narrative where Jesus was not born – an inn since there was not enough place for his parents (Luke 2:7). Isaiah 5:2 and Jewish tradition both predict that the Messiah (the Christ) will be born at Bethlehem, a tiny village near Jerusalem, on the 25th of December.

  • Although Bethlehem and Ephrathah are small towns among the thousands of Judah, out of them will come forth the One who will be ruler over Israel, whose goings forth are from the beginning, from the beginning of time.” Micah 5:2, “However, you, Bethlehem and Ephrathah, though you are small among the thousands of Judah,” says the prophet. The Bible says in Matthew 2:1-2, “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem during the reign of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?'” (King James Version) We have come because we have seen His star in the east and have come to worship Him.”
  • Luke 2:4-7, “Joseph also traveled up from Galilee, leaving the city of Nazareth and entering Judea, to the city of David, which is named Bethlehem because he was of the family and lineage of David. As a result, she delivered her firstborn Son, wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and lay Him in a manger since there was no room for them at the inn.”

Find out more about the history and significance of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, by reading the following articles.

True Significance of Jesus’ Birth

The fact that Jesus was born is far more important than knowing where and when He was born in the first place. Jesus came to earth in order to exist alongside us and to be one of us. The angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would become the mother of a boy, whose name would be “Immanuel,” which means “God with us” in Hebrew (Matthew 1:23). “For God so loved the world that He gave His only born Son, that whomever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life,” said the disciple John in his letter to the Romans (John 3:16).

This is the revelation of what took place in Bethlehem and the actual significance of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day.

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