What Would Jesus Do 2010

What Would Jesus Do? (2010)

PureFlix has produced several fantastic videos in the past; but, they failed miserably when it came to creating this one. For starters, the scripting is wildly ridiculous in every way. The characters’ reactions and feelings to various events are not conveyed in a realistic manner, which causes them to appear unnatural. In addition, the characters are given cliches that do nothing to enhance the storyline, but rather serve to make it worse. The clichés are clear even before they exist; they do not appear to be realistic in comparison to actual life.

Aspects of the language were also a tad cheesy, with awful one-liners such as “You fools!” littering the pages of the screenplay.

As compared to his other films, he didn’t fare quite as well in this one.

Special mention should be made to the actor who portrayed the adversarial role, who performed and delivered his lines in a TERRIBLE manner.

Amazon.com: Wwjd – What Would Jesus Do? : Adam Gregory, Maxine Bahns, John Schneider, Mark Arnold, Thomas Makowski: Movies & TV

On October 4, 2019, a reviewer in the United States gave his or her opinion. Tedious. The production quality is below that of “made for television,” and the script and performances are on par with that of daytime television drama. The message, which is the ultimate cause for the film’s creation, is just disgusting. While the overall idea is sound (we should all be nice to one another), their version of “nice” is riddled with all of the unethical dogma that pervades most religions today. They compare providing assistance to the homeless with requiring landowners to pay the construction of a religious edifice.

  1. They mistakenly associate the “good ol’ boy” backroom deals of small town politics with the closed-ranks, “our tribe first” dealings of religious intervention into politics, which are in fact quite different.
  2. verified purchaseReviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019Verified Purchase As the title implies, WWJD is a religiously inclined film that takes a harsh and heavy-handed approach to its subject matter.
  3. them” mindset that is so frequently seen in this genre.
  4. It is predictable and not well developed how the story unfolds, but people who are interested in the religious parts are unlikely to be bothered by this because the overall message is uplifting.
  5. It’s not an over the top, hellfire and brimstone kind Christian film; rather, it’s a straight-forward drama with some light humor sprinkled in at various points.
  6. For a complete evaluation, please see my website!
  7. For his next book, In His Steps, Charles Sheldon wrote a book in 1896 that has survived the test of time and has been a best seller for over 125 years.

Several copies of the book, as well as WWJD memorabilia, are still available today.

I’m delighted to inform that, in my view, this is the finest interpretation of the song, despite the fact that they took some literal liberties and modified some essential passages.

The text emphasizes the hardships of such a gesture, but the film makes it appear to be almost enjoyable in comparison.

If it had been more faithful to the text, it would have been simple to give it five stars.

Sadly, Christian movies are typically characterized by shallow, one-dimensional plots that are only appealing to so-called Christians, while the rest of the world can see them coming from a mile away and rejects them before they have a chance to prove themselves.

This film deals with some difficult, real-world issues and does an admirable job despite the fact that it does not have the luxury of a large budget or star-studded cast of Hollywood performers.

The film makes use of cinematic features such as excellent lighting methods for skin tone and shadows, as well as a few jib/crane shots, among other things.

John Schneider gives a great performance as a destitute, homeless guy who is definitely a disciple and messenger of God, as played by John Schneider.

Despite his or her outward poverty, the hitchhiker is inwardly gifted with God’s grace and a purpose to communicate the truth and hope of Jesus to individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds, from the destitute to the rich, who, regardless of their financial situation, are all hungry for the true answer.

  1. His last act before fainting in front of them in church is to respectfully call them to account, asking them what it truly means to follow Jesus and what makes one sort of man more deserving of salvation than another.
  2. Because of this message, members of the congregation are compelled to reflect on the true state of their own souls and realize that they are all either self-righteous hypocrites, or have become lost or have walked away from God.
  3. The message does not make it clear enough what it takes to truly alter a person’s heart and mind.
  4. However, we can only achieve a fundamental life shift and the ability to truly do what Jesus desires when we surrender to God and seek his guidance and power.
  5. Even though the despondent pastor momentarily prays twice for God’s assistance, the other characters’ sudden shift in perspective is left mostly unexplained.

It’s true that the real estate lady confesses her wrongs “before she asked Jesus into her life,” so there’s a faint message there, but the movie almost comes across as a G-rated family movie where everyone lives happily ever after without doing justice to what it took to spark this kind of spiritual revival.

  • This leads to the conclusion that the majority of the characters are intended to be lukewarm or outright frigid Christians who simply do not follow God until their conscience is charged, at which point they come together to accomplish good in their communities.
  • I only wish they had more deliberately and strongly created and displayed it in order to increase the efficacy of it.
  • This includes the characters being laughed at, mocked, and referred to as “Jesus freaks” in an attempt to dissuade them from continuing their faith in the face of opposition from the rest of the world.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, go out and get it so that you may share it with others.
  • It’s not a perfect film, but it’s a rather decent one, and we need more films like this.
  • One thing a lost person will never take away from this film is that being a Christian is not like joining a club, but rather it means that God has intervened in the heart of a repentant sinner via a supernatural change of heart.
  • Christian lukewarmness and impersonation will, on the other hand, be convicted to change their worldly lives, but this can only be accomplished through the aforesaid divine intervention.

There is no way for anyone to know what Jesus would do and be capable of doing it unless they have first been transformed by Him and then walked with Him in prayer, Bible study, and obedience. May God’s blessings be upon you.

Top reviews from other countries

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product WWJD On December 4, 2013, a reviewer in the United Kingdom confirmed that they had made a purchase. I enjoyed the movie, despite the fact that it was cheesy. However, I am willing to accept a small amount of corn:) Although the acting was not very strong, the message outweighed that flaw in my opinion. I now have the lesson from the movie ingrained in my mind, and whenever I come to a fork in the path, I ask myself this question. WWJD? After receiving the product (DVD plastic cover), it was discovered to be split at the bottom seam.

  • The DVD itself was not damaged, so I decided to leave it as that.
  • She is elderly, and she would benefit from seeing it on a huge television screen.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product DVDs with Christian themes On November 6, 2018, a reviewer in the United Kingdom stated that they had made a verified purchase.
  • DVD movies are a lot of fun to watch.
  • This is nothing more than schmaltz, with a weak, childlike narrative, lousy acting, no budget, and a level of disrespect to the intelligence that is simply offensive to the audience.
  • ARGH!
  • Not that it’s an excuse, but it’s something you kind of expect from a children’s picture.
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No one in their right mind would ever vote for the nasty politician, much alone want to be anywhere near him, based on his actions.

The episode is basically an episode of The Littlest Hobo, except with a blonde person instead of a dog as the protagonist.

3.0 stars out of 5 for this product Light and truth emerge from the midst of darkness.

Purchase that has been verified In some aspects, this film reminded us of the television series “Highway to Heaven,” in which Michael Landon starred and which was always a terrific family-oriented program to watch.

It appears as though the wanderer is destitute, jobless, and homeless, and that he is despised by everyone he meets in town, including the preacher.

He continues to serve as pastor of this congregation, despite the fact that attendance at this church is diminishing.

It begins with a community split between those who want to save the Local Church, which has run out of funds to continue its operations, and a business group who wants to purchase the church’s building and surrounding land so that they can build a casino and hotel to help revitalize the local economy and bring in more tourists.

However, despite rejection and destituteness, “the wanderer” continues to hang out in the community and encourages those who have the ability to donate, as well as challenging the pastor to have faith and serve his flock.

In the course of discovering that this wanderer is terminally sick, the community’s spirit is reinvigorated, the pastor’s faith and commitment to his church are renewed, and most importantly, hope is restored in this village.

The film is well worth seeing, and it is also well worth acquiring for your own movie library.


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Several parishioners, led by a priest (Jim Gleason), attempt to prevent a politician from developing a casino in their community.

  • Release Date (Streaming): February 15, 2017
  • Rating: PG (Some Thematic Elements)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Original Language: English
  • Director:
  • Writer: PG (Some Thematic Elements)
  • 1 hour and 34 minutes


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The DVD will be released on October 12, 2010.


On October 12, 2010, the DVD will be released.

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Release date for the DVD: October 12, 2010.

Content Description

We see the flashing lights of a vehicle and hear a crash as an accident occurs. Faith:NoneViolence:A few people become angry at the pastor’s speech in the open and pelt him with garbage; a man plans to run a man out of town and grabs him, but the man’s words convince him to let him go; a pastor is mugged and then recognizes that the man who helped him in the past and he lets him go and even goes to church; Sex: A kiss between a husband and wife. Language:None Several people become enraged by a pastor’s speech delivered in the open and pelt him with garbage; a man intends to run a man out of town and grabs him, but the man’s words convince him to let him go; a man muggers a pastor, but then realizes that he is the same man who helped him in the past and he lets him go and even attends church; we see the flashing lights of a vehicle and hear a crash as Drugs:None Other topics include death and dealing with grief; a man refers to some of the people as “Jesus freaks”; a newspaper supervisor accepts pictures that can embarrass people but quickly discontinues the practice; a church service during which the pastor prays; and a church service during which the pastor prays.


Phase 4 Films is the name of the company. Genre:Drama Duration: 93 minutes. Edwin L. Carpenter is the author of this review.

What would Jesus do? – Wikipedia

WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) became popular in the late 1800s, notably in the United States, with the publication of a widely read book by Charles Sheldon, In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? (In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do). According to Christians, the phrase saw a rebirth in the 1990s and became a personal motto for followers of Christian faith, who used the phrase as a reminder of their conviction in the moral need to behave such that their actions would display the love of Jesus to others around them.


The term “What would Jesus do?” (commonly shortened to WWJD) gained popularity in the late 1800s, notably in the United States, following the publication of a widely read book by Charles Sheldon titled, In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? According to Christians, the phrase saw a comeback in the 1990s and became a personal motto for adherents of Christian faith, who used the phrase as a reminder of their conviction in the moral obligation to behave such that their actions would convey the love of Jesus to others.

A form of bracelet or wristband, which became popular among members of Christian youth groups, both Catholic and Protestant, in the 1990s, is connected with the initials WWJD, which stands for World Wide Jehovah’s Witnesses Against Death.

Earlier appearances of the term, 1420s–1891

In a sermon he delivered on June 28, 1891, Charles Spurgeon, a well-known evangelicalBaptistpreacher in London, used the phrase “what would Jesus do” numerous times, each time enclosing it in quotation quotes. Tomas à Kempis, who lived between 1418 and 1427, wrote a treatise in Latin calledImitatio Christi, which he claims in his sermon as the origins of the term (The Imitation of Christ). Both the text and melody for the Gospel Hymn “What Would Jesus Do” were written by the Rev. A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary AllianceChurch, and the copyright date for the song is 1891.

1896 novel

With the subtitle “What Would Jesus Do?” Charles Sheldon’s 1896 book In His Steps was designed to answer this question. It was a series of sermons Sheldon delivered at his Congregationalist church in Topeka, Kansas, that inspired him to write his novel. Theologically, Sheldon’s theology was impacted by his dedication to Christian Socialism, which contrasted with the earlier nuances discussed above. Her attitude to the Christian life was encapsulated in one statement, “What Would Jesus Do,” with Jesus serving as both a moral exemplar and an all-powerful Savior figure.

  1. Rauschenbusch himself stated that Sheldon’s novel, The Social Gospel, was a direct inspiration for his own work, and Sheldon himself associated his own theology with the Social Gospel.
  2. It was able to do so because the novel was reasonably priced, and it went on to sell 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the top 50 bestselling novels of all time.
  3. Henry Maxwell is challenged to take seriously the imitation of Christ.
  4. It appears to me that there is a great deal of distress in the world that would be alleviated if all of the individuals who sing such songs actually went out and lived their lyrics.
  5. But what would Jesus do in this situation?

The people in the big churches seem to have nice clothes and comfortable homes to live in, as well as money to spend on luxuries and the ability to travel on summer vacations and such, while the people outside the churches, I mean thousands of them, die in tenements and work on the streets, never have a piano or a picture in their homes, and grow up surrounded by misery, drunkenness, and sin.” As a result, when confronted with difficult decisions, many of the novel’s protagonists question themselves, “What would Jesus do?” This has the effect of encouraging the protagonists to take Christianity more seriously and to devote their attention to what they believe to be its essence — the life of Jesus Christ.

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A modern version of Charles M.

Sheldon (great-grandson of the original author) and Deborah Morris.

What Would Jesus Do? As Garrett Sheldon explains, his revised version “is based on many real-life occurrences that have occurred in the lives of Christians.” It’s conceivable that Sheldon was familiar with either Spurgeon or Thomas, or that he was influenced by someone else entirely.


Janie Tinklenberg, a youth group leader at Calvary Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan, started a grass-roots movement to help the teenagers in her group remember the phrase. The movement spread worldwide in the 1990s among Christian youth who wore bracelets with the initials WWJD to help them remember the phrase. Later, a sequel bracelet with the initials “FROG” was created in order to offer a solution to the question “WWJD.” Frog was an acronym that stood for “Full Reliance on God.


Garry Wills published “What Jesus Meant” in 2005, in which he explored the question “What Would Jesus Really Do?” (also a book review inEsquire Magazine).


In April 2010, the DVD release of the film WWJD, starring Adam Gregory and based on the novel In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, was made available. A sequel film was released on March 31, 2015, following the success of the first. WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do? The Journey Will Go On From Here. The Woodcarver was the second film to be produced under the title WWJD II, and it was released in 2012. It features a similar idea to the first, but the characters are different.


The term has become asnowclone, and it is occasionally used for amusing purposes. As an example, “What Would Jesus Buy?” and “What Would Lincoln Do?” are questions that have been asked, as well as “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” and “What Would Mary MarvelDo?” and “What Would Johnny CashDo?” and “What Would Tintindo?”

Management and leadership

Given Jesus’ practice of travelling to the marketplace to teach and lead by example, the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” (commonly known as “WWJD”) has also come to be recognized as a basic management and leadership philosophy. Increasing numbers of academic and professional references are being made to thegembaorManagement by Walking Around in current management ideas.

See also

  • Choosing the right
  • Jesusism
  • The Law of Christ
  • The Ministry of Jesus
  • Christian ethics Mount of Transfiguration
  • Sermon on the Mount


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  15. “MBA Buzz: Pope Francis and the Rebuilding of Catholic Culture,” writes King del Rosario in his article. On June 11, 2013, I was able to get a hold of some information.

WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? (2010) – Review and/or viewer comments – Christian Spotlight on the Movies

REVIEW OF A MOVIE Excellent! -Alexander MalsanCONTRIBUTORAlexander MalsanCONTRIBUTOR Quality of the filmmaking: Primary Children, adolescents, and adults are among the intended audience. Christian Family Drama is a genre that includes a number of different subgenres. 1 hour and 28 minutes in length Year of Publication: 2010United States Date of Publication: March 12, 2010 (festival) The 22nd of May, 2010 (limited) DVD release date: October 12, 2010 Issues That Are Important Website of the organization Christian living is a way of life for Christians.

  • Answer Truth Mercy and Love are the foundations of faith.
  • Read about those who overcame obstacles with faith and God’s assistance.
  • How can I distinguish between what is good and what is wrong?
  • Answer CHURCH—Why should Christians attend services at their local church?
  • Answer Are you having trouble figuring out how to communicate your faith in Christ with others?
  • Learn about the worldview of the people you encounter, effective methods of sharing the gospel, and more by reading tales contributed by site visitors.

Discover the power of HOPE! Take a look at the full-length motion film on Christian Answers. Gambling What do you think about Christians participating in lotteries or other types of gambling? Answer

Featuring John Schneider(The Drifter), Michael Sabulsky (Jesus), Michael Appelbaum (Man), Mark Arnold (Alex York),See all »
Director Thomas Makowski
Producer Nasser Group, North, NGN Productions (Canada), Nasser Entertainment Group,See all »
Distributor Phase 4 Films
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“Can you imagine what might happen if we followed in his footsteps?” The following is what the distributor has to say about their film: ‘A moving and thought-provoking narrative about four persons who promise to walk in ‘the footsteps of Jesus’: a singer, a newspaper editor, a rich benefactor, and a minister who has lost his faith.’ Every day and every choice becomes a watershed moment in their life as they must question themselves, ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Every decision becomes a turning point in their lives.

  • It is the year 2005 in Raymond, California, a prospering town that represents a cross section of suburban America.
  • Raymond’s local pastor, Reverend HENRY MAXWELL, is preparing to take his family on a fishing vacation upstate with his family.
  • The action shifts to the current day, where we discover that the town of Raymond has fallen on hard times.
  • As the story progresses, ALEX YORK, an aspirational politician, seeks to bring a casino to Raymond in order to turn the town’s fortunes around.
  • York makes contact with the affluent real estate tycoons in the area in order to secure financing for his casino.
  • Henry and five other important parishioners were moved to action by the Drifter’s appeals for the destitute and disadvantaged, and they set out to make a difference.
  • Do you think Henry and the others, by their own sacrifice and example, will be able to help other citizens alter their minds?

‘In His Steps—What Would Jesus Do?’ is a feature film based on one of the best-selling novels of all time, Charles Sheldon’s ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ The book presently sells an average of 100,000 copies each year and is available in 26 different languages throughout the world, according to the publisher.

The book has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, making it the second most popular Christian book of all time, trailing only the Bible itself.” “What a strong film, I cannot believe what I just witnessed!” I haven’t remarked to myself after seeing many films, “Wow, what a powerful film, I cannot believe what I just watched!” There have only been a few of films made in which this type of emotion may be experienced.

As I sat in the security of my own home, watching this video, I was struck by the thought, “What happens when the weight of the world begins to bear down on us?” “What Would Jesus Do?” is the question we should ask ourselves when anything like this happens.

Each and every detail of this film is flawless.

The one aspect of the film that I didn’t enjoy was the soundtrack. In certain instances, I thought that the music did not always fit the context in which it was being played, but this did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the movie.

Objectionable Material?

There is no sex in this picture, and I wasn’t expecting there to be any in it. The dialogue is sparse, and the only word or phrase that stood out to me was when Alex York (a cunning politician) refers to a bunch of Christians as “Jesus Freaks.” The violence is also of a minor kind. At the beginning of the film, a vehicle accident occurs involving Pastor Maxwell’s wife and kid (later, the pastor is shown in a hospital with just minor damage to his head). There are also a few of sequences in which two of the major characters are thrown into a fence, although they are quick and light in comparison.

Spirtual Lessons

Life is a struggle at times. When I say that, I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, of course!” However, it is not where I intend to go. Being a Christian, according to Jesus, would come at a cost. He explained that, while having Him in our life would make our lives better, it did not imply that our problems would be solved as a result. It is unfortunate that some people assume that once we become Christians, all of our problems would be resolved and we will never have to worry about anything again.

  • This is demonstrated in the film.
  • In John 15:20, Jesus declares.
  • “If they followed my instructions, they will follow yours as well” (NIV).
  • Because we have Jesus Christ, who will strengthen us in our tribulations and will bear our afflictions on our behalf, we have nothing to fear.
  • He will bear our difficulties on our behalf.
  • (NIV).
  • Recommendations and a summary of findings In a nutshell, I strongly suggest this film.
  • There were times when I laughed out loud.
  • This is one of the very few films that parents will not have to be concerned about allowing their children to watch in their presence.

See the list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers for further information. PositiveNeutralNegativenone

What Would Jesus Do? (2010) YIFY – Download Movie TORRENT – YTS

This was shown on a local, obscure station some years ago, and I happened to catch it in the midst. I recall being really taken with the JS section. This is, without a doubt, John Schneider’s best performance to date. But how did he come to be embroiled in this nonsense? No one has the ability to act in this situation! It’s horrible to watch. There isn’t a single female protagonist who can do it (except from possibly the homeless girl and the nasty old woman who takes her into her house). Let’s chat about where we’re going: The office of the newspaper’s editor resembled a broom closet in appearance.

A broom closet with a glass door is included.

A double broom closet with carpeting and seats is available for rent.

Yet another low-cost broom closet.

I had the unfortunate experience of being trapped there for an extended period of time many years ago.

Consider Van Nuys on a far larger scale.

A VHS production that was shot straight to video and sold for $1.99?

JS is a complete waste of time.

Is it true that he donated his time for free?

He was extremely attractive in this setting.

His presence was definitely felt here, though.

Everyone else’s performance will be put to disgrace.

And it is for this reason that I asked: How did JS become engaged in this?

Oh, and if you’re a fan of JS and you’re looking forward to this, he’s only in it for a few minutes.

All it takes is one fantastic sequence and BAM!

(Does he, or doesn’t he?) It was a bit of a shock to begin with.

They’re simply like that.

I’m referring to the fact that It’s time for the next scene!

This film is an emotional roller coaster.

The message, there it is.

Those folks have nothing against me (in fact, I admire them!

The fact that they change and become friendly, compassionate, and helpful immediately places this film squarely in the fantasy category.

Have you seen the shitstorm he’s been thrown into since then?

It is clear that these hypocrites in Hollywood do not live up to the standards that they establish for themselves.

He was offered a screenplay and some cash, and he was hired to play the role of a wanderer for a few hundred dollars.

You haven’t read about his treatment of his marriages and/or girlfriends, have you?

Recently, he was in the news for a controversy involving her (one of them), as well as him smugly telling attendees at a party, “Do you know who I am?” a few years ago.

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s like Legal Blonde 2.0.

Schneider receives a perfect score of 10/10 because the fact that a piece of filth like him can carry off this character and make you believe he’s a wonderful man is commendable.

Everyone else’s acting gets a “try again” and a “don’t quit your day job” rating of three out of ten.

Although the film may have been better, there are worse things that could have happened. The message, to be sure, could have received a perfect score if it hadn’t been written and performed by a group of hypocrites. And what do you think of those floating Xtian apples?

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