Why Did Jesus Bring Lazarus Back To Life

Why did Jesus raise Lazarus?

Is it really necessary for Jesus to raise Lazarus and bring him back to earth if he is with God in Paradise? Isn’t it true that he would have been happy in Paradise?

Bible Answer:

The events surrounding Lazarus’ death and resurrection are exclusively found in the Gospel of John, which is the only gospel that does so. The events are detailed in the book of John 11.

The Event

We learn early in John 11 that Jesus was the one who was originally informed that Lazarus was unwell. However, Jesus did not hurry to Lazarus’s aid. As an alternative, He spoke the following and then stayed for two days before going to Lazarus’ house. However, when Jesus heard this, He said, “This disease is not meant to end in death, but rather to be used for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be exalted as a result of it.” John 11:4 (New American Standard Bible) As a consequence, Lazarus passed away.

As soon as Jesus arrived at Lazarus’ tomb, He issued an order for Lazarus to come forth (John 11:39-44).

As a result, they removed the stone.

John 11:40-41 (New American Standard Bible) Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in order to bring God’s splendor to light.

A Greater Purpose

At the conclusion of John’s gospel, the Apostle John reveals that all of the events reported in his gospel have a single purpose. Many more signs were done in the presence of the disciples by Jesus, which are not included in this book; but, these have been recorded so that you may believe that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God, and that believing will result in your receiving life through His name. (NASB) 20:30 (John 20:30) Due to God’s desire for no one to perish in eternal torment, he is more concerned with our discovering Him than with any individual’s comfort.


God is concerned with something higher than the happiness and joy of His people. He will punish us if we offend against Him (Heb. 12:4-17). His command to suffer for Him (Matt. 5:10-12) and to strive holiness are both found in Matthew 5:10-12. (1 Pet. 1:16). God raised Lazarus from the dead, not for Lazarus’ benefit, but for the glory and accomplishment of God’s plan. Those who follow Jesus are asked to do the following: “Therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, I implore you to offer your bodies as a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of devotion.” (NASB) 1 Corinthians 12:1 This is the product of a long-term partnership of love and affection.

The Mighty Miracles Of Jesus: Bringing Lazarus Back To Life

The miracles Jesus accomplished during His career totaled more than 40, including curing the sick, transforming the natural components of nature, and even resurrecting people from the dead. Generally speaking, a miracle is defined as an occurrence that occurs outside of the realm of normalcy. The depth of His love for us will be shown to us as we examine one of His miracles in greater detail each month. Understanding Jesus’ miracles has the potential to transform your life, and it all begins with trusting in Him via confidence in Him.

Lazarus is a Hebrew name that, curiously enough, translates as ‘God is my assistance.’ In the event that Lazarus became unwell, his sisters sent a message to Jesus, in which they stated, “Lord, the one you love is sick.” Jesus waited two days after learning of Lazarus’s death before visiting him at his home.

Martha hurried up to Jesus and greeted him enthusiastically.

“If you had been here, my brother would have lived.” Then Jesus spoke the words that would change everything: “I am the resurrection and the life.” Even if a person dies while believing in me, that person will live; and whomever lives while believing in me will never die.” It was probable that Jesus had not yet entered the hamlet in order to avoid drawing attention to himself because he was just a short distance away from Jerusalem, where the Jewish authorities were conspiring against Him.

  • While Mary and Martha were lamenting their brother’s death, Jesus stood near the tomb, where they were both sobbing and crying.
  • Mary and Martha were instructed by Jesus to remove the stone from the tomb.
  • When Lazarus emerged from the tomb, he had been totally recovered, and Jesus instructed the crowd to remove his burial cloths.
  • Jesus revealed that He has the ability to defeat death.
  • Following this miracle, the chief priests and Pharisees devised a plan to assassinate Jesus, claiming that so many witnesses had become believers and disciples of Jesus.
  • Jesus feels pity for our situation.
  • Jesus is concerned about our anguish.
  • He is always there for us.
  • We may find ourselves in a similar scenario as Mary and Martha, waiting for God to intervene in a tough circumstance and wondering why he isn’t responding more swiftly.

There is no way we can argue with God’s timing or His purpose. We must put our faith in His purposes for us. Finally, the resurrection of Lazarus demonstrates to us that Jesus Christ has the ability to defeat death, and that people who place their faith in him will be granted eternal life.

Chapter 43: Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Living in Bethany with his sisters Mary and Martha was a man by the name of Lazarus. Lazarus and his sisters were devoted to Jesus, and Jesus was devoted to them. Lazarus became really ill. The Savior was in another city at the time. His disciples, Mary and Martha, informed Him that Lazarus was unwell. The Savior requested that His followers accompany Him to Lazarus’s side. The disciples were apprehensive about traveling to Bethany. It was in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Some individuals in Jerusalem wished to assassinate Jesus, and they were successful.

  1. He promised him that He would bring him back to life if he asked.
  2. Jesus traveled to the town of Bethany.
  3. Martha informed Jesus that if He had arrived sooner, Lazarus would still be alive today.
  4. He inquired as to whether Martha agreed with Him.
  5. She was well aware that Jesus was the Messiah.
  6. Mary, too, traveled to see Jesus.
  7. Mary knelt at the feet of the Savior, her tears streaming down her face.

Jesus inquired as to the whereabouts of Lazarus’s body.

There was a stone in front of it, marking the spot.

Jesus raised his eyes.

Lazarus was told to come out of the cave by Jesus, who spoke it in a loud voice.

Many of those who witnessed the miracle now believe that Jesus is the Christ, or the Savior.

Lessons from the Raising of Lazarus

The story of Jesus resurrecting Lazarus from the dead is one of three accounts of people who were raised from the grave by Jesus (besides Himself). We know that the disciples witnessed Jesus do numerous miracles that were not recorded in the Bible (John 20:30-31), therefore there may have been many more. The rising of Lazarus is something I want to look at as we get closer to Easter and Jesus’ own resurrection. Great life lessons may be learned from this narrative. Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha, two of Jesus’ closest companions, and he died in their presence.

Read the complete tale of Lazarus in John 11:1-44 to get the full picture.

Lazarus’ Sickness

When Lazarus was ill with an unidentified, life-threatening illness, his sisters, Mary and Martha, seeing that his situation was deteriorating, sent a distressing message to Jesus, who responded favorably. When Jesus received word of Lazarus’ illness while preaching outside of town, he said, “This disease will not result in death.” The purpose of the sacrifice is for God’s glory, in order that God’s Son may be exalted as a result of it.” (V4) After that, he remained in the same place for another two days.

Jesus is Never Late

In verse 5, we learn that Jesus adored this family and visited them on a regular basis. We could anticipate (like Lazarus’ relatives did) that He would rush to the scene to lend a hand. God’s timing, on the other hand, is not our timing. His tardiness in arriving at Lazarus is an excellent example. Jesus tells his followers, “Lazarus is dead, and I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it for your sake, so that you may believe,” when he eventually declares that he wants to go see him. “However, let us proceed to him.” (v14) Reflections: Just as Mary and Martha did not hesitate to rely on Jesus for assistance, we should not be hesitant to do the same.

  1. We, too, are familiar with them thanks to the Bible.
  2. This serves as a wonderful reminder that nothing is impossible for God, and that I should never be afraid to ask Him for anything!
  3. Yes, I have.
  4. When I feel like he is taking his time to respond (because of my timing), I must remember that he is the only one who understands what I need and when I need it.
  5. His timing is impeccable at all times.
  6. This will enable me to better survive the storms of life in the future.
  7. When Lazarus died, it was done so that Jesus’ authority over death would be demonstrated to his disciples.
  8. He was demonstrating that he had the ability to revive us from the dead.
  9. Do I put my faith in him during difficult circumstances and perceive them as chances for Him to exhibit His glory?
  10. This is a quote that I really like:

Jesus Comforts Mary and Martha

As Jesus neared Bethany, he learned that Lazarus had been dead for four days before his arrival. When Martha received word that Jesus was close by, she immediately rushed out to meet him. “Lord, if you had been present, my brother would not have died,” she said him when she met him. “However, I am confident that God will grant you anything you request even now.” (v21). Her complete trust in the power of Jesus was on full show. After hearing Jesus say, “Your brother will rise again,” she concluded that he was referring to the resurrection on the final day of the week.

  1. I guarantee that everyone who believes in me will survive, even if he or she dies, and that anyone who lives while believing in me will never die.
  2. Mary, despairing in her grief, dropped at his knees and uttered precisely what her sister had said: “Lord, if you had been present, my brother would not have died.” “If you had been here, my brother would not have died,” Mary murmured.
  3. (v33,35) Some analysts argue that he was sobbing not just out of compassion for his companions, but also because of the condition of death that he believed to be the retribution for sin on the entire world.
  4. He is the only one who can provide genuine, long-lasting relief.
  5. What was Martha’s response?
  6. When Jesus asks us if we believe in Him, he expects to hear an answer like this from everyone.
  7. He witnessed his friends’ suffering as a result of their loss and felt compassion for them.

He witnessed the punishment of death and was pained as a result of it. Jesus has the same compassion for us as he did for his disciples. We may express our grief and disappointments to him in confidence. Make a note of it for later!

Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead

Jesus approached the tomb and requested that the stone be removed from its place of rest. Martha informs him that Lazarus has been dead for four days and that there would be a ” foul stench ” when he arrives (v39) When she questions Jesus, he gently reminds her, “Did I not say that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” (v40) As they moved the stone away, Jesus raised his eyes to the heavens and expressed gratitude to his Father for always hearing his prayers. The fact that everyone in the audience would witness this miracle and have the opportunity to believe that his Father had sent him was something he was grateful for.

  • I’m trying to picture the sight as they remove the stone off the path.
  • What did they anticipate to happen?
  • “Lazarus, come out!” Jesus cried out in a loud voice at that moment.
  • Jesus instructs them to remove the pieces of linen from around his neck and “let him go.” Consider the fact that when Jesus praised his Father, he was already acknowledging that his petition had been answered.
  • Consider the implications of this for how we react in trust to Jesus via prayer.
  • He demonstrated to the audience, as well as to us, the power of eternal life triumphing over death.
  • It was being unwell that he remembered as the last thing he remembered.
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Can you imagine the feelings of delight and gratitude that accompanied that day?

What were his responses when he found out?

He had to be there!

He has summoned each and every one of us from our graves.

What am I supposed to do and say?

Resurrection- Our New Life

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he used his own words. Lazarus recognized his good buddy calling him by name and answered appropriately. He also addresses everyone of us by our first names. When we believe and come to Him, the beginning of our everlasting existence is marked! The unlimited love of God and the rich life that he offers are never far away from our grasp. Blessings! AnnMarie Photo courtesy of Ben Burton through Pixabay.

Bible Gateway passage: John 11 – New International Version

11At this point, a man called Lazarus was ill. He was originally from Bethany, A)”>(A)the place where Mary and her sister Martha lived at the time. B)”>(B) C)”>(This Mary, whose brother Lazarus was now ill, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord’s feet and cleaned his feet with her hair in the previous chapter) (C) 3As a result, the sisters sent a message to Jesus, saying, “Lord, the one you love D)”>(D)is ill.” Jesus said, “This ailment will not result in death,” when he heard this.

As a result, when he learned that Lazarus was unwell, he chose to remain where he was for another two days,7and then he told his followers, “Let us return to Judea” (F) 8 However, they pointed out, “but Rabbi,” G)”>(G)they continued, “only a short time ago, the Jews there attempted to stone you, H)”>(H), and now you are returning?

I)”>(I)10It is when a person is walking at night that they stumble, because they do not have any illumination.” “Our buddy J)”>(J)Lazarus has fallen asleep; K)”>(K)but I am going there to wake him up,” he continued after he had stated this.

He then informed them bluntly, “Lazarus is dead, and I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it for your sake, so that you will believe.” “However, let us proceed to him.” 16When the remainder of the disciples heard this, Thomas M)”>(M)(also known as Didymus) said to them, “Let us also go, so that we may die with him.”

Jesus Comforts the Sisters of Lazarus

17When Jesus arrived, he saw that Lazarus had already been dead for four days and had been buried there. In those days, Bethany was only a few miles away from Jerusalem, and many Jews had come to comfort Martha and Mary in their grief over the death of their brother. N)”>(N)18Now that Bethany O)”>(O)was only a few miles away from Jerusalem,19and many Jews had come to comfort Martha and Mary in their grief over the death of their brother. P)”>(P) Martha left the house as soon as she learned that Jesus was on his way, but Mary remained at home.

  1. ” S ) S ) S ) S ) S ) “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized (S) 23Jesus spoke to her by saying, “Your brother will rise from the dead.” Mary said, “I am confident that Jesus will rise again in the resurrection T).” “>(T)he final day of the month.
  2. Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) Z) “>(Z)Do you trust what I’m saying?” 27 It was she who responded, “Yes, Lord,” she said, “I believe that you are the Messiah, AA)”>(AA)the Son of God, AB)”>(AB)who is to come into the world.
  3. “The Teacher AD)” is an abbreviation for “Adult Development.” “”(AD) has arrived,” she said, “and he has requested your assistance.” 29As soon as Mary heard this, she sprang to her feet and ran up to him.
  4. In AE)”>(AE)31, after noticing how swiftly Mary got up and left the home, the Jews who had been comforting her AF)”>(AF)took note and followed her, thinking she was heading to the grave to grieve there.
  5. She fell at Jesus’ feet and bowed her head in prayer.
  6. AI)”>(AI)34 “Can you tell me where you buried him?” he inquired.
  7. 35Jesus broke down and sobbed.

“AK)” is an abbreviation for “Alaska.” “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized (AK) 37However, some of them objected, saying, “Could not the one who opened the blind man’s eyes AL)”>(AL)have prevented this guy from dying?” AM)”> (AM)

Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead

38Jesus, once more stirred to his core, AN) “>(AN) made his way to the tomb. It was a cave with a large stone erected in front of the entrance. AO)”>(AO)39 “Take the stone away,” he instructed. ‘However, Lord,” answered Martha, the brother-in-law of the deceased man, “by this time there is a foul stench, because he has been there for four days.” “However, Lord,” continued Martha, the sister of the dead man. After that, Jesus replied, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, AQ)”>(AQ)you will see the glory of God?” AP)”>(AP)40Then Jesus added, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” ” AR)” AR)” AR)” AR)” “Consequently, they removed the stone.

“AV)” is an abbreviation for “audiovisual” “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized (AV) 43 AW)”>(AW)44When he finished speaking, Jesus yelled out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” His hands and feet were bound in strips of linen, and a cloth was placed around his face, as AW)”>(AW)44 AY) AY) AY) AY) AY) AY) “When they approached, Jesus told them to “take off the burial garments and let him go.”

The Plot to Kill Jesus

Many of the Jews who had gone to meet Mary, AZ)”>(AZ), and who had witnessed what Jesus had done, BA)”>(BA), came to believe in him as a result. BB) BB) BB) BB) “Nevertheless, some of them went to the Pharisees and informed them of what Jesus had done. >(BB)46 47After upon, the chief priests and Pharisees convened a conference of the Sanhedrin BD)”>(BD) during which they proclaimed the death of Jesus. (Belgium) “>(BE)”What exactly are we accomplishing?” they inquired of us. “Look at this man who is doing a variety of signals.

50You are not aware that it is preferable for you that one individual dies for the people than that the entire nation perishes,” says the author.

BK) is an abbreviation for Business Knights “As a result, Jesus was no longer seen in public among the people of Judea, according to the Bible.

Many Jews from all across the land traveled to Jerusalem for their ceremonial purification BN)”>(BN) before to the Jewish Passover when the time came near for it to be celebrated.

Meet Lazarus, A Friend of Jesus Who Was Raised From the Dead

Aside from the apostles, Lazarus was one of the few companions of Jesus Christ who was specifically identified by name in the Gospels. In fact, we’re informed that Jesus had a soft spot for him. Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, dispatched a message to Jesus in order to inform him that their brother was in need of assistance. Instead of hurrying to Lazarus’ bedside, Jesus chose to remain in the same place for another two days. It had been four days since Lazarus had been laid to rest in his tomb when Jesus finally arrived in Bethany.

  1. When it comes to Lazarus the person, the Bible provides very little information.
  2. Although there is no mention of a wife, we may presume that Martha and Mary were either widowed or unmarried because they were living with their brother.
  3. (Luke 10:38-42; John 12:1-2; Luke 10:38-42; John 12:1-2) The resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus represented a watershed moment in history.
  4. They began hatching a plan to assassinate Jesus.
  5. We aren’t told whether or not they followed through with their plan.
  6. The story of Jesus reviving Lazarus appears solely in the Gospel of John, which is the gospel that places the most emphasis on Jesus’ status as theSon of God.

Accomplishments of Lazarus

Lazarus gave his sisters with a loving and caring environment that was defined by compassion and generosity. He also provided a secure and welcoming environment for Jesus and his disciples, allowing them to feel at ease and at ease with themselves. He recognized Jesus as more than a friend; he recognized him as the Messiah. In the end, Lazarus rose from the dead in response to Jesus’ summons and served as a testimony to Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God.

Lazarus’ Strengths

Godliness and honesty were demonstrated by Lazarus throughout his life. He was kind and professed faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Life Lessons

The confidence that Lazarus placed in Jesus while Lazarus was still living. We, too, must make a decision for Jesus before it is too late. Lazarus respected Jesus by obeying his orders to love and be kind to others, and in doing so, he honored Jesus.

Jesus, and only Jesus, is the source of eternal life, according to the Bible. In the same way that he raised Lazarus from the grave, he no longer raises people from the dead, but he promises physical resurrection to those who believe in him when they die.


While Lazarus was still living, he professed his confidence in Jesus. Now is the time for us to make a decision for Jesus before it is too late! Lazarus respected Jesus by obeying his orders to love and be kind to others, and in so so, he honored Jesus. The only one who can provide eternal life is Jesus Christ. However, Jesus no longer raises the dead, as he did with Lazarus, but he does guarantee physical resurrection to everyone who place their faith in him after death.

Referenced in the Bible

John 11 and 12 are two of the most important biblical passages.


Martha and Mary are sisters.

Key Verses

25-26 in John 11:25-26 Jesus addressed her by saying, “I am the resurrected one and the living one, says Jesus. Even though they die, the one who believes in me will continue to live; and the one who lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe what I’m saying?” (NIV) 11:35 (John 11:35) Jesus broke down and sobbed. John 11:49-50 (New International Version) Then one of them, Caiaphas, who happened to be the high priest that year, stood out, saying, “You have absolutely no knowledge!

Why Did Jesus Wait to resurrect Lazarus?

“Why did Jesus wait two days before going to revive Lazarus?” is the topic of this essay, which is a Bible study of John 11:1-44. Review of John 11 and Christ’s interactions with His followers, Martha and Mary are the topics of this chapter. This study also examines what Jesus accomplished by delaying the resurrecting of Lazarus until the end of the week. According to John 11:1-3, a moment near the conclusion of Christ’s earthly mission occurred when Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus informing Him that their brother Lazarus was ailing.

  • Now, Jesus had a soft spot for Martha, as well as for her sister and Lazarus.
  • (See also John 11:5–6) Jesus’ affection for Martha, Mary, and Lazarus is explicitly stated in the Scriptures.
  • But that was not the case.
  • Instead, because He cared for them, Jesus chose to wait.
  • Have you ever thought about it and thought it was strange?
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Why did Jesus Wait Two Days before going to Lazarus?

It is in John 11:4 that we find our first clue. In response to Lazarus’ illness, Jesus stated that “this sickness is not for the death of Lazarus, but for the glory of God,” in order for Jesus to be glorified as a result of it. This passage demonstrates that Jesus was aware of God’s plan. Lazarus would not die as a result of this illness. Instead, it would be used to exalt Jesus as God’s Son, as was originally intended.

The Second Clue to Why Jesus Waited

The second hint may be found in the book of John 11:17.

Jesus only had to wait two days, but by the time He came, Lazarus had already been four days in the grave. As a result, even if Jesus had departed right away, Lazarus would have been dead for two days by the time He arrived.

Jesus waited so His disciples would believe

It is demonstrated in John 11:11-15 that Jesus already knew that Lazarus had died and what He would accomplish as a result. In verse 14, Jesus made it clear to His followers that Lazarus was no longer alive. His words to them in verse 11 were that He was going to awaken Lazarus from his “sleep.” As recorded in John 11:15, Jesus informed them that He was delighted that He was not present to cure Lazarus for their sake, so that they might believe. Jesus had previously performed several miracles, including healing the ill, the lame, the blind, and the demon-possessed.

  • This was demonstrated by the words of Mary and Martha, who both expressed their gratitude to Him by saying, “Lord, if You had been present, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21, 32).
  • Jesus said this in John 11:21 and 32.
  • He was getting closer to the Passover when He would die (John 11:55).
  • Jesus had resurrected the dead at least twice before to this event throughout his ministry.
  • In Luke 7:11-15, Jesus interrupts a funeral outside the city of Nain by raising a widow’s only son from the dead, causing the burial to be postponed.
  • The rising of Lazarus would be different, and it appears that two days was inadequate time to prepare for the event.
  • This was so exceptional that even Lazarus’ sister Martha expressed her displeasure, despite the fact that Jesus had previously assured Martha that her brother would rise from the dead (John 11:23).
  • ” (John 11:25-26).
  • And Martha had expressed confidence in Jesus as the Messiah, saying, “Yea, Lord: I believe that Thou am the Christ, the Son of God,” and “I believe that Thou art the Christ, the Son of God” (John 11:27).
  • Do you believe what I’m saying?

“If you believe, you will see the glory of God,” Jesus told her, recalling what He had spoken earlier (John 11:40).

Jesus raised Lazarus 4-days after he died

Lazarus was summoned out of the tomb by Jesus when He prayed to His Father. Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, then rose from his tomb and went away. After witnessing the majesty of God in Christ’s resurrecting Lazarus from the dead, many people came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God (John 11:41-45). This miracle caused consternation among the chief priests and Pharisees. They were aware that Jesus was doing a large number of signs, and this troubled them greatly. Their greatest fear was that, if they allowed Him to continue, everyone would come to believe in Him.

The resurrection of Lazarus has continued to pull people to Jesus’s side in the years thereafter.

What Did Jesus Waiting Accomplish?

  • It brought honor and glory to God the Father and Jesus His Son (John 11:41-42)
  • It revealed that Jesus had authority over death and the tomb (John 11:43-45). As a result, it demonstrated that He truly is the resurrection and the life. (See also John 11:25-26)
  • It bolstered the faith of His apostles even further. Jesus is capable of more than only preventing the death of the ill. This demonstrated His ability to restore life to the dead
  • It brought more people to Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God (John 11:45
  • 12:9-11)
  • And it drew more people to Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God (John 14:6). It prepared people to accept Christ’s resurrection as a result of his death and resurrection. Lazarus was risen from the dead after four days, which sparked the determination of the chief priests and Pharisees to murder Jesus in accordance of the scriptures and God’s plan, which they carried out on the third day. (See also John 11:53).

Application for us Today

When we have a crisis, we want God to intervene as soon as possible. If God takes a long time to act, we may experience disappointment and despair, just as Mary and Martha did. Yet our needs are known to God, and He is concerned about us. Even though we do not comprehend His plan, we must put our faith in Him and trust in Him. Whenever you are tempted to ask God, “Why?” remember this. Just keep in mind that His ideas are greater than our thoughts, and His methods are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).

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Lazarus, sometimes known as Eleazar (Hebrew for “God has aided”), is one of two persons recorded in the New Testament. The miracle tale of Lazarus being raised from the dead by Jesus is told in the Gospel of John (11:1–45), which is available online. Lazarus of Bethany was the brother of Martha and Mary, and he resided in the town of Bethany, which is close to Jerusalem. Jesus was deeply attached to Lazarus and his sisters, according to the gospel story, and when Lazarus died as a result of sickness, Jesus cried and was “greatly troubled.” Despite the fact that Lazarus had been entombed for four days by the time Jesus arrived in Bethany, he was resurrected from the dead by Jesus and came from the tomb wearing his burial garments when Jesus arrived.

John 12:1–3 tells us that Lazarus was present when his sister Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with costly perfume (Lazarus was present).

A painting by Jean Jouvenet, The Raising of Lazarus (oil on canvas, 1711), which can be seen in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles County Museum of Art (The Ciechanowiecki Collection; M.2000.179.4) is also the name given by the Gospel of Luke(16:19–31) to the beggar in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, which may be found at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (M.2000.179.4).

It is the only proper name that has been assigned to a character in theparables of Jesus. Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica Melissa Petruzzello was the author of the most recent revision and update to this article.

Lazarus Raised from the Dead – Bible Story

His name was Lazarus, and he was the buddy of Jesus as well as the brother of Mary and Martha. Jesus’ tale is told in the scriptures in John 11:1-44, when a messenger arrives at the location where he was serving and begs that Jesus go to the home of a sick man quickly. Lazarus was the brother of Mary and Martha, and he resided in a nearby village called Bethany, which was two miles southeast of Jerusalem. Jesus had previously paid a visit to the three siblings and had been impressed by their graciousness and generosity.

Martha, Mary’s sister, was the one who complained to Jesus about her sister’s inability to assist her in the kitchen, and Jesus agreed with her (Luke 10:38-42).

Bible Story of Lazarus Raised from the Dead

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus gets word that Lazarus is sick and that his two sisters have come to him for assistance. Jesus instructs his people as follows: “There will be no death as a result of this illness. No, it is done for God’s glory, in order for God’s Son to be exalted as a result of it.” Jesus then decides to postpone his trip by two days. The disciples are apprehensive about returning to Judea, but Jesus assures them, saying, “Our buddy Lazarus is sleeping, but I will rouse him.” In response to the apostles’ confusion, Jesus says, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake, I’m glad I wasn’t there, so that you might believe.” When they arrive at Bethany, Lazarus has been dead and buried for four days, and the family is distraught and angry.

A little time before they arrive in town, Jesus is approached by Martha, Lazarus’ sister.

Even if a person dies because of his or her faith in me, that person will live; and whomever lives and believes in me will never die.

I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, who is about to be revealed to the entire human race “, is only the second time (after Nathanael) that someone declares Jesus to be the Son of God, and it is the first time that someone uses the terms ‘Messiah’ and ‘Son of God’ together to describe him as the Son of God.

  • Jesus is greeted by Mary and the others who have come to comfort her as he makes his way into the hamlet.
  • After enquiring where he was interred, Jesus grieved.
  • Following that, Jesus requests that the stone from the tomb be removed, but Martha objects, claiming that there would be a foul odor.
  • As a result, they removed the stone.
  • I was aware that you were always aware of my presence, but I stated it for the sake of the people gathered here, so that they would believe that you had sent me.” “Lazarus, come out!” Jesus said in a loud voice once he had finished speaking.
  • “Take off the burial garments, and let him go,” Jesus instructed them to do.
  • Approximately six days before Jesus’ crucifixion, Jesus comes to Bethany, where he and Lazarus attend a dinner hosted by Martha, Jesus’ sister, and served by Lazarus.

Painting depicting the resurrection of Lazarus from the 17th century, courtesy of Getty Images/sedmak, Padua

Who Was Lazarus in the Bible?

The majority of the well-known and stunning miracle found in the narrative about Lazarus is recounted in John 11:1-43, with additional mentions of Lazarus found in John 12:1-2, 9-10, and 17. The miracle of Lazarus is found in John 11:1-43, with further mentions of Lazarus found in John 12:1-2, 9-10, and 17. At addition to being a brother to Martha and Mary, Lazarus’ family also resided in Bethany, which was located in Judea to the south of the Mount of Olives, not far from Jerusalem. Even without taking into consideration the narratives stated above in John, the Bible informs us that Jesus visited their house on a number of different occasions (Matthew 21:17, 26:6;Mark 11:1, 11-12, 14:3;Luke 19:29, and 24:50).

  1. The Greek word for “loved” that is employed in this context isagape.
  2. It is reasonable to assume that Lazarus and his sisters were dear friends of the family.
  3. He received a communication from them, in which they stated, “Lord, he whom you love is sick.” When Jesus heard the news about Lazarus, he did something that we now believe to be unusual for him.
  4. When Jesus informed His followers that they would be traveling to Bethany, they questioned Him because the Jews had attempted to stone Him on His previous visit.
  5. After that, Jesus resurrected him from the dead.
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Why Didn’t Jesus Heal Lazarus Right Away?

In John 11:4, Jesus provides an answer to this issue. “This sickness does not result in death,” he explained. Because it is done for the glory of God, the Son of God will be exalted as a result of it.” That’s a densely packed theological statement that ought to be studied both within it and in light of what Jesus said in a later verse, among other things. There is no danger of mortality from this condition. Jesus revealed His omniscience to His followers, who were still in a state of uncertainty.

  1. And it would not end in death; rather, it would finish in resurrection.
  2. Jesus’ single-minded devotion was to the glory of God in whatever he accomplished (John 17:4-5).
  3. When Jesus refers to himself as theSon of God, he is implying that he is God and that he shares God’s essence (Colossians 2:9,Hebrews 1:2-3).
  4. It is essential to our religion that we acknowledge Jesus as theSon of God.
  5. Other lessons were learned as a result of the fact that God wastes nothing.
  6. Because of His omniscience, Jesus was aware of Lazarus’s predicament before anybody else.
  7. The other two incidents in which Jesus brought individuals back to life occurred shortly after their deaths (the widow’s son inLuke 7:11-16 and Jairus’ daughter inLuke 8:40-56) and were recorded in the New Testament.
  8. However, there is much more going on here.
  9. Jesus took use of this amazing chance to demonstrate to His disciples that He is the Lord of all and that He has defeated death (Revelation 1:18).
  10. She said that there would be a stink in the tomb because the stone had been there for four days.

“Did I not tell to you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God?” Jesus inquired in verse 40 of the Gospel of John. Jesus raised His eyes to the Father in the presence of all those present and prayed, “.so they may believe that You sent me,” after the stone had been removed.

Why Did Jesus Weep over Lazarus?

In the midst of His journey to the house of the sisters Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, Martha ran out to meet Him before He arrived and bemoaned the fact that her brother would not have died if Jesus had been present. She demonstrated her faith in God’s ability even further by stating that God would have granted Him anything Jesus had requested of Him. Jesus assured her that Lazarus would rise again, and she responded by saying she was certain he would rise again in the resurrection on the last day of the month.

  • “Whoever believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.” “Whoever believes in Me will live even if he dies” (John 11:25-26).
  • Martha demonstrated to us how we should grieve: with hope.
  • Toward the end of verse 33, we read that Jesus “groaned in His spirit and was distressed.” Using the word “groaned” (as in the NKJV) to express wrath or emotional fury is a common occurrence.
  • That group of unbelievers operated in the manner of individuals who were without hope.
  • “Jesus grieved” as he came on the scene, expressing his displeasure with the fallen state of the world (John 11:35).
  • Yes, Jesus loved Lazarus (John 11:5), but He was confident that He would raise him from the dead, and as a result, He felt no sorrow at his death.

7 Important Lessons from Lazarus’ Story

Paraphrasing John 21:25 (NIV) If every single act Jesus did were to be written down in ink, the world would be unable to accommodate all of the volumes that would be written. The same may be said about the lessons learned from each and every one of Jesus’ acts while on earth. We can think of at least seven from Lazarus’ narrative to share with you. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, and he is the Son of God. When life’s challenges become too much for us to bear, all it takes is a single thought of our Lord and Savior to get us back on our feet.

  • As a result, every day is a reason to be joyful (Philippians 4:4), since we are His, and no one can take us away from His loving care (John 10:28).
  • What should we take away from this?
  • Believers are to grieve in the spirit of hope1.
  • It is in the Eternal One that we place our trust, in the One who will one day raise us to eternal life with Him (John 11:25,Romans 6:5,1 Corinthians 15:42).
  • “Lazarus, rise from the dead!” Can you fathom what it was like to be there?
  • If Jesus had simply said, “Come out,” rather than calling Lazarus by name, it is speculated that every dead soul would have been raised.
  • In any case, He couldn’t possibly have the time to engage in the daily lives of billions of people, could He?

It is said in the Bible that God loves us, and to love someone means to participate with them.

We, too, have the ability to pour that incredible love into everything we think, say, or write about Him.

Everything that Jesus accomplishes is for the glory of God.

According to Romans 14:23, everything that does not result from faith is considered sin.

It is necessary for us to have confidence in God before we can bring glory to Him.

Examine how Jesus exalted the Lord’s name.

The wisdom and expertise of Jesus much outweigh those of man.

God’s timing is always flawless since He is omniscient and knows everything.

In his mission, Jesus sought to establish a relationship with everyone, not only Jews.

In contrast to the Jewish officials, Jesus engaged with individuals from all walks of life.

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us that we are to meet with our Christian brothers and sisters on a regular basis, and he tells us that we are to go out into the world and share our faith (Matthew 28:19-20).

Jesus is the greatest instructor for all of us.

Consider the possibility of being present to sit at His feet once more.

This is something we can do every day as we read and think on Scripture, and our faith will increase as a result. Find the complete text for this tale, as well as articles, videos, and audio sermons, all connected to the miraculous raising of Lazarus, in the section below!

What happened to Lazarus after Jesus raised him from the dead?

QuestionAnswer The resurrection of a man called Lazarus is recounted in John 11:1–44, according to the Bible. In addition to Jesus’ sisters, Mary and Martha, Lazarus was a close companion of Jesus’s. His health had deteriorated, and his sisters requested that Jesus visit them in Bethany. Lazarus perished as a result of Jesus’s tardiness in arriving. Jesus did not arrive at Bethany until four days after Lazarus’ death, which was a significant delay. Martha was befuddled and grieved by Jesus’ decision to allow His buddy Lazarus to pass away.

  • Martha mistook Jesus’ words for a reference to the final resurrection of the dead, but He was actually speaking about something that was about to take place at that same time.
  • “Lazarus, come out!” he said at that point.
  • Many of those who witnessed this miracle believed in Jesus, but others reported it to the religious authorities, according to verses 45–46.
  • “From that day on, they plotted to assassinate him” (verse 53).
  • since on account of him many of the Jews were coming over to Jesus and trusting in him” (John 12:10–11).
  • The Pharisees convened a meeting of the Sanhedrin, Israel’s highest legislative body, out of concern.
  • Again!

Immediately following Lazarus’s resurrection from the grave, he returned to the house where he had lived with Mary and Martha (John 12:1–2).

Knowing about the miracle Jesus had just accomplished, we can understand why Lazarus’ sister was so moved with thankfulness that she would go to such extreme measures to express her appreciation.

As well as being their beloved brother, Jesus had returned to them as the defender and provider that they had come to expect and depend upon.

Any further information stems from the history of the church and may or may not be accurate.

In another version of the story, the apostle Lazarus and his sisters travelled to Gaul to preach the faith, and Lazarus eventually rose to the position of bishop of Marseilles, where he was assassinated by Emperor Domitian.

We may be positive, however, that his bodily body died a second time after the first.

Questions about Biblical Characters Return to: Questions about Biblical Characters After Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the grave, what happened to him remains unknown.

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Raising of Lazarus – Miracles of Jesus

In John 11:1-44, Jesus performs a miracle by resurrecting a man from the dead. A man called Lazarus came to Jesus’ side, and he happened to be the brother of two ladies who were actively involved in Jesus’ ministry. Martha and Mary were the names of the two ladies. There are other Marys mentioned in the Bible; this Mary, however, is not the same as the Mary who was Jesus’ mother. It had been four days since Lazarus had been laid to rest in a tomb when Jesus arrived at the village of Bethany, which was about two miles or three kilometers from the city of Jerusalem.

After then, Jesus went to the tomb where Lazarus’ body was interred: “Jesus, once more greatly touched, proceeded to the tomb.” It was a cave with a large stone erected in front of the entrance.

Because he had been there for four days by this time, “there is a foul odor,” Martha, the deceased man’s sister, lamented.

Then Jesus raised his eyes and said, “Father, I am grateful that you have taken the time to hear me.

The body of the deceased was brought out, his wrists and feet bound in strips of linen, and a rag wrapped around his mouth.

-John 11:38-44, according to the New International Version.

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