What Does It Mean If Jesus Appears To You

Dream About Jesus Christ

VISUALIZE JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR DREAM John 3:16, to be precise. According to John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Many people have had Jesus Christ appear to them in their dreams on a number of occasions, and they have done so without being aware of the spiritual symbols. According to the Bible, in John 14:6, Jesus says to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) He is the messiah, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, and he is the Son of God.

The name of Jesus has such incredible power that it may perform extraordinary miracles in the lives of Christians (Mark 16:17).

Interpretation of Dreams When you dream about the Holy Spirit, it implies that God has come to visit you.

The spiritual significance of the Holy Spirit is to offer consolation, peace, and pleasure to those who are suffering.

It is likely that you will see Jesus in your dream and that there will be many signs and miracles.

We may learn from the Bible, possibly in Hebrew 12:2, that seeing Jesus in your dream signifies that you are looking to God and not to man as the author and finisher of your faith, rather than to yourself.

The desire to change old things (sin) and transition into a new identity with Christ is also demonstrated by this action.

In Romans 8:11, the Bible says “However, if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead will also enliven your mortal bodies by his Spirit who dwelleth in you.” Having a dream that Jesus prayed for people, cured the sick, and resurrected the dead is an indication that the Holy Spirit is touching your spirit and preparing you to perform miraculous acts.

  • The emblem of Jesus is frequently connected with the concepts of power, anointing, and redemption.
  • If you dream that Jesus is speaking to you, it might be an indication of receiving the word.
  • If you are a woman and you have a dream about the Holy Spirit laying hands on you, it indicates that you are likely to encounter miracles, but you must first determine whether or not the spirits are actually from God.
  • You will be recognized as a genuine son or daughter of Zion if you have that spirit inside you.
  • In the Bible, it is clearly stated that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is given the gift of the Holy Spirit at that time (Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Ephesians 1:13-14).
  • This is a strong indication that God is in control of your current difficulties.
  • The spiritual significance of Jesus is typically associated with long life and good prosperity.

Seeing Jesus’ crucifixion in a dream, on the other hand, is a beautiful representation of love and purity.

A person’s ability to maintain a relationship with God might be hindered by sin.

The death of Jesus Christ on the Cross was not in vain.

It is possible to get different interpretations from dreaming about Jesus, depending on how it appears.

If you have been warned by the Holy Spirit and you continue to sin despite the warning, you should not be surprised if the consequence manifests itself in the shape of early death or affliction.

Although the Bible tells us the good news that Jesus paid the price for our sin (Ephesians 1:7), we continue to bear the repercussions of our sins in a variety of ways today.

One who is a born again Christian but who lies a lot is putting himself into a hole of misery.

The presence of the image of Jesus in your dreams also indicates that God’s mercy has arrived (Psalm 103:1-22).

Having a dream that Jesus is descending from heaven suggests that you should begin walking away from the regions where you have committed sins.

If you have a dream about Jesus rising, this is a good indication.

The arrival of Christ may also inform us about His mission to deliver, cure, and rehabilitate downtrodden people, which we can learn through their stories.

“And he replied to them, ‘Ye men of Galilee, why are you looking up towards heaven?'” Acts 1:11 says.

His second arrival will be heralded by a flurry of spectacular indications.

One begins to question the position of the Holy Spirit in one’s heart as time goes on.

Jesus Christ came to the planet for the first time in order to fulfill predictions.

God loves His church, and He will always make certain that the gates of hell will not be able to shut it out from within.

Similarly, if you are in a church or out in the field preaching and all of a sudden you see or sense the presence of Jesus Christ about you, it is likely that you are possessed by the Holy Spirit.

Having a dream about Jesus Christ is: Cross Paul writes in Romans 5:8.

God’s presence and connection to us are symbolized by the Cross, which is a powerful symbol of faith and connection.

Sin is defined as the disobedience of God’s law (1 John 3:4).

However, if you dream about the Cross, it may be a sign that you are being called upon to make a sacrifice for others.

The consequences of sin are horrific and destructive, but having a dream in which you see a cross without the presence of the Holy Spirit signifies that you are playing with your salvation, and it might also indicate spiritual weakness.

You are being visited by the messiah, who has come to offer light and strength to you as well as to impart a crucial message to you in your dream.

One of the most powerful signs is seeing Jesus in your dreams.

Keep a close eye on your emotions after having this dream topic.

The same way, having this sort of dream gives you brave assurance that the gods have heard your call.

Greetings from the Lord!

Perhaps making the decision to rededicate your life or to consecrate your life to Christ once more would be beneficial to you.

The apparition of Jesus in your dream suggests that you are conscious of God’s presence in your life.

Never give up on your dreams in life.

When you dream that you are fleeing from the Holy Spirit, this indicates that the devil is attempting to drive you away from God’s presence and away from yourself.

This is especially true if you are having difficulty committing your life to Christ or rededicating yourself to him. Apparently, certain evil forces did not want you to come into contact with His divine presence and anointing, as indicated by your dream.

If you have any dreams, please don’t hesitate to share it with me on my Youtube. I will be happy to proffer solutions to your dream requests.

Joshua TV is an evangelist who broadcasts on cable television.


Jesus talks with us, and as we sleep, we are frequently aware of our own subconscious mind’s activities. This is due to the fact that you are calm and are more inclined to pay attention to the signals that are delivered to us. According to conventional wisdom, your subconscious mind is receptive to new knowledge. The face of Jesus, particularly in the context of Christianity, is the most ironic face on the face of the earth. For decades, the image of Jesus’ face has served as the primary source of happiness and consolation for millions of people throughout the world.

  • In so much artwork over the years, the face of Jesus has shown in many different ways.
  • Jesus’ appearance in dreams may indicate that you have spiritual perceptions and that you need to consider your own personal transformation.
  • The bible (particularly the old testament) is the primary source of information for discovering the purpose of life.
  • Jesus has a one-on-one relationship with everyone of us.
  • A variety of visions and dreams were experienced by the men of God in the Old Testament.
  • We may learn a great deal about dreams and visions from ancient Egyptian records, which provide a great deal of information on the subject.
  • Interestingly, when Egyptian kings were attempting to create a template for a new deity, they often had their dreams investigated by dream analysts.

The book was separated into two sections: nice dreams and negative dreams.

When you have these sorts of dreams, your own behaviors are called into question, and you should reflect on the areas of your life in which you require spiritual advice or believe that assistance is required.

Consider the ways in which you feel you need salvation in your life and the areas where you have fallen short.

The ability to forgive is made possible by placing your confidence in God or Jesus, but it is also applicable to being forgiven by someone, seeking forgiveness, and offering your own forgiveness to someone else as well.

When you are reaching out to the divine in a dream, take a moment to evaluate the ways in which you are spiritually impoverished in your everyday life.

When you are criticizing somebody in a dream, especially a person that you like, you should be alerted to the fact that you are not treating yourself well at the time.

It is possible to have strong sentiments towards the followers of a faith rather than towards Jesus himself when you dream about being against Jesus or angry with Jesus and you are not Christian in your views.

It is important to analyze your personal sentiments toward members of the Christian religion as well as the deeper significance of the activities when you experience such nightmares.

Dreaming about death is normally associated with a good connotation, but if you dream of crossing over, being led to the light, or anything similar, it is an indicator of declining physical health. Speaking with Jesus about a loved one’s health or well-being might suggest fears or anxiety.

Is the dream good or bad?

According to ancient Egyptian scripture, seeing Jesus in our dreams is a good omen. It suggests that we are attempting to soothe ourselves (from inside), and the image of Jesus can be associated with communication. This dream represents happiness and comfort in its symbolism. It also provides one reason to be optimistic about the future. Finding Jesus engaging with you (maybe by smiling or acknowledging you) means that you are on the right road in life and that things will work out in the long run if you stay on it.

Personally, I believe that encountering Jesus in dreams is a positive experience.

Seeing Jesus in a dream can help you have a better understanding of God both now and in the future.

Seeing Jesus in a dream may take numerous shapes and can be rather overpowering for the person experiencing it.

Why have I had a dream of Jesus?

The dream of Jesus may have been profound and holy in nature. Spiritual dreams are frequently associated with messages, and angels can interact with us while we are sleeping. The experience of seeing God in a dream is frequently associated with religious texts. Returning to the Bible, and especially to the Prophet Jacob, he had a dream in which angels came to visit our planet. There was also a doorway known as “Jacob’s ladder,” which served as a symbol of the several realms that existed between God and humans.

Jesus and God can speak with you via dreams for a variety of reasons, including:


Neils Bohr, for example, had a dream about the structure of an atom that inspired him to study it further. Surprisingly, it turned out that the edifice he had imagined was indeed a reality. God and Jesus have the ability to offer us with wonderful impulses through the medium of sleep.


It is possible that Jesus will appear in our dreams to provide counsel when we are facing a severe life situation. The dreams will assist us in overcoming emotional difficulties as well as dealing with other aspects of our lives. Angelic messengers may appear to you in a dream at any time.

When Jesus dream is not related to dreams

If you encounter Jesus in your dream, it is possible that you have offered hope to someone or something that has been troubling you. It is also possible that you saw Jesus in your dream because you are feeling down or uncomfortable.

Perhaps you have a different point of view and a distinct knowledge of something that is not widely accepted? Alternatively, you may be feeling social pressure. In a negative sense, Jesus might come when someone is through a traumatic event and requires assistance.

Is seeing Jesus in a dream related to religion?

If you are a religious person, having a dream about Jesus may be a reflection of your views. Perhaps you have done something in your life that has been centered on you, and this dream is a comforting reminder of that experience. In either case, your views and beliefs about Jesus are reflected in this dream. Religion has a natural ability to bring people together and increase love.

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Dreaming of Jesus face what it means?

Several of you have approached me in the last year after having a dream in which you saw the genuine face of Jesus. Such a dream represents aspirations, accomplishments, victory, love, and fulfillment in one’s life. A dream representation of Jesus’ face conveys feelings of contentment and power. This dream may indicate that you are at peace with yourself and are ready to embrace life to the fullest. In a negative sense, the dream might be related with one’s transgressions and the process of atonement.

Dream of a picture of Jesus what does it mean?

For a devout person, seeing an image of Jesus in their dreams signifies that they are completely dedicated to their faith and that they believe in God. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult period right now and you’re looking to Jesus to provide you with hope. It is, however, one thing to see Jesus in your dream and quite another to see his portrait in your dream. This dream represents the purity and divinity of a person in whom you have complete faith and respect. Alternatively, the dream may indicate your dignity and great sense of self-importance.

What does seeing Jesus in the sky mean in a dream?

A dream in which you saw Jesus flying over the sky is a good sign for the future. It might also be a sign of contentment and pleasure. If you see Jesus standing next to you in a dream, it implies you’ve been blessed with good fortune and are being protected from on high. If you see Jesus flying over the sky in your dream, some dream dictionaries suggest that you may have a guardian angel looking over you. The sight of Jesus descending down from the sky depicts your heart’s desires and aspirations.

What does seeing Jesus on the cross mean?

In Christianity, the cross represents something that is lacking in one’s life. The cross represents perfection in the spirit realm, and it denotes that it is time to enjoy one’s life. Jesus suffered and died on the cross in order to atone for the sins of the world. If you had a dream in which you saw Jesus on the cross, it represented faith and trust. If you’re currently dealing with a difficult situation in your everyday life, the “cross” symbol may occur in your dreams. For the most optimistic, the cross represents a turning point in life or a chance for positive transformation in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of seeing baby Jesus?

A baby Jesus appearing in your dream signifies the concept of reflection. In earlier dream books, the dream foretells the occurrence of a fresh miracle in the near future. Perhaps you will have an experience that you have never previously had. Alternatively, you will easily handle a challenging difficulty or complex issue without putting out much effort.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of Jesus?

It is said that if you dream about Jesus, you are most likely living your life in the proper way, according to the Bible. If you are currently experiencing problems or confronting an adversary, this dream indicates that God is rooting for you and that he wants you to know that he is rooting for you. Don’t be scared to think with your own brain and to call into question your preconceived notions. Jesus being raised from the dead in your dream indicates that your ambitions and objectives will finally come to fruition.

Perhaps you will have to deal with nasty and negative individuals along the route to success, as well as face certain obstacles and challenges, but all will work out in your favor in the end.

You’re on the verge of achieving a major win. If you dreamed that Jesus talked to you or prayed by you, this represents pleasure, inner peace, and complete happiness. When you least expect it, you’ll find happiness in the most unexpected location.

What does seeing Mary and Jesus mean in a dream?

The Virgin Mary and Jesus, if you dream about them, may reflect your own parents or moments when you were a youngster. It is possible that seeing Mary represents a deep bond you have with a female character in your life, probably your mother. If, on the other hand, you have a dream about Mary and Jesus that turns out to be a nightmare, it indicates that you have lost faith in a female figure in your life.

What does it mean to dream of God and Jesus?

I looked into the meaning of this dream by consulting various classic dream books. They were extremely intriguing to listen to. God and Jesus appearing in your dreams may signal that you’ve been placed in a position where you must choose between two vital things in your life. As a result, you face a critical decision that will have ramifications for the rest of your life. However, no matter whatever option you choose, you will make the proper decision. Alternatively, God and Jesus are shown as figures of protection in the dream.

Don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

What does it mean if you are Muslim and dream of Jesus?

I’ve had a number of emails from users who have had this dream and are perplexed as to why they are dreaming about Jesus. As a result, I’m going to try my best to respond to your question. In the beginning of 2007, a research was conducted in which 600 Muslims were asked about their visions about Jesus. In addition, around one-quarter of Muslims converted to Christianity after having a vision of God or Jesus in a dream. According to the results of this investigation, it was unclear whether there were any additional migration reasons.

Jesus offering advise or providing directions.

The appearance of Jesus in your dream (regardless of your religious affiliation) represents a loving heart and a genuine wish for peace.

How can you meet Jesus in your dream?

Many individuals have attempted to communicate with Jesus through dreams. God’s power will manifest itself to you when you least expect it to happen. If you urgently want Jesus to come in your dreams, there are a few things you may do to increase your chances of seeing him, such as thinking about him before you sleep.

What do vivid dreams of Jesus mean?

Sometimes we have vivid dreams about Jesus, in which he represents our innermost thoughts and feelings in life. When we look at Joel, we see that he was related with Joel 2:28 and 29. ‘It is tied to my spirit manifested in flesh,’ and as a result, your children will prophesy, and your elderly men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.'” In those days, I will pour out my spirit on everyone, both the male and male servants.” In addition, Peter saw a vision from God in Acts 10:9-16.

  1. And he felt hungry and desired something to eat, but as they were cooking it, he slipped into a coma.
  2. God provides for us in this life.
  3. We all have the potential to dream when we sleep at night.
  4. This is the time period during which Joseph was imprisoned and Pharaoh assisted Joseph in his escape.

Consider the following question and provide a response to yourself: Aren’t you a miracle? Isn’t it true that you’re absolutely imperfect? After all, isn’t everything, including life, an amazing feat of nature?

What does a nightmare about Jesus mean?

Some of us experience intense dreams in which Jesus appears to us and represents our innermost views about life. Look at Joel 2:28-29 to see what he was involved with. ‘It is tied to my spirit manifested in flesh,’ and as a result, your children will prophesy, and your elderly men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.’ In those days, I will pour out my spirit even on the male and male servants.” A vision from God appeared to Peter in Acts 10:9-16 as well. Peter got up on the roof of a nearby building at six o’clock the next morning as they continued their journey and neared the city.” In the meantime, he felt hungry and desired something to eat, but while they were making it, he slipped into a trace.

  1. Life is a gift from God to us.
  2. Everyone has the ability to dream at night.
  3. As a result of his imprisonment, Pharaoh assisted Joseph in his attempt to flee the country.
  4. Isn’t it true that you are a miracle?
  5. After all, isn’t everything, including life, an incredible feat of nature?

Summary of dreams about Jesus

Having a dream about Jesus has a unique significance. Your dream is pleasant and you see Jesus’ face, it indicates that you are filled with happiness and that you are finally ready to embrace life to the maximum extent possible. If you see Mary and Jesus in your dream, it’s likely that you’re in need of some guidance. Perhaps you want to build a closer relationship with a member of your family or strengthen your relationship with your mother and grandmother. If you see Jesus on the cross in a dream, this is a good sign for your future.

Perhaps you will achieve some of your most important objectives and discover happiness in the most unexpected of places.

Christians will see Jesus as a savior or in a reverent manner, and their thoughts toward him will be radically different from those of a person of another faith or no religion.

In this dream you may have

  • A unique significance attaches to the dream of Jesus. If you have a good dream and you see Jesus’ face in your dream, it indicates that you are filled with pleasure and that you are finally ready to embrace life to the fullest. Your dream may contain visions of Mary and Jesus, which means you are most likely in need of guidance. Perhaps you want to build a closer relationship with a member of your family or enhance your relationship with your mother and stepfather? A fortunate omen is indicated if you see Jesus on the cross in your dreams. The presence of Jesus in one’s dreams may also portend the fulfillment of one’s wishes and ambitions. You may achieve some of your most important objectives and discover happiness in the most unexpected of places. Individuals’ experiences with Jesus in their dreams will have varying implications depending on their thoughts or views about him. Christianity views Jesus as a source of salvation or in a reverent manner, and Christians will have radically different thoughts about Jesus than those who adhere to other religions or do not adhere to any religious belief system at all. Before adopting any dream interpretation, you must examine your personal beliefs about Jesus and be very honest with yourself about your sentiments.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Jesus has blessed you
  • Jesus has forgiven you
  • Jesus has blessed you. Are devoted to Jesus’ teachings
  • Be considerate of Jesus

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Being spiritual
  • Salvation
  • The need for spiritual direction
  • Intense sentiments
  • Health issues
  • And other topics.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jesus


Impressed. Happy. Kind. I’ve been saved. Wary. Disbelief. Shock. Awe. Pride and awe are in the air. It’s safe and secure. Love, faith, and adoration are all words that come to mind. Respect. Anger and disgust are both felt.

13 Dreams About Jesus, Meaning & Interpretation

Having Jesus-Related Dreams – What your dream about Jesus implies will be determined by your religious and emotional views and sentiments toward him. Christians, for example, consider Jesus to be a savior, God’s son, or the Messiah, among other things. Muslims see him as a renowned prophet of Allah, or the Almighty. Those who do not believe in Jesus just believe that he is this amazing historical figure who has become extremely popular within religious circles as a result of his supernatural talents and godlike characteristics.

Why you have a dream about Jesus

There are several reasons why you could have a dream about Jesus, the most notable of which are as follows. It’s possible that you’re having this dream because you’re seeking heavenly assistance from God. You may have devoted a significant portion of your day, or maybe many days, to prayer for a situation that has been a source of concern in your life. You’re looking for divine intervention from God through Jesus, whom you believe to be His son, to help you. Because you have spent a significant portion of your day in prayer, it will come as no surprise if Jesus appears to you in your dream.

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It might be a sign that you are on the verge of achieving your objectives and that your life as you know it will drastically transform for the better.

Something wonderful will occur in your life, and you will experience great enjoyment as a result of it.

  1. You feel sorry for deserting your Christian religion

You may have left the church and decided not to attend services or participate in any church-related activities in the future. It’s possible that you’re remorseful for leaving the church and desire to return. Do not be shocked if you have a dream about Jesus, especially if he is a significant component of your religious beliefs. If you spend a significant amount of time reading the gospel of Jesus in your bible and reflecting on his message, it is inevitable that you will have dreams about him.

As a result, having visions of Jesus should not come as a surprise.

Some of you may have been evangelists who went door to door or preached in your church.

Additionally, you might have spent a significant portion of your time with your family talking about Jesus, and this is all that your mind can think about even as you lie down for the night. It’s possible that seeing him in your dream is simply a mirror of what you’ve been doing during the day.

In your Christian life you may have been living in sin and not acting in the manner that a Christian should have been doing. You have at long last confessed your sins to God and resolved to live a moral life. Finding Jesus in your dream might indicate that you have been forgiven of your sins, that you now have a close and trusting connection with him, and that you are traveling the ways of righteousness. When you have a dream about Jesus, it is possible that it is a reflection of your deep confidence in him.

Another interpretation is that the dream is a reflection of your devotion to organized religion.

Common dreams about Jesus

There are several common dreams about Jesus, the most prominent of which are as follows:-

Dream about being blessed by Jesus

When you have a dream that you are blessed by Jesus, it might be a sign that you require spiritual guidance. It’s possible that you’re experiencing spiritual poverty and that you’re in desperate need of a revival in your life. The fact that you are reaching out to the divine in your dream might be indicative of this. Consider why you are feeling spiritually deprived; are you not praying enough or doing your religious responsibilities to the best of your ability? If this is the case, you should consider making the necessary changes.

Dream of being angry at Jesus

Experiencing sentiments of rage against Jesus in your dream might be a sign that you are your own harshest critic, according to certain interpretations. It is common for people to blame others in their dreams, especially if the person in question is someone whom they hold in high regard. This might be a warning sign that they are not treating themselves well. You are critical of yourself, and you believe that others are similarly critical of your actions and words.”

Dream about Jesus on the cross

An indicator of how dreadful, painful, and humiliating a sacrifice was made might be conveyed by a dream like this. It’s possible that you’re experiencing feelings of regret or loss as a result of making such a significant sacrifice. It’s possible that you’re feeling guilty because of the amount of misery that someone else endured on your behalf. Another possibility is that you are feeling as though your sacrifice was in vain.

Dream about being Jesus

When you have a dream that you are Jesus, it indicates that you will be promoted in your career. It’s possible that you’ll receive a promotion or reach a significant milestone. Your existing social standing will improve, and you will achieve a significant breakthrough, either spiritually or monetarily, as a result of this.

Dream about witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus.

This dream might represent a period of spiritual or religious rejuvenation, new discoveries, shifts in perspective, or a fresh awakening. Furthermore, it might be a symptom of an unjust punishment or the hardness of life, as well as harsh judgment by others, among other things.

Another interpretation is that the dream is an indicator of one’s underestimating of one’s own abilities. Keep in mind that people who crucified Jesus did not believe that he was the Son of God, despite the evident fact that he possessed tremendous power, which he chose not to employ.


Dreams about Jesus are widespread, especially among persons who come from a religiously rooted upbringing. The content of the dreams varies, but the message may be deciphered. This is one of those dreams that will leave you thinking for a long time when you wake up from it. You may be able to uncover answers through an interpretation, which may begin by taking a look at the present state of affairs in your waking life. Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this content.

11 Jesus Dream Interpretation

People generally express great joy when they dream about Jesus, since he is the appropriate person at the right time in history and in Christian organizations. He fights for what he believes in, for his principles, and for the opportunity to do good in the world. It is possible to have dreams about Jesus that serve as a reminder of something important in your life. Our spirituality and character are completely represented in our dreams through religious elements, objects, or persons. Also susceptible are individuals who do not adhere to a specific faith or who do not believe in mystics.

What does it imply to have a Jesus-related dream?

Dream of seeing Jesus

If you have a dream in which you see Jesus, this suggests that you will be protected in your life in the future. This protection will be linked to your professional activities, and wonderful things will happen as a result. Seeing Jesus in a dream is a positive omen, since it indicates progress and wealth.

Dream of praying to Jesus

When you pray to Jesus in your dreams, it indicates that you will be able to think clearly and with clarity in order to complete your tasks and projects. You will be delighted and satisfied with yourself after finishing these jobs without feeling under too much strain or wearing yourself out. Your body, mind, and spirit will experience a sense of lightness shortly.

Dream of being blessed by Jesus

If Jesus rewards you in your dreams, this indicates that the connection is focused on your company. You will progress after a few days. If you place a wager on a project, you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Dream of talking to Jesus

In your dream, you are having a conversation with Jesus, which represents the positive things that will come to pass in your life. You are looking forward to receiving excellent news, and they will arrive with full vigor and enthusiasm in the days to come. However, if Jesus does nothing except listen to you, it is an indication that your faith requires further development. Perseverance is required in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself. You will also require a great deal of self-assurance in order to fight for what you desire.

Dream of hugging Jesus

A fantastic dream, to say the least! The dream of hugging Jesus foretells that you will be protected both emotionally and professionally during this time period.

Whether or not you are confronted with hurdles, you are prepared to meet them and overcome any terrible circumstances that may occur. When everything is going smoothly, take advantage of these obstacles to learn more and be prepared for the times when your protection is not as effective.

Dream of approaching Jesus

The significance of dreaming that you are close to Jesus represents the likelihood that you will achieve your goals in the near future. It is time for you to take chances, knowing that your guardian angels will always be there to protect you. People that wish to harm you will be unable to do so. You are protected by a barrier that shields you from everything in your environment. The divine force will always be there to assist you in dealing with any issues that may arise.

Dream of Jesus not happy with you

The fact that we dream about Jesus has much to do with our spirituality and personality. It is important to try to understand why Jesus is dissatisfied with you in your dreams so that you may pay more attention to the scope of your life that is the objective of this motive. You must work on improving your relationship with yourself and being more productive. A life review may be necessary if you have been unable to pinpoint aspects of your life that are dissatisfying. It is possible that your behaviors do not correspond to the life you desire.

Dream of Jesus carrying the cross

Your subconscious is reminding you that some of the activities you have taken have not been good to you, and this is the significance of the dream in which Jesus is bearing the cross. Allow yourself some time to ponder and alter some of your attitudes about particular individuals. It’s time for you to ask for forgiveness.

Dream about Jesus being crucified

A crucifixion dream indicates that you need to extend your perspective on things in your life, according to Dream Dictionary. You have to let go of things that don’t make a difference or don’t pique your curiosity. When you see the cross in your dreams, it is a warning that you should get rid of things that aren’t beneficial to your well-being. It will be beneficial to your future life and will not be harmful to you. Leave the past in the past.

Dream about Jesus dying

If you see Jesus dying in your dreams, brace yourself for the fact that issues may arise. Your future will not be simple, and there will be some threats in your work life to contend with. Some people claim that they have become your buddies as a result of this. Remember to be cautious of everything and everyone, as a few Judas may get in your way.

Dream Jesus and the devil

You will have some difficulties in your life in the coming days, and it will not be easy for you to overcome them. If it continues for an extended period of time, you will require calm, control, and a great deal of motivation. As the Bible demonstrates, Jesus is subjected to the devil’s temptations on a regular basis. The processes described above are the ones that people will only be able to deal with via faith. Don’t expect a lot of assistance from others at this time. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities and how powerful you truly are.

Continue reading about the devil in dreams.

Have You Seen Jesus?

Being saved and having a personal encounter with Jesus are not the same thing. Many individuals, including those who have never seen Jesus, have received and are participating in God’s grace. After all, once you’ve seen Him, you’ll never be the same again. Other items will no longer hold the same allure as they had previously. Never lose sight of the distinction between what you see Jesus to be and what He has done on your behalf. If all you perceive is what He has done for you, your God isn’t large enough, in my estimation.

  • Until Christ appeared to him and showed Himself to him, the man who had been blind from birth had no way of knowing who Jesus was (seeJohn 9).
  • He can arrive out of nowhere and at any time.
  • And when one has seen Him and the other has not, there is a dividing line.
  • Have you seen the Messiah?
  • In the end, they walked around and informed everyone else who didn’t believe them either (Mark 16:13).
  • I’m sure you’d believe me if I told you, wouldn’t you?
  • How should I tell you, or how can you receive it, unless He brings you to the place where I’ve been hiding?
  • Oswald Chambers’s Words of Wisdom The role of the comforter is not that of a preacher, but rather that of a comrade who says nothing and instead prays to God about the situation.

One of the most important things you can do for individuals who are suffering is not to provide platitudes or ask inquiries, but to establish a relationship with God, and the “greater deeds” will be accomplished via prayer (see John 14:12–13). To Fight Better, 56 R. Is Perplexed

I saw Jesus in a dream

I had a dream about Jesus around a week ago. It was a really genuine and vivid experience. I’m not sure if it was a dream from the Spirit or not; I’ve never had a dream that was inspired by the Spirit. But I can’t seem to get it out of my head, and I find myself thinking about this very little dream for hours on end. Listening to a podcast in my car while driving had occurred a day or two before to having this dream. “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might,” according to a scripture from Deuteronomy that I heard today.

  1. I truly believe in God and love him with all of my heart, but how do I feel about his son?
  2. I suppose he was on the surface of the planet.
  3. I think that Christ was the one who atoned for my sin on the cross.
  4. As I was driving, I whispered a heartfelt prayer to God.
  5. I hoped that I would discover what I was lacking and that I would be filled with such a deep love for Christ that it would overflow into the lives of others.
  6. You can’t give something to someone if you don’t have anything to give them.
  7. The Bible says, “If any among you lacks knowledge, let him seek God, who gives liberally and without reproach to all without regard for their sins, and it will be given him.” (2:5) (James 1:5) God promises that if we look for him, we will find him.
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Matthew 7:7 (Matthew 7:7) God want for us to come to know him.

John 17:3 (KJV) God states that if we pray in accordance with his own good will, the answer will be affirmative.

(See also John 15:7) God desires for us to share the good news of Jesus with everyone.

I was riding in the passenger seat of a car in the middle of the night in a wooded region.

I was convinced that I was going to die.

When I gazed out into the dark woods, I noticed a man in a deep purple robe standing by the side of the road, his hood loosely pulled over his face.

When I saw his face, I realized it was him right away and began to jump up and down in my seat with delight.

My window was down, and I wanted to leap out of the car to get to him as soon as possible! I saw his face, and the look he gave me has been etched in my memory for the rest of my life. When he glanced at me, he had a mixture of the following facial expressions:

  • I see you
  • I recognize you
  • I understand your want to hold me. It’s not time yet
  • I’m overjoyed that you care so much about seeing me
  • Even with a tinge of affectionate humour: What a funny girl, wouldn’t you leap out of that automobile if you had the chance?

It was a gentle grin, but it was more complicated than that. When I saw him, he smiled at me, almost as if he were pleased that I was so eager to see him, as if you were looking across the room at a party and nodding at each other. His personality was multi-faceted, dedicated, and powerful, as well as funny and good-humored, as did his character. To be honest, he appeared to be the type of person you might easily strike up a conversation with. Yes, it was only a fleeting sight, but I was nevertheless struck by all of these emotions and more.

  • Have you ever had a mental image of Jesus looking like this?
  • He wasn’t there to give me a lecture or tell me that I needed to do better in some way.
  • He was like a lifelong closest friend who knew everything about me.
  • That’s the portion of the story I’ll never forget.
  • Who am I to be included in this group?
  • According to reports, he does.
  • When I think about it, I start to cry.

He is more than just a king and a redeemer, though.

And he is yours as well.

I believe that this is a watershed moment in my life.

Jesus’ love for John even serves as a definition for John’s own identity, according to the author of the passage.

“The other disciples boarded the boat and came ashore.” (See also John 21:7-8) That’s exactly the sensation I felt in that automobile as well.

Jesus emanates love that can permeate even the most resistant hearts, such as mine.

Four times in one week, I heard the scripture that served as the basis for my original prayer.

I heard it for the last time this past Sunday, at a parenting session at my church.

“Perhaps I’m not modeling love for children via my own behaviors.” On second thought, I realize what I’ve been saying all along!

Love, love, and more love.

This subject has been so prevalent in my life over the last two weeks that I’m on the verge of bursting.

And this Instagram post, to name a few.

Also, I have a funny smile on my face whenever somebody stares at me!

They must be aware of the love that Jesus has for them.

So there you have it: my prayer, my dream, and his response. I hoped that I would be filled to the point that it would overflow and spill out upon others, and it is this dream that has compelled me to share it with you, even though I would prefer to keep it in my own prayer diary.

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” — 1 John 4:7-8

Is it possible that you’ve experienced a dream that you believed to be from the Holy Spirit? I want to hear all you have to say. And one more thought: remember what you’re praying for and be patient while you await his response! It might appear rather different from what you expect.

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  • Is there evidence that God exists
  • Does prayer make a difference
  • And so on. Are you communicating in the love language of your family?

How should a Christian respond to people who claim, “I saw Jesus”?

QuestionAnswer During His earthly career, Jesus frequently had big crowds following Him wherever He went, and there were a significant number of people who saw and heard Jesus, as well as many who were cured by Him and had conversations with Him. After His resurrection, Jesus was seen by His followers, Mary Magdalene, and around five hundred other individuals, including the apostles (1 Corinthians 15:6). Jesus, on the other hand, has been sitting at the right hand of the Father since His ascension.

  1. Stephen (Acts 7:55–56) and John (Revelation 1:12–16) are two examples of persons who have been allowed glimpses of Jesus in His splendor.
  2. Although Paul reported seeing a dazzling light and hearing Jesus’ voice during this experience, the Bible does not mention that he really encountered Jesus in the flesh at the time.
  3. During His High Priestly Prayer, which is recounted in the Gospel of John 17, Jesus prays for protection for His disciples because He will “no longer be in the earth” (John 17:11).
  4. John 14:17 and 15:26 state that instead of sending the Spirit to indwell people, He will be seated in heaven with the Father (John 14:17).
  5. Now that the apostolic period has come to an end, the Bible makes no mention of any such extra-biblical revelations that would be expected to occur today.
  6. For this reason alone, when someone claims to have “seen Jesus,” a Christian should be wary of believing them.
  7. Some individuals who have claimed to have “seen Jesus” have gone on to mislead a large number of others.

Ellen G.

It goes without saying that not everyone who claims to have seen Jesus is on the side of reality.

These kind of stories are particularly frequent in “closed” countries, which are those in which access to the Bible and the gospel is severely restricted or nonexistent.

According to Isaiah 59:1, “the arm of the LORD is not too short to rescue,” and the methods God employs to propagate the gospel are entirely up to Him.

Any time the “Jesus” who comes to someone varies in any way from the Jesus described in the Bible, it is necessary to reject the vision on the grounds that it is fake.

If the person getting the vision is aggrandized, or if the vision is a source of pride or financial gain for the one receiving the vision, then the vision should be rejected.

In 2 Peter 1:16–18, Peter recounts his own personal experience on the Mount of Transfiguration, when he had witnessed the majesty of Christ for the first time in person.

It is necessary to place Scripture first and to place miracles, dreams, and visions in a secondary position.

We have the written Word to rely on.

We have the Comforter at our disposal. We have the privilege of trusting in Christ despite the fact that we have never seen Him (John 20:29). Questions regarding Jesus Christ (return to top of page) What should a Christian say in response to someone who claims to have “seen Jesus”?

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QuestionAnswer As He traveled across the world during His earthly ministry, Jesus was frequently followed by huge groups of people, and a significant number of people were able to witness and hear Jesus, as well as be cured by and speak with him. Aside from His followers and Mary Magdalene, Jesus was seen by more than five hundred additional individuals after His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:6). Jesus, on the other hand, has been sitting at the right side of the Father ever since His ascension into heaven.

On the way to Damascus, Paul came face to face with the Lord Jesus (Acts 9:1-29).

Following His death and resurrection, Jesus told His disciples that He would no longer be present in the earth.

Him and His disciples were both aware that His time on earth was drawing to a close and that He would no longer be physically present with them.

If someone were to see Jesus today, it would have to be through a divine vision or some other form of heavenly revelation.

This is the final volume in the Bible’s canon (see Revelation 22:18).

Nothing in a person’s vision of Jesus today would contradict the reality of the Bible, nor would it add anything to the revelation God has already given us via His Word, if such a person were to have such a vision today.

The Seventh-Day Adventist movement was founded in 1844 when Ellen G.

Not everyone who claims to have seen Jesus is, of course, on the side of righteousness.

These kind of stories are particularly prevalent in “closed” countries, which are those in which access to the Bible and the gospel is severely restricted or prohibited.

According to Isaiah 59:1, “the LORD’s arm is not too short to rescue,” and the techniques by which God disseminates the gospel are entirely up to Him.

Anyone who has seen a vision of “Jesus” who varies in any manner from the Jesus who is depicted in the Bible should consider the vision to be fraudulent.

This type of vision should not be accepted if the person receiving it is aggrandized, or if the vision is a source of pride or financial gain.

According to 2 Peter 1:16–18, Peter recounts his own personal experience on the Mount of Transfiguration, where he had witnessed the majesty of Christ up close and personal.

It is necessary to place Scripture first before miracles, dreams, and visions.

In the written Word, we have God’s will for us. Comforter is in our possession. Because we have not seen Christ, we have the privilege of trusting in His promises (John 20:29). to:Jesus Christ: Do You Have Any Questions? If someone claims to have seen Jesus, how should a Christian respond?

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