What Happened To Slim Jesus

What Happened To Slim Jesus, How Much Is He Worth & Is He Dead Or Alive?

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Slim Jesus’ Real Name and Age

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Net Worth

Slim Jesus is not an exception to the rule that most rappers are infamous for showing their money, whether in the form of fancy automobiles, cash, or jewelry, whether on social media platforms or in their music videos. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that the rapper has a net worth of just $300,000. While this may appear to be a disappointment when contrasted to the high-end picture fans have formed of his financial standing, $300,000 is not a terrible amount when considering the rapper’s age of 30.

If he continues in this manner, his net worth is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the future years.

Is Slim Jesus Dead Or Alive?

There have been reports of the Drill rapper being shot and crucified in connection with his stage moniker. But after further investigation, it was discovered that the report was false and that Slim Jesus and his publicist had spread the rumor in order to generate interest in him, increase his popularity and ultimately aid in the promotion of his upcoming single. See also: Emtee’s Biography, Girlfriend, and Other Information. Is he still alive?

Other Facts

His professional career began after he posted a three-minute-long music video of his on YouTube, which launched his online presence.

2.His Popular Street Monicker

Aside from his stage moniker “Slim Jesus,” he goes by a number of other intriguing street aliases, such as “White Chief Keef,” “New Eminem,” and “Swag Jesus,” among others.

3. What “Drill Time” Means

The word “Drill Time” simply connotes shooting someone, killing someone or harming someone.

4. His Image Is Influenced By Chicago Lifestyle

Slim Jesus is a Chicago-based rap artist who is greatly motivated by the city’s current events. In spite of the fact that he did not grow up in Chicago, his interaction with primarily black youths from the Bronx, combined with the influence of hip-hop “Drill Music” produced by other rappers such as Chief Keef, Lil Bibby and others, helped him develop his own distinct style within the genre.

5. False Image

Slim Jesus claimed in an interview that the image he paints in his songs is only for entertainment purposes, and that he does not lead a violent lifestyle. He went on to say that he had never been fired at, robbed, or imprisoned before in his life. After learning about this discovery, many of his admirers decided to unfollow him, branding him a “fake thug want tobe.” Emeka Chigozie is a Nigerian musician.

Emeka is passionate about technology, culture, and politics, among other things. In his spare time, when he is not thinking about future technological developments, he enjoys keeping up with international news.

What happened to Slim Jesus? Net Worth, Death Rumors – Wiki

slim jesus revealed in an interview that the violent image he presents in his songs is only for entertainment purposes, and that he does not lead a violent lifestyle. Additionally, he asserted that he had never been shot, robbed, or imprisoned previously. Many of his supporters unfollowed him as a result of this discovery, referring to him as a “fake thug want tobe.” Mme Emeka Chigozie is a Nigerian actress and singer. In addition to technology, Emeka enjoys entertainment and politics. When he isn’t thinking about future technological developments, he enjoys keeping up with world affairs.

The Riches of Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus has an estimated net worth of more than $100,000 as of early 2020, which he has accumulated through his rapping success. This garbage doesn’t seem to be stopping.? NewEPdropsInApril Slim Jesus wrote a blog post on Friday, March 1, 2019 about Because of the popularity of his high-profile single, he has gotten a significant amount of advertising money as a result of the attention it has garnered online. He has also had offers for sponsorships, endorsements, and events as a result of the success of his first release.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

The majority of Slim’s childhood was spent with his single mother, who was his primary caregiver. He grew up without knowing his father and became immersed in the street life at an early age, which led him to discover drill rap music. He was drawn to the genre and began rapping while also writing songs. He has now moved on to other projects. When he was in his adolescent years, he began singing and rapping in his neighborhood, which earned him recognition from his peers. He was formerly known by the moniker Swag Jesus, which he eventually changed to Slender Jesus in order to better reflect his slim build.

‘Drill Time’ was his debut single, released in 2015, and it was made available through the music distribution website SoundCloud, which lets anyone to upload, share, and promote their own audio content.

A large number of musicians rose to prominence as a result of their discovery on the site.

Drill Time’s Success and Criticisms

SoundCloud users embraced “Drill Time,” which amassed upwards of 10 million streams within a short period of time on the platform. Slim Jesus also uploaded a music video for the song on YouTube, which received over 40 million views in a short period of time. The song had a large number of illicit objects portraying the lifestyle portrayed in the song, yet a disclaimer was written noting that all of the things in the video are purely props, intended to deflect the attention of law enforcement.

People questioned whether the songs were suitable because they gave nothing of value and only detailed or dramatized Slim’s lifestyle, which many felt was overblown.

Soon after, additional detractors began to attack his reputation for his involvement with Jesus, while others began to criticize his physical appearance.

The character Dewey from the television sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle” was identified by some internet users to be quite similar to him. Several people connected him to the eponymous character of the Canadian television series “Caillou,” and he became a meme.

Other Music Releases

Slim was only a matter of time before he was motivated to create new songs as a result of all of the positive attention his debut album was receiving. Following the release of “Drill Time,” he teamed with King Yella, P. Rico, and Killa Kellza on a remixed version of the song, which was released the following year. Following that, he released his second song, “Buck Buck,” and then embarked on a tour dubbed “Young and Ignorant,” which took him across the United States and Canada. Throughout the year, he continued to release new music, including the singles “Minute Maid Lemonade,” “She Just Wana,” and “Finesse.” As a result, he proceeded to release songs throughout 2016, including “IDGAF,” “Free Smoke,” “Facts,” and “On the Block.” After that, he collaborated on the song “Gang in this B*tch,” which was a joint effort with IL Will, and then appeared as a guest on the track “Traffic,” which featured Ca$hLinks and was released in 2013.

The following year, he worked on a remixed version of Tay-tune K’s “The Race,” which garnered a lot of attention on SoundCloud and was eventually released.

Personal Life

Despite the fact that Slim Jesus is unmarried and hasn’t made any public declarations about previous personal relationships, he has referred to having ladies in his life in a number of his singles. A lot of people assumed he was from Chicago, where drill rap was popularized, but he was merely influenced by a large number of musicians that came from the region, not from Chicago itself. In an interview, he stated that, despite the content of his songs, he does not go out and beat up or murder individuals on the street.

Rapper ‘Slim Jesus’ Killed In Drive-By Shooting And Later “Crucified”

WEST HAMILTON, OHIO— We’ve learned that the 18-year-old rapper ‘Slim Jesus,’ real name Easton Phillips, was killed “crucifixion style” outside his Hamilton home on Friday after being shot in a drive-by shooting, according to police. Slim Jesus, who only gained widespread notoriety a few days ago after releasing his song “Drill Time,” has received a great deal of attention. With nicknames like “White Cheif Keef” and “New Eminem,” millions of users on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have tuned in to hear what Slim Jesus has to say about himself.

  1. After filming a new music video in front of his Hamilton house, Slim Jesus was approached by a vehicle that sped by and opened fire.
  2. Upon being slain, his buddies scattered.
  3. Authorities also uncovered the words “I want to be Jesus so bad” painted in black spray paint on Slim Jesus’ stomach, which they believe to be a reference to Jesus.
  4. “Ever since we discovered a Chief Keef CD in his small room, we had a feeling it was going to happen.” Since the day he came home and told me, “OK mum, call me thin Jesus from now on,” I’ve been a believer.

Authorities are presently conducting an investigation into the murder and looking for those responsible. Subscribe to Huzlers.com to receive daily stunning news from across the world sent directly to your inbox. HUZLERS.COM

Is Slim Jesus Dead? Rapper’s Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Parents, Real Name

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Who is Slim Jesus?

Eastern Philips, better known by his stage name Slim Jesus, was born on the 10th of April 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio, USA. He is a rapper best known for attempting to establish himself as a drill rapper with songs like as “Drill Time” and “Buck Buck.” taken-by=imslimjesus

Early Life, Family and Education

slim jesus grew up in his hometown, where he was raised by his mother, Irene Brown, who is also a working artist in the entertainment industry. slim jesus Except for the fact that he attended Hamilton school until it was closed, there is no information about his education available to the media.Bando$hitpic.twitter.com/Y5qcDV67Yu— Slim Jesus (@TheSlimJesus)August 7, 2015

Career Beginnings

Slim Jesus has been interested in music since a young age, and his professional career began in 2015. However, even before he released his first song, Slim Jesus was already a part of the underground rap scene, going by the name of Swag Jesus, which later evolved into Slim Jesus, and he was already a part of the underground rap scene before he released his first song. Gradually, his fame grew, and in August 2015, Slim Jesus released his first single, “Drill Time,” which was backed by a music video that was uploaded to his official YouTube account.

Despite this setback, Slim Jesus continued to pursue his musical goals, and in September, he released his second single, “Buck Buck.”

Debut Studio Album

Having built up a solid following, Slim decided to embark on a tour of the United States and Canada, following which he entered the studio and began working on his debut studio album – “Gangsta,” which was released in 2016, and was quickly followed by two more full-length releases, “22 Savage” and “The Most Hated.” In addition to his peers, the general public was divided, with some criticizing him and his music while others appreciating him.

Slim Jesus, on the other hand, has continued to produce music, and his next album is reportedly being anxiously anticipated.

Death Rumors

Slim Jesus was the target of a death hoax in 2015, when he had only recently begun his professional career. As news of the deaths of rappers such as Lil Peep and Fredo Santana spread throughout the world, speculations of Slim Jesus’ death began to circulate almost immediately. Slim Jesus, on the other hand, is still alive and well, thanks to tales that have been spreading. taken-by=imslimjesus

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Slim Jesus Net Worth

Seit the beginning of his professional career in 2015, Slim has released three studio albums and amassed a discography that includes more than 20 songs, the most well-known of which are “Drill Time”, Buck Buck”, “Warning Shots”, “Let’s All Get Money”, “Drum Roll,” and “Having My Way,” among many others, all of which have contributed to his rise in popularity and financial success. So, have you ever been curious about how wealthy Slim Jesus is?

It is believed that Slim Jesus has a net worth of up to $300,000, which he has accumulated via his successful career in the music industry, according to credible sources. Was it a crazy night last night? pic.twitter.com/X5Fird5xQZ — Slim Jesus (@TheSlimJesus) on September 19, 2015 in New York City

Life Behind the Scene

The unpleasant reality is that Slim Jesus is one of those superstars that like to keep their personal lives concealed from the public view. As a result, there is little information available regarding his life outside of his professional job. His sources, on the other hand, claim that he is still unmarried and completely focused on his up-and-coming profession as a rapper. What is the actual drill? pic.twitter.com/wBn1dFRrk3 Slim Jesus (@TheSlimJesus) is a Twitter user. The 8th of October, 2015

Internet Popularity

The unpleasant truth about Slim Jesus is that he is one of those superstars that want to keep their personal lives concealed from the public. There is little information available regarding his personal life outside his professional job as a result. His sources, on the other hand, claim that he is still single and completely focused on his aspirations as a rapper in the future. So, what’s the real deal with this thing? pic.twitter.com/wBn1dFRrk3 Slim Jesus (@TheSlimJesus) is a Twitter user that goes by the handle Slim Jesus.

How did Slim Jesus die? What for Lil Mouse disses him? Net Worth

Clarence Smith, better known by his creative moniker – Slim Jesus – was born on April 10, 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio, USA, under the sign of Aries, and raised in the city of Hamilton. He is a rapper best known for his song “Drill Time,” which was released in 2015. He is also a producer. As of August 2021, a music video for this song had been seen more than 59 million times on YouTube.

Early life and education

Slim Jesus was raised entirely by his mother in Hamilton; there is no information about his father or siblings. Slim Jesus was born in Hamilton and reared solely by his mother. Despite growing up in a difficult neighborhood and being tormented at a nearby primary school, this young artist struggled to make ends meet due to a lack of financial resources. Slim Jesus and his mother were frequently unable to offer even a single meal for days on end due to a lack of funds. His mother is also an artist, although she was forced to perform a variety of jobs to support the family.

Perhaps it was for these reasons that he didn’t even bother to go to high school, let alone matriculate or pursue a degree.

Musical career

Early on, Slim Jesus expressed an interest in drill rap, which is a type of musical style that is characterized by brutality, nihilistic lyrics, and sinister sounds. At the age of 15, he began performing on the streets of Hamilton with his buddies, launching his professional rap career. Swag Jesus was his initial moniker, which he received not long after. His songs were about murdering and firearms, money, and fast vehicles, but it wasn’t the way he was living his life at the time of writing them.

  1. Slender Jesus was his pseudonym from Swag Jesus till he changed it to Slim Jesus in 2015, as he disclosed in one of his videos, in recognition of his slim physical form.
  2. More than 11 million spins were recorded for this viral sensation.
  3. A video of the incident was shared on numerous social media platforms by teenagers all over the world.
  4. Slim Jesus believes that he should be grateful to the online magazine “Bosip,” which published an article about his film and contributed to its viral success, and that he should express gratitude to them.
  5. Following that, in order to obtain more fans and followers on multimedia platforms and social media, he worked with a number of well-known rappers, like I.L.
  6. He has recorded a number of notable songs, including “Free Smoke,” “On the Block,” and “IDGAF,” but the year 2017 proved to be more fruitful for him than the previous year.

He developed remixes of existing successful songs, and after releasing two big singles – “Warning Shots” and “Major League” – it appeared like Jesus Slim was ‘back in the saddle,’ but regrettably, his live concerts have never been particularly well received by the public at large.

Love life and relationships

When Slim Jesus was younger, he expressed an interest in drill hip hop, which is a musical style that incorporates brutality, nihilistic lyrics, and sinister beats. At the age of 15, he began performing on the streets of Hamilton with his buddies, launching his professional rapping career in full swing. Swag Jesus was his initial moniker, which he received not long after that. His lyrics were about murdering and firearms, money, and fast vehicles, but it wasn’t the way he was living his life at the time of the songs.

  • However, the number of his followers was modest.
  • When he published his first official single on SoundCloud, entitled “Drill Time,” in the same year, he saw an increase in his fame.
  • Slim Jesus was given the opportunity to realize his ambition after posting an official video on YouTube.
  • It received more than 100,000 views in a matter of days after being shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Slim Jesus released the singles “She Just Wanna,” “Finesse,” “Minut Made Lemonade,” and “Clout” in the same year, however they were met with mixed reviews from his admirers.
  • Will and other well-known rappers in the next year helped him earn more fans and followers on multimedia platforms and social networking sites.

The singer-songwriter developed remixes of already-popular songs, and following the release of two successful songs – “Warning Shots” and “Major League” – it appeared that Jesus Slim was “back in the saddle,” but sadly, his live performances have never been particularly engaging to an audience.

Interesting facts

This young musician stated in one of his interviews that his idol Chief Keef, a Chicago-based American rapper, was the inspiration for him to pursue a professional rapping career. Actually, drill music comes from a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, where it originated. In light of the fact that Slim Jesus is from Ohio, as well as the fact that he has admitted, he did not commit any transgressions, the general public labeled him as a “fake rapper,” as did one of his musical adversaries, Lil Mouse, a 16-year-old Chicago rapper who dissed Slim Jesus with a track titled “Kill Time.” Although Lil Mouse did not identify Slim by name in the song, it was clear to anybody who listened to it that the nasty lyrics were directed towards Slim Jesus.

Angry at him because he sung about something that he had never seen or experienced, Lil Mouse took to the streets to confront him.

How did Slim Jesus die?

Slim Jesus died in 2016, and the news of his death reverberated over the internet. According to the magazine “Huzlers,” he was slain in a drive-by shooting in front of his home in Hamilton, Ontario. Several sources have stated that this young musician was assassinated while shooting the visuals to accompany the release of his new single. When the gunfire began, Slim’s pals fled, and he was the only one to be struck by bullets — three of them in the back of the head. He was killed when a vehicle went past and then returned to collect his corpse.

It’s likely that they were attempting to replicate the crucification of Jesus Christ by nailing his feet and hands to the cross.

Although it was eventually revealed that this was just a marketing stunt, there is still a shroud of uncertainty about what really happened to this young artist.

Everyone, regardless of whether they despise or respect him, has something to say about Slim Jesus and his music.

Age, height and net worth

Slim Jesus is 24 years old. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes, and he wears glasses. His physique is slender — he stands at 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall and weighs around 122lbs (55kgs). At the time of this writing, his net worth is believed to be in the vicinity of $400,000.

Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus is the stage name of American rapper Robert Church, who rose to prominence online following the release of his track “Drill Time” in August 2015. Slim Jesus is also known as Slim Jesus.

Online History

Church’s debut single, “Drill Time,” was uploaded on Soundcloud on July 20th, 2015, and has had over 4.48 million listens in less than five months after its release. In addition, on August 18th, the music video for the song was made available on YouTube, in which Church is shown with a bunch of young guys carrying fake pistols and cash notes while singing the song (shown below). The video received upwards of 19 million views and 68,000 comments in its first four months on the internet. In a music video for the single “Buck Buck,” which was published to the SlimJesus YouTube page on September 17th, Church is shown creating purple drank while sitting in a vehicle (shown below, left).

A “ask me anything” (AMA) thread on the /r/hiphopheads subreddit was started on October 16th, and Church took part in it.


As soon as the “Drill Time” music video was released, Church was extensively ridiculed on the internet for acting in the video as if he were a gangster and brandishing weapons. Using screenshots from Slim Jesus’ Facebook profile, YouTuber Rap Catchup created a video, titled “Is Slim Jesus Fake?,” which was released on September 10th, 2015.

(shown below, left). On September 22nd, Complex published an interview with rapper The Game, who chastised Church for posing like a thug in order to gain attention (shown below, right).

DJVlad Interview

YouTuber DJVlad posted an interview with Church on September 16th, in which he indicated that he does not genuinely live the lifestyle depicted in his lyrics and videos, but rather the opposite (shown below).

Recent Videos(5)

According to a video posted on September 16th by YouTuber DJVlad, Church indicated that he does not genuinely live the lifestyle depicted by the music he produces and the videos in which it appears (shown below).


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r/Chiraqology – What ever happened to Slim Jesus? How many bodies his ass got by now?

He’s still posting on Frank Block with his filthy crew, so that’s something. level 2Op1 yr agopopular with the shooters level 1He has three chromosomes and looks like Eminem level 2Op1 yr ago level 1There was no one putting in work for Frank, so many were forced to retire and return to slidin. level 2Op1 yr agopopular with the shooters level 1He should have never mentioned the guns were phony and he wasn’t about any of that, he simply loved the music. level 2Op1 yr agopopular with the shooters level 1 Despite the fact that everyone was aware of it, there was still that.

  • With such move, he effectively ended his professional career.
  • 1 year ago today Caesar, you’re an ape.
  • level 1After dropping some trash a few months ago, he’s been keeping a low profile.
  • You mean to tell me that he IS Frank, who stops the top shooter?
  • 2Op was popular with the shooters a year ago, but in what city exactly?
  • level 1Little mouse smoked his boots during drill time, hehe.

level 1Hands down, the best Ohio artistlevel 2Op1 year agopopular with the shooters level 1Hands down, the best Ohio artist His fan ass is most likely lurking on this site. This dude’s true name is Robert Church, and he’s on level one. He also looks just like Robert, which is hilarious.

Slim Jesus Net Worth (2022), Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Cars, House, Family And More Facts

He’s still stationed on Frank Block with his fucking gang, which is level 1. The shooters like him because he looks like Eminem with three chromosomes. level 2Op1 year agopopular with the shooters No one was putting in work for Frank, therefore everyone was forced to resign and return to slidin’. level 1 1 year agopopular with the shooters level 2He should have never stated the guns were fake and he wasn’t about any of that, he just enjoyed the music. level 1He should have never said the weapons were fake and he wasn’t about any of that, he just liked the music.

  1. Chance of 1 percent.
  2. level 2Op1 yr.
  3. level 2Op1 yr.
  4. Caesar, you’re an ape shithead.
  5. 1st levelHe dropped some trash a few months ago, and he’s been keeping a low profile lately top shooter frank blocks the top shooter at level 1 according to what I’ve learned.
  6. I heard he was stationed on Frank block with his fucking crew, so I went to find out where.
  7. Should the opportunity present itself, I intend to confront him.
  8. Robert Church is the genuine name of this person on level one.

Slim Jesus ‘s net worth:


Earnings: How doesSlim Jesusmake his money and how much he makes?


What would you like to know aboutSlim Jesus?

Overview of the content This website has a wealth of additional information on Slim Jesus!

  1. What Slim Jesus earns and how much he earns are the subjects of this article. The increase of Slim Jesus’s net worth over time
  2. Slim Jesus’s age has not been revealed. What city did he grow up in
  3. The height and weight of Slim Jesus
  4. Please tell me his real/full name. Is Slim Jesus in a relationship? Is he in a relationship with someone? Are there any brothers, sisters, or children in Slim Jesus’ family? Slim Jesus’s residence
  5. Slim Jesus’s house photographs What is Slim Jesus up to these days
  6. Tattoos
  7. Slim Jesus’ educational background: Did he attend college? Did you know these facts about Slim Jesus before reading this article?

Slim Jesus ‘s net worth over the years

Year Net worth
2022 $4,500,000
2021 $3,000,000
2020 $2,100,000
2019 $1,300,000

Age: How old isSlim Jesus? Where was he born?

What Slim Jesus earns and how much he earns are both important questions. In the past few years, Slim Jesus’ net worth has increased significantly. Slim Jesus’ age is unknown. a brief description of his early life. Body measurements for Slim Jesus; Which of the following is his full/real name; Whether or not Slim Jesus has a wife is unknown. Are there any female companions in his life? Are there any brothers, sisters, or children in the family of Slim Jesus? Snapshots of Slim Jesus’ residence; What exactly is Slim Jesus up to these days; and Tattoos; What about Slim Jesus’ education?

Did you know these facts about Slim Jesus before reading this piece?

Slim Jesus ‘s height and weight

Let’s find out how tall and how much Slim Jesus weighs in order to have a better idea of his size.

  • Height in centimeters and feet: 173 centimeters/5 ft 8 inches Weight in kilograms and pounds: 65kg/143lbs

What ishisreal/full name?

If Slim Jesus has a girlfriend, it is not known if she is publicly available. He prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

Family: Does Slim Jesus have any brothers, sisters or kids?

Irene Brown is the mother of Slim Jesus.

She is also a creative individual. Slim Jesus’ father is not mentioned anywhere on the internet.


Slim Jesus has no brothers or sisters.


Slim Jesus hasn’t had any children as of yet.

Slim Jesus’s house photos

Slim Jesus resides in Ohio, however there are no images of his home available to the public at this time.

What is Slim Jesus doing now?

However, there are no images of Slim Jesus’ home in Ohio that can be found on the internet.


Slim Jesus is one of the few rappers who does not have any tattoos, which is unusual for them.

Education: Did Slim Jesus go to college?

  • Jobs before he got famous and wealthy: Because Slim Jesus became renowned and wealthy at a young age, it is likely that he did not have a regular work prior to then. Slim Jesus is well-known for his rap songs
  • Nevertheless, he is also known for other things. Years in operation: Since 2012
  • Easton Phillips is also known by the monikers Slim Jesus, New Eminem, White Chief Keef, and Swag Jesus
  • He has also been referred to as New Eminem, White Chief Keef, and Swag Jesus. Citizenship:Slim Jesus is a citizen of the United States. Religious perspectives / Religion:/
  • Hobbies:/
  • Blue is the hue of her eyes. Blonde is the color of her hair. Straight is my sexual orientation
  • Plastic surgeries:Slim Jesus has not had any cosmetic procedures performed on him. Despite the fact that thousands of people search for Slim Jesus’ phone number on Google each month, he has never made it available on the internet. A bogus phone number would most likely be provided if you happen to come across his phone number on the internet. [email protected] is the email account used by Slim Jesus to communicate with others. A few of my favorite things include: my favorite color, my favorite number, a few of my favorite foods, a few of my favorite celebrities, a few of my favorite bands, a few of my favorite football teams, a favorite superhero, and a favorite movie. More than 62 million views have been recorded on Slim Jesus’ YouTube channel. Pets:Slim Jesus hasn’t shared any images of himself with his pets on the internet as of yet. Slim Jesus impersonators include Eminem and Dewey Wilkerson (a fictional character from the television series “Malcolm in the Middle”).

Slim Jesus Death: Was Slim Jesus killed?

Slim Jesus was the subject of various false reports in 2015, although those reports were not factual at the time.

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Profile: Slim Jesus
Age: 24 Years Old
Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Occupation: Rapper
Net Worth: US $100 Thousand
Status: Alive

ORIGINS Lim Jesus is a rapper from the United States. Swag Jesus was the stage name he used to go by in the past. He first came to public attention in 2015 with the viral song “Drill Time.” “Buck Buck,” “She Just Wanna,” “Warning Shots,” and “The Race (Remix)” are among the other prominent tunes on the album. His SoundCloud account has more than 35,000 followers and has had more than 16 million listens. Slim’s real name is Robert Church, and he was born on April 10, 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio. He was mostly reared by his mother, who was a single parent.

  • He was a good sport.
  • In the beginning, he went by the pseudonym “Swag Jesus,” but then changed his name to “Slim Jesus.” Rappers Chief Keef and Lil Herband were among his earliest musical influences.
  • His first single, “Drill Time,” was released to the public on July 20, 2015, via his SoundCloud page.
  • Drill Time is a hip-hop sub-genre that focuses on the drill style.
  • Canon Jones filmed and edited the video, which was produced by Cocky Beats and directed by Cocky Beats.
  • Rico, King Yella, and other notable artists Killa Kellz was first released in September of that year.
  • Bruce Wayne was in charge of the production.

Slim wrapped up the year with the tracks “She Just Wanna,” “Clout,” “Finesse,” and “Minute Maid Lemonade,” all of which were released in 2015.

On the tune “Gang In This B*tch,” he worked with I.L Will, who also appeared on the track.

Slim released a remixed version of Tay-“The K’s Race” in the summer of 2017 on his SoundCloud page.

In September 2017, he released his second album, “Warning Shots.” ‘Major League,’ his most recent song, was released in December of 2017.

Slim has a large following on SoundCloud and YouTube, with thousands of followers.

PERSONAL Slender Jesus stands at around 5ft 8in tall and is well-known for his slim build.

Slim’s widespread popularity is not without its detractors.

There have been several memes made about him that compare him to the character “Dewey” from Malcolm in the Middle and the main character of the Canadian television series Caillou. Rappers such as Black Jesus, Lil Mister, and Ben Sommers have also called him out on his behavior.

Slim Jesus Real Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name: Robert Church
Birthday: April 10, 1997
Age: 24 Years Old
Place of Birth: Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter
Years Active: 2015-present
Net Worth: US $100 Thousand
Death-O-Meter: Alive

Is Slim Jesus Dead or Alive?

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Slim Jesus Admits He’s Not About That Life

Image courtesy of Complex OriginalDJ During his discussion with Slim Jesus, also known as “The Internet’s Most Hated Rapper,” he was successful in convincing him that he is not interested in the life that most of us had assumed he was. When Vlad questioned Slim about the lyrical substance of his songs, Slim responded as follows: “For the most part, I mean on the street crap, I’ve got homies that are in that shit and I know folks who are in that shit, as well as individuals who are in my immediate vicinity.

During the video, he was seen singing about fucking bitches and murdering people as his minions waved weapons in the background, leading viewers to question his gangster credentials.

We also received some negative feedback on our interview with him.

Vlad also inquired about prominent rappers expressing their admiration for him and Diddy extending an offer of a million dollars.

Who is Slim Jesus? His wiki: Net Worth, Songs, Lifestyle, Scandals

Name in its proper context Easton Philips was born on April 10, 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio, on the east side of the country, but he did not grow up there since his parents relocated to the west side of the country when he was a child. Irene Brown is the name of his mother. He is unmarried and does not have any children. A few years ago, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper admitted to being involved in crime and had a criminal record. He maintains, however, that he is not involved in crime and does not possess a criminal record.

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Slim Jesus is a fictional character created by the author of the novel Slim Jesus.

How was the name ‘Slim Jesus’ created?

While on a field trip during high school, the rapper’s childhood pals came up with the stage moniker “Slim Jesus,” which was later adopted by the rapper. After that trip, Easton wanted to start an Instagram account but didn’t want to be called “Swag,” so he came up with the idea of naming himself “Slim Jesus” because he was always slender in the first place. After that trip, he changed his name to “Swag Jesus,” which he subsequently modified to “Slim Jesus.”

His career so far

Even though Easton had been writing and recording music for quite some time before he became popular, none of his songs were ever released or published anywhere until ” Drill Time “, which was uploaded on his YouTube account “ImSlimJesus” in 2015 and has since been seen more than 50 million times. Since then, his career has taken off, and he has written and recorded a few additional songs, including “Buck Buck,” “Drip Heavy,” and “Warning Shots,” none of which have been as successful as his first hit, “Warning Shots.” He has played in a number of venues around the United States and Canada, and he just completed a tour dubbed “Young and Ignorant,” during which several of the shows sold out within minutes of being on sale.

Net Worth

The practice of rappers displaying their wealth has been increasingly popular in recent years, and Slim Jesus is no exception to this trend. Despite the fact that his net worth is authoritatively assessed to be in excess of $350,000, which is a substantial sum for a rapper of his age, he enjoys flaunting (flexing) his golden chain and his watch to fans. If he continues to release music videos that go viral, his net worth will only continue to rise, and it is possible that it may reach millions of dollars in the future.

A 21-year-old with over 125,000 followers on Instagram is an impressive amount for a young man of that age.

Many others, particularly younger kids, began producing memes of him once he became well-known, but he claims that he isn’t affected by them and that he generally laughs at everything.

Was he shot in a drive-by?

There were rumors about Easton being engaged in a drive-by shooting that occurred in front of a house where he was filming for a new music video about two years ago. According to a large number of websites, he was shot and murdered by an automatic weapon fired from a moving vehicle. Within days, that rumor was disproven when Slim Jesus himself stated that he was fine and that he had not been involved in any drive-by shootings or any other type of shooting. Although it was simply rumors that no one should believe, some people believe that it was an intentional publicity stunt by his manager to create a stir about him and get his new album into the news, thereby gaining free publicity that people would take notice of.


Slim Jesus like to dress in the manner of a “gangster,” which means he frequently sports gold chains around his neck and a pair of diamond-studded earring set with 24 carats of diamonds. He routinely purchases in places that sell clothing for up to $1,500 a piece and even more expensive than that. He enjoys displaying his extensive collection of high-end clothing and shoes, mostly so that others may see that he has a lot of money. Some of his enemies have even gone so far as to refer to him as a “fake thug want tobe,” which has angered him much; he has requested that this name-calling cease, stating that he just dresses in a contemporary manner and is not attempting to antagonize anybody.

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Slim Jesus age, height, weight, net worth 2022, girlfriend, wife, kids, gay, dating, biography, wiki

Slim Jesus is a fictional character created by the author of the novel Slim Jesus.

Real Name/Full Name Easton Phillips
Nick Name/Celebrated Name: Slim Jesus
Birth Place: Hamilton, Ohio USA
Date Of Birth/Birthday: 10 April 1997
Age/How Old: 24 years old
Height/How Tall: In Centimetres – 173 cmIn Feet and Inches – 5′ 8″
Weight: In Kilograms – 55 kgIn Pounds – 121.7 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Parents Name: Father – Irene BrownMother – N/A
Siblings: N/A
School: N/A
College: Hamilton college
Religion: Christian
Nationality: American
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Girlfriend: N/A
Wife/Spouse Name: N/A
Kids/Children Name: N/A
Profession: American rapper
Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Last Updated: February 2022

With the release of his 2015 smash single, “Drill Time,” Slip Jesus, an Ohio-based rapper, shot to prominence. Since then, the rapper has released a number of additional cathartic tracks, including sound, Buck Buck, Having my method, and Let’s Get Money, among others. Slim Savior has never been prepared to experience the same level of success that he experienced with Drill Time, despite the enormous amount of effort that he has put into these new tracks. Slim’s quest to fame and fortune began on YouTube.

With no other commotion, let us now learn a little more about this young creative person’s background and motivations.

In the event that there isn’t much, we’ve assembled all you need to know about Slim Jesus’s net worth in 2022 as well as information on his age, height, weight, wife, children, biography, and other aspects of his life.

Biography and Early Life

Easton Phillips, also known by his stage name Slim Jesus, is a controversial yank rap creative person. He was born on the tenth of April in 1997 and rose to prominence almost immediately in 2015. His first song, Drill Time, was fairly renowned when it was released; it was once cathartic. However, he went on to release a handful other songs, none of which were as well-known as his first single. He continues to be a source of amusement for people all around the world. Slim Jesus was born and reared in the town of Hamilton, which is located within the state of Ohio.

He began transferring the videos from his many musical genres.

His followers have frequently questioned how he came to be interested in music at such a young age.

Age, Height, WeightBody Measurement

So, what is Slim Jesus’ age and height in 2022, as well as his weight and height? Slim Jesus is 24 years old as of today’s date, the 16th of February 2022, having been born on April 10, 1997, making him the youngest of the group. He is 5′ 8′′ in feet and inches and 173 cm in centimetres tall, however he is only 121.7 lbs in pounds and 55kg in kilograms despite his height of 5′ 8′′ and 173 cm.


Easton enrolled to Hamilton College in Ohio to further his education. However, after a series of issues, former President Bush ordered the varsity to be closed.

Despite his difficulties at home and at school, the rapper has been captivated by music since a very young age. The beginning of his musical interest occurred when he was twelve years old, and he has been uploading his raps on the internet ever since.

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

On the tenth of April 1997, Easton Philips entered the world in Hamilton, Ohio, in the United States, although he did not grow up there since his family was passionate about moving to the area the first time he was born. His given name is Easton Philips. Irene Brown is the name of his mother. He doesn’t have a more grounded 0.5, nor does he have any children. Nonetheless, in an accomplice degree presentation he gave a couple of years ago, he raps about weaponry that are associated with terrible activity.

It’s possible that his hip-hop belongs to a subculture of rap known as “Drill” rap; he’s most famous for having collaborated with a number of Chicago rappers, where the “Drill” rap was invented, and one of his top choices was Chief Keef.

IsSlim JesusGay?

Slim Jesus is said to be in a relationship with a number of different ladies. In his personal life, he appreciates a wide variety of them. Furthermore, he has never divulged anything about his sexuality, including whether or not he is homosexual, which plainly demonstrates that he is not gay and that his sexual orientation is heterosexual.

Professional Career

When Slim Saviour first began his professional career, his pals dubbed him Swag Saviour; however, this moniker was later changed before he became famous in 2015. Slim uploaded his major video single, “Drill Time,” on his YouTube page on August eighteen, 2015, then removed it the following day. Over time, this song developed a microorganism and eventually evolved into a wonderful popular song. This video song continues to be viewed with a lot of excitement by Jesus’ supporters and other music lovers to this day.

  • The rapper’s output also includes songs with distinct in-style, such as “Buck” and “Flimsy Israelite – Traffic (with Ca$h and Links).
  • Jesus has returned time and time again to promote his songs.
  • In terms of popularity, his trips are a lot of fun, and his performances are always sold out as soon as the tickets go on sale.
  • In 2016, he cooperated with a number of well-known creative persons in order to garner a large number of followers and recognition.
  • Warning Shots and conference were both successful singles for him in the same year, which was a rare feat.


Slim Jesus has garnered a great deal of admiration during his professional life. Numerous accolades and titles have been bestowed upon him in recognition of his achievements.

Along with his sole hit track titled ‘Drill time’, Thin Jesus has achieved significant headway in the music industry. Ten million plays on SoundCloud have been reached, as well as thousands of views on YouTube. It’s a significant milestone.

Net Worth, SalaryEarnings ofSlim Jesusin 2022

Slim Jesus’s net worth is unknown. Currently, a large number of rappers are notorious for flashing their wealth, and Slim the Nazarene is also a part of this present culture. Despite the fact that his net worth is $500 thousand as of 2022, this is not a negligibly low sum for a rapper of his generation. He enjoys pointing out (flexing) his ordinary laburnum as well as his wristwatch. If he continues to publish music videos that are shown to be contagious, his online value will likely continue to rise, and in the future, it may reach millions of dollars.

His Instagram page is crammed with contested photographs, the most of which are of him bragging about his accomplishments.

Individuals, on the other hand, appear to enjoy it, and the rapper has over 118k followers on the social media platform.

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

The Paddy from Slim Jesus’s hand during his performance was taken by a member of the audience, who told him to go away quickly and give it to someone who will rap. Moreover, in alternate performances, it is the same performance that Slim Jesus gave in a deserted club. For the sake of conclusion, it is appropriate to state that Slim Jesus is a rapper and model who is just 24 years old and stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. He began his professional career when he was just twelve years old. A significant number of legal issues have been brushed off by the young musician.

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