What Dimension Is Jesus In

The Fourth Dimension

We are accustomed to living in a three-dimensional environment. In other locations, that number is decreased to only two people. Although printed content is presented on a flat surface, we are able to conjure up images in our minds’ eye that correspond to what the words in a book are telling us using our imagination. When we think about it, we can mentally travel between two and three dimensions. Although a movie is being shown on a flat screen in two dimensions, we may envision it being shown in three dimensions; and by wearing 3D glasses, we can provide the sense of seeing the movie in three dimensions.

Architecture students study two-dimensional blueprints and are able to visualize a three-dimensional structure.

The Bible, on the other hand, speaks of a fourth dimension that can be glimpsed by individuals who live in three dimensions on rare occasions.

Example: In the very first chapters of Genesis, we find that Adam walked in God’s presence, saw God, and chatted with Him; that is, until sin severly divided God and mankind, essentially shutting off that daily glimpse into the fourth dimension from normal human interaction.

  1. Angels appeared to him in the appearance of men and spoke with him about their mission.
  2. Moses, perched atop the mountain, had a clear view of the back of God as He passed past.
  3. While in the blazing furnace, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego encountered someone who appeared to be the Son of God, and even King Nebuchadnezzar was able to see Him.
  4. His servant’s eyes were subsequently opened, demonstrating that it is possible to pray God to see beyond the natural realm of perception.
  5. He could be seen in the flesh, yet he was still able to pass through a wall.
  6. They appear to be without limitations.
  7. Elijah was carried away in a chariot of fire his route to heaven.
  8. The encounter was so intense that he wasn’t sure if he was still physically in his body or in the spirit world.
  9. Countless individuals have died only to be revived, and many of these individuals have similar stories to share about their experiences.
  10. They’re there, cheering us on and motivating us to do our best in the race we’re in.
  11. They have high expectations of us, and I pray that we will not disappoint.

The Earth and everything on it is on the verge of extinction. Heaven and Earth will be destroyed, and a new Heaven and Earth will be created in their place. When we can see ourselves as we are seen and know ourselves as we are known, it will be an exciting day.

Jesus Christ and Multiple Dimensions

Do you, as a Christian, believe in the existence of numerous dimensions? To put it another way, did Jesus create a cosmos with dimensions that are distinct from the one we currently inhabit? At first sight, it may appear to be one of thoseStar Trekquestions that belongs in a realm of imagination and illusion, but it is not. However, in actuality, it is a fundamental question that relates back to our religious beliefs. I’ve asked this question to numerous Christians over the years, but not enough to qualify as an official survey.

  1. I’ve been saved.
  2. I feel that the last group (which was really only two persons) was the most upsetting to my spirit.
  3. In reality, what they were truly saying was that God performed these tremendous, incomprehensible acts and then taught us about them in His Holy Scripture, which they were not aware of at the time.
  4. However, the members in the final group were truly terrified that He might become enraged if we continued to seek the truth about these wonderful things God had done.
  5. There were a variety of reasons why I authored The Blood Tears Of Jesus.
  6. My heart went out to them, because these were the same sort of folks who still think that if God wanted us on the moon, He would’ve placed us there if He wanted us to be there.
  7. Who truly understands God’s thoughts and intentions?

However, when God reveals Himself to us in greater and greater detail, we should recognize that He desires for us to know Him in order for us to be able to trust Him and place our total reliance in Him.

The answers to these questions aren’t just lying about in some verdant, shining, sun-baked field, like Easter eggs, just waiting to be plucked up with clean hands and placed in a neat little basket.

My mantra is “pray, ask questions, dig, then dig some more.” I live by this motto.

Is it possible that Jesus created a cosmos with dimensions that are different from the one we live in?

The quick answer is as follows: If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible, you SHOULD believe in the existence of more than one reality.

Let’s break down the lengthy response into manageable chunks.

(In the beginning, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.) The same was true in the beginning with regard to the Creator.

(See also John 1:1-3.) He was the one who brought it into being.

There is a hidden knowledge here that should be brought to light.

Because of His words, an entirely new creation was ushered in, including things that had never been before!

This word does not just refer to the act of creating space between objects in a room.

That’s an interesting topic for another day, though.

In accordance with both the Bible and particle physics, God must have lived in dimensions of space and time distinct from the cosmos that He brought into existence by His word.

(See 1 Kings 8:27 for further information.) There are several Bible texts that allude to God’s activities prior to the creation of our universe and the time continuum that controls it, including Genesis 1.

Even the concept of time as we know it did not exist.

(1 Peter 1:10; 1 Peter 1:20) Here’s the quickest and most straightforward method to look at it.

God openly informs us that he resides beyond of time in a dimension known as “Eternity,” in which there is no such thing as a passing moment.

Eternity is not simply a very long stack of extended time capsules or units of time stacked on top of one another.

The earliest known Babylonian records of observations of cosmic phenomena for the purpose of determining the passage of time date back to 1,600 BCE.

Time, on the other hand, does not exist in eternity, where God is.

The Bible contains several accounts of both mankind and Angels coming into our world from other dimensions.

(On that particular Sunday evening, the disciples met behind closed doors because they were scared of the Jewish leaders.

In his words, “Peace be with you.” 20 In the course of his speech, he demonstrated to them the wounds on his hands and side.

(See also John 20:19-20.) Elisha, for example, is shown begging to God to reveal to his servant the unseen realm, in which the horsemen and chariots of fire are gathered around him.

“) Elisha was surrounded by chariots of fire and a sea of horses when the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he saw the hills crowded with horses and chariots of fire.

But how many of them are there in total?

When Paul speaks of dimensions in Ephesians 3:18, we believe he is referring to four separate dimensions.

Interestingly, a prominent Jewish Rabbi namedNachmonidesconcluded from his study of theBook of Genesis that there were ten separate dimensions in our cosmos as long back as the 12thcentury.

No one has a definitive answer.

Despite popular belief, the presence of many realities is not exclusive to Star Trek.

The Bible says the same thing, so praise God for that. The experience of the Blood Tears of Jesus is one that will change your life. Get the e-book for less than a dollar if you order it in advance. Did you notice that question 4 was not included in the countdown? Here’s where to find out more:

God in the 10th Dimension: A Theory of Science and Religion

Do you, as a Christian, think that there are numerous dimensions to the universe. To put it another way, did Jesus create a universe that has dimensions that are different from the one we currently live in. When you first look at it, it appears to be one of thoseStar Trekquestions that fits in a world of imagination and deception. It is a serious question, though, because it brings us back to the core of our religious beliefs. Since then, I’ve asked this question to a small number of Christians, but not enough to qualify as an official poll.

  • Many others considered it “sinful” and “disrespectful” of God’s pure teachings to pose a query of this sort, and they labeled such an action as “disrespectful” of God.
  • Some of them were taught improperly, while others were never taught the distinction between reverence and terror at all.
  • To ensure that we comprehended these magnificent creations, he provided us with an interpreter, the Holy Spirit.
  • Spying on people and things that are confusing or based on old wives’ tales Several factors influenced my writing The Blood Tears of Jesus.
  • Their plight broke my heart, since they were the same sort of folks who still think that if God wanted us on the moon, He would’ve placed us there himself.
  • What is the true nature of God’s thoughts and feelings?
  • We should remember, however, that when God exposes Himself to us more and more, He desires for us to know Him in order for us to be able to trust Him and put our whole reliance in Him.

All of this information isn’t merely strewn across some lush, sparkling field, like a scattering of Easter eggs, just waiting to be picked up with clean hands and placed in a neat little basket.

‘Pray, ask questions, dive deeper and deeper,’ is my credo.

Does it appear that Jesus created a cosmos with dimensions that are different from the one we currently inhabit?

Here’s the quick and dirty version of the question: It is IMPOSSIBLE NOT to believe in several dimensions if you are a Christian who follows the Bible.

Let’s break down the lengthy response into more manageable chunks of information: God created everything via the Son of God, Jesus.

At the beginning, God was like that as well.

He created everything.

To create something out of nothing is to say “nihilo”.

In Hebrews 11:3, the Bible says: All things, seen and invisible, in heaven and on earth, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities, have been made through and for him.

If you believe Jesus created the cosmos by refashioning or reshaping unseen things that previously existing, you are mistaken, according to the writer.

Even more striking is the frequency with which He employed the words divide and separate.

When it comes to the tale of creation, there is a “deep” conclusion that has to do with the firmament of water above the world, which is in a completely separate dimension from the earth itself.

Where was he at the time of this act, is my next query.

Afterwards, the Bible says that He is so large that the world cannot contain him (Behold, the heavens and the highest heavens cannot contain Thee.

In all likelihood, God was acting in a realm different from and anterior to our own world at the time of Creation.

Thank you so much for your time (Jude 1:25) In these latter days, he was exposed for your sake, having been selected before the foundation of the universe.) (1 Peter 1:10; 1 Corinthians 15:50) Taking it in the simplest terms, here’s what you should do: Temporal dimensions are important to understand.

(For thus says the high and lofty One who dwells in eternity and whose name is Holy: “I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also who is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”) (See Isaiah 57:15 for a more detailed explanation.

  1. Eternity is not simply a very long stack of time capsules or units of time that have been stretched across time.
  2. We may also use units of light years, atomic, and solar clocks.
  3. Infinite possibilities are available to you.
  4. According to God’s sovereign will, He exists in a dimension outside of time where He has the ability to compress or expand our time (for example, by stopping the sun for Joshua).
  5. Perhaps the most stunning example is that of Jesus Christ Himself stepping through a closed door.
  6. In his words, “Peace be upon you.” 20 He demonstrated the wounds on his hands and side as he was speaking.
  7. (19-20) (see also John 20:19-20.
  8. (And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.”) So, after a while, the LORD opened the servant’s eyes.
  9. (6:17) in the book of 2 Kings There are more dimensions outside our own, and we may deduce that.
  10. All of God’s things, according to the majority of theologians, are sent to us in many forms: dimensions, levels, measurements, stages, and stages of development.
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To be able to grasp with all saints what the breadth and length and depth and height of the universe are Surprisingly, according to examinations of the Book of Genesis conducted by a renowned Jewish Rabbi namedNachmonides as early as the 12thcentury, our cosmos contains ten distinct dimensions.

No one is certain of anything.

Despite popular belief, the presence of many dimensions is not restricted to Star Trek.

The experience of Jesus’ Blood Tears is one that will change your life. Get the e-book for less than a dollar if you pre-order and read it immediately. Did you notice that question 4 was not included in the countdown to zero? Please visit this link:

The 1st-10th Dimensions Explained

The first dimension is referred to as Based on length, or to put it another way, a straight line, there is no depth or width, just a simple measurement from one ‘point’ to the next. 2nd Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimensional Dimension The addition of the first dimension’s height is referred to as the “height factor.” Think back to your high school geometry class and visualize the equation of length x width, and you’ll have yourself a two-dimensional plane on your hands.

  1. When considering the previous dimension, visualize a square.
  2. It is the most common and observable dimension from the human perspective.
  3. Many believe that the fourth element is made up of time, or more specifically, the position of an object in time.
  4. For the time being, however, we will go with the flow, no matter how speculative the situation may appear to be.
  5. This is the point at which the definition and explanation of string theory definitions begin to sound strange, obscure, and even surreal in some cases.
  6. According to the article, scientists explain that visualizing the 4th dimension as a sort of membrane that is embedded in a mass composed of other dimensions makes it easier to comprehend the 5th dimension.
  7. It is hypothesized that gravitons are particles with the ability to transcend the boundaries between the fourth and fifth dimensions, implying that the gravitons are traveling from a nearby, potentially similar world or universe that is constrained by the same dimensions as our own.
  8. According to some theories, the 6th dimension can be described as a plane, with every possible world beginning with the same starting conditions, such as the big bang, as the previous worlds.
  9. Every possible formation of the world as we know it replicated across a flat plane, but each world is an amalgamation of every potentiality and possible development of the world as we know it.

To put it another way, the 7th dimension is a plane of all possible worlds, but with different starting conditions, as in every potential world formation from every possible primary event, not limited to the big bang, but expansive enough to cover potential starting conditions that we haven’t predicted or theorized yet, or that are beyond conception from our current position in space and time.

It becomes increasingly difficult to conceptualize the eighth dimension and beyond through description and graphics.

Several of the theories and thoughts I’ve discovered as a result of reading other people’s personal interpretations of the eighth dimension have led me to some strange and unusual places on the internet.

It is described by ayahuasca-info.com as “an Amazonian plant mixture capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, which typically last between 4 and 8 hours after ingestion.” It is believed that DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) is the primary active ingredient in Ayahuasca, which has been dubbed “the God particle” because of its spiritual properties.

The chemical hormone DMT is believed to be released during REM dream states and expelled into the brain as a person nears death, according to some theories.

According to Aubrey Marcus’s article, the eighth dimension was perceived during a particularly intense Ayahuasca trip, and he describes it as “the realm of pure potentiality.” The 8th dimension is described as a plane of infinite worlds with infinitely different starting conditions combined with the infinite and everlasting production and conditions of those worlds through time, with the exception of some inaccurate descriptions of transcendence between the 5th and 7th dimensions via hallucinogenic ingestion.

This particular quote is the closest I have found to a detailed description of the 8th dimension (the 4th dimension) The Ninth Dimension To describe the 9th dimension as accurately as possible, imagine as closely as you can the concepts described in the 8th dimension, but with every possible, and vastly varying law of physics added on top of them.

In this case, Newton’s third law might be described as a ‘every action must be responded with a subliminal or minor reaction, meaning energy dissipates instead of flowing on a continuum.'”” The tenth dimension Think true infinity on a universal scale, everything that is possible exists in some form or another, worlds obey differential and infinite arrays of physical laws and attributes, including the depths of the metaphysical level, think true infinity on a universal scale For quantum physicists and other scientists, the tenth dimension represents the pinnacle of the multiverse theory, which continues to thrive today thanks to their endless research and pursuit of what is known as the “theory of everything,” which is a tome or scripture commonly referred to in the scientific community as the “theory of everything.”

God and the 10th Dimension

I’m going to talk about a personal idea that I’ve developed concerning the existence of god in the physical universe in this article (s). I believe that the primary reason we have not been able to directly observe or find traces of an ultimate power is because god, being omnipresent, must be in all places at all times. The best explanation I can come up with for this is that God is a 10th dimensional being who is able to observe and interact with the 1st through 10th dimensions is that God is a 10th dimensional being who is able to observe and interact with the 1st through 10th dimensions.

  • This means that God would have the potential to engage with our physical reality in ways that many would consider miracles or happenings in the natural world that are impossible to occur in our current state.
  • God is all-knowing, which supports the physics argument that anything that is imaginable may and will occur, with God being able to see every intricacy, every movement, and every aspect of the multiverse.
  • What follows is an issue of motivation or aim, such as, for example, what is the purpose of one’s existence.
  • The multiverse in the tenth dimension, in my opinion, is a creation of God, and each world is an experiment in every possibility, every potentiality, according to my beliefs.
  • God’s multi-verse and 10-dimensional theory of creation makes it feasible for heaven to be a place where everything you could possibly want exists, as described in several biblical texts.
  • While I recognize that this is not the most christian or modern religious doctrine, it was an idea that has been going through my head for a while, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments area.

Jesus in three dimensions

Sarah Carson contributed to this article. — I have numerous images of a cartoon that my mother used to play for my sister and me that I have stored away somewhere in the deep, dark regions of my mind. I don’t have a whole memory; all I have are a few random fragments of information that have become lodged in the gray matter of my amygdala. I’m not sure what message the animation was intended to convey, or if we watched it once a week or only once a year as a family. Nonetheless, with extreme concentration and a tiny shift to the left of my head, I can make out the ripped cardboard of the VHS sleeve and a cartoon Jesus waving in my mind’s eye.

  1. He approaches two brothers who are sitting in a fishing boat that has been docked.
  2. Afterwards, he turns around and continues walking along the shore.
  3. Throughout the first two sessions of our winter Bible study, “Gospel of John: Meetings with Jesus,” led by Julie A.
  4. This month, we continue to explore that topic as we meet a lady who committed adultery, a blind man, and three of Jesus’ closest friends: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (who was raised from the dead).
  5. 11), and that the same compassion and kindness that Jesus shows to individuals in the Gospels is also extended to us by the same Jesus.
  6. The more I read through this month’s issue, the more I realized that my picture of Jesus may have been shaped a little too strongly by my Sunday school experiences.
  7. The actual Jesus, on the other hand, was everything from a one-dimensional figure.


To put it another way, can you image thousands of young children from all over the world, moved by what they’ve seen on television, flocking to courthouses and pleading with adults to choose forgiveness over punishment?

As Catherine Malotky points out, “Jesus moved outside societal limits and long-held conventions about the position of love and sexuality in society,” which were established centuries before (p.

He calls on us to love as he loves, to exercise authentic, radical friendship, as he has loved us all along.


“Welcoming, feeding, mending, forgiving, exhorting, confronting, reframing, abiding, and dying” are some of the ways we may help.

I’m not sure what to say.

I believe that this Jesus is a far more memorable one.

Sarah Carson works as an associate editor at Gather magazine. This essay first appeared in the Gather magazine’s March/January/February 2019 edition, and it is reprinted with permission. Subscribe to Gather if you want to read the entire article or more articles like it.

God’s multidimensional wisdom (Ephesians 3:9–11)

9 minutes are allotted for reading. Moore College in Sydney is home to Lionel Windsor, who teaches New Testament. One dimension is stale and uninteresting. A line is uninteresting. A two-dimensional picture is more intriguing than a three-dimensional image. According to your attention span, an Instagram image that has been expertly filtered may be able to keep your attention for at least 6 seconds. A video, which adds the element of time, may hold your attention for a longer period of time: perhaps 30 seconds.

  1. Isn’t it?
  2. In spite of this, a person who appears uninteresting in one setting may be immensely intriguing in another.
  3. “Controlled Laser Multiple Pulsing for Solar Cell Processing” was the title of the dissertation (hear me out).
  4. He was also regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on solar cells.
  5. In reality, he was a successful international entrepreneur.
  6. He was also a Christian, a man whose life had been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

At Stuart’s funeral, which was held in a packed auditorium with more than a thousand people in attendance, I and my former colleagues from Stuart’s company learned about even more aspects of Stuart’s life on earth: his larger-than-life escapades on road trips with friends and colleagues, his children who admired and adored him, and more.

  1. In no way did it get monotonous.
  2. If you do, it’s possible that it’s because your understanding of God is limited.
  3. Perhaps you consider God to be a moral police officer who prevents you from enjoying yourself.
  4. Perhaps you consider God to be the one who created the universe and set everything in motion so that we might each choose our own path in life.
  5. Perhaps you consider God to be a social construct that has to be recreated for each new generation of believers.
  6. Perhaps you consider God to be the impetus behind your favorite political cause or cause of choice.
  7. This is a common misconception.
  8. This is exactly what happens for a large number of people.
  9. Paul’s relationship with God is as far from one-dimensional as it is possible to be.
  10. The central figure in God’s plans is Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and resurrected from the dead in order to redeem sinners from God’s punishment and to provide them eternal life in his kingdom.
  11. We can perceive so many facets to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the more perspectives we get on it, the more magnificent it appears to be.
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The author of these passages refers to it as “the multifaceted wisdom of God.” Also granted to me was the responsibility of informing everyone about the administration of the secret that had been hidden for ages in God, who created everything, in order that the multidimensional wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places, through the church, in accordance with God’s ultimate plan, which he completed in the person of Jesus Christ our Savior.

9–11 (Ephesians 3:9–11)

The time dimension

Think about the time dimension, as an example. God’s designs and objectives have been carried out over a period of time. Paul refers to “the administration of the secret” in this passage, which refers to a secret that had been hidden in God but had now been revealed. Paul had already discussed this in Ephesians 3:2–6, thus it is not new information. God’s intention was for the nation of Israel to be a blessing to the entire globe. No one, however, had a clear picture of what it would look like or how it would take place prior to the birth of Jesus Christ.

The knowledge dimension

There is a knowledgedimension to God’s wisdom, which means that God has knowledge of everything. God has kindly made himself known to us and disclosed his purposes for us to see and understand. We would never be able to figure out God’s plan on our own because it was a “secret.” Nevertheless, God’s heavenly revelation has broken through our ignorance and inability to comprehend. As a result of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, we have the great privilege of living in this time and space, as well as the grace of knowing God’s plans in both time and space.

The personal dimension

God’s plans and purposes also have a highly personal component to them as well. He has been generous to each of us who has placed our faith in his Son on a personal level. Earlier in Ephesians, Paul waxed lyrical about the way God’s grace has been bestowed on us, granting us forgiveness of our sins, adopting us as God’s children, guiding us toward holiness, providing us with hope, and more (Ephesians 1:3–10; 2:8–10). Additionally, he has reminded us that this redemption by grace is not a result of our own efforts, but rather is a result of faith (Ephesians 2:1–10).

Following this text, Paul will go on to discuss the influence that God’s grace should have on our lives and our relationships as we change and develop in holiness and love for others (Ephesians chapters 4–6) as we mature in our faith.

The social dimension

God’s intentions and purposes include an element of societal responsibility. The message of Jesus Christ is for everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. The gospel brings about a real equality of position between all persons in the world today. In the Old Testament, the gentiles were depicted as being favored by God, but not in the same sense that Israel was: the gentiles were considered as more of a burden on Israel than anything else. All persons who put their belief in Christ, however, are considered fellow-heirs, members of the same body who share the same status as God’s children and have access to God.

This is because of God’s grace shown in Jesus Christ (seeEphesians 3:6). And so, according to Ephesians 2:11–18, the gospel of Jesus Christ brings about reconciliation and peace. Isn’t it obvious that this will have an influence on our personal relationships and our churches?

The international dimension

God’s designs and purposes have a global scope and significance that cannot be overlooked. The riches and wonder of the gospel are not something that should be kept to one nation, Israel; rather, the gospel has spread from Israel to all other nations and is continuing spreading across the world. For example, the spread of Christianity in China is accelerating at such a rapid pace that some predict the country will have 247 million Christians by 2030. This serves to remind us that being a Christian is about more than just our own individual lives, or even our own unique churches, but also about the entire world.

The cosmic dimension

And it is at this point that Paul reminds his readers of the vastness of God’s knowledge on a cosmic scale. It’s not merely a matter of the physical world. It is God’s greatness and wisdom that we witness to the spiritual powers and authorities in the heavenly realms as people hear the gospel of the Lord Jesus and place their trust in him, as we are raised spiritually and seated with him above all powers and authorities, as we are united together and gather around his word in church here on earth.

However, in truth, the angels wish they could have had the same experience as us!

Multidimensional life

As a result, this is what Paul means when he speaks of the “multidimensional knowledge of God.” In other words, it’s the numerous elements of God’s grand purpose “to bring everything into Christ: everything in heaven and everything on earth, all in him” (Ephesians 1:10). It’s God’s grand design for the cosmos, shown in vivid color, ultra-high definition, and surround sound. Everything revolves around the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is brought into practice via the proclamation of that gospel message.

  • God’s multifaceted wisdom permeates all aspect of our life and is accessible to everybody.
  • With a God like amazing, how could we ever become bored with him?
  • Shouldn’t our lives be engulfed by it?
  • As a result of being engulfed by God’s multifaceted understanding, all of these things and more will come to pass.
  • So, pastors, whatever you do, don’t get disinterested in God and his plans for you.
  • What they require the most of you is that you, like Paul, be consistently seized by the gospel of God’s grace in all its richness, beauty, breadth and length, height and depth, and that you share their passion for it.
  • Moreover, if you are disinterested in the gospel, your message and ministry will be disinterested as well.
  • I’m referring to something significantly more serious: being uninteresting in terms of content.

It is not authentic to the gospel message if your ministry is one-dimensional. This is due to the fact that God’s intelligence is extensive, rich, and diversified. Consequently, let us continue to be enchanted by it, to mature in it, and to share it with others.

For reflection

How well-versed are you in each of the areas of God’s knowledge that have been outlined above? What can you do to express your gratitude for God’s mercy in this situation? How about one of the qualities of God’s knowledge listed above that you are less familiar with. What steps can you take to improve your understanding of and commitment to God in this area?

Audio podcast

This post is part of a series of 70 thoughts on Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, which will examine every line in the letter. It is also accessible in the form of an audio podcast. By following this link, you will be able to view all of the blogs in the series as well as access to the audio podcast using the platform of your choosing.

The academic details behind these reflections

For the sake of this series, I will not go into depth to support every assertion I make concerning the background and meaning of Ephesians, but instead will focus on the main points. That’s something I’ve done before. Read my book Reading Ephesians and Colossians After Supersessionism: Christ’s Mission via Israel to the Nations if you’re interested in the reasons I say what I say above, as well as a lot of ancient Greek, technical things, and footnotes.

4 Dimensions of Jesus’ Personal Growth

Over the years, I’ve pondered the question, “How did Jesus develop?” In the Gospel of Luke, we come across an extremely unique section of scripture that really provides us with a glimpse into Jesus’ personal growth experience. For the most part, it’s the only place in the Bible that provides a clear picture of the events that took place in his life before to his entry into the world and the beginning of his public ministry. Allow me to set the scene. Following the birth of Jesus, and when Joseph and Mary had completed their holy responsibilities as prescribed by the Law, they returned to the city of Nazareth.

1. Jesus Had a Posture of Growth

Jesus grew up at that place as he matured in bodily strength and gained in understanding, and the favor of God rested on Him, according to Luke 2:40. “And Jesus went on increasing – in intelligence, in physical height, in favor with God, and in favor with others,” the Bible states in verse 52. Take note of the “ing” that occurs throughout Jesus’ development. It is a present perfect progressive tense that describes an activity that has ramifications in the past, present, and future. He WAS, IS, and WILL continue to mature, increase, and develop.

  • The benefits of growth are eliminated when one does not adopt a development-oriented stance.
  • “In times of transition, learners inherit the planet, while the knowledgeable find themselves admirably equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists,” as Eric Hoffer famously noted.
  • When what you learnt no longer works, what you learned may turn out to be your most significant asset.
  • “It’s what you learn after you’ve learned it all,” said legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, who once said, “that counts.” A stance of progress has no expiration date as far as I’m concerned.

A sobering statement made by author and pastorAndy Stanley is particularly relevant to young leaders: “In the early years of your profession, what you learn is far more significant than what you earn.” In the majority of circumstances, what you learn early on will affect how much money you earn later.” A lifetime posture of personal progress is one that is devoted to continuing to learn, grow, and expand till the end of one’s life.

It is the pre-requisite for making the greatest possible contribution throughout one’s life.

2. Jesus Prioritized His Areas of Growth

And Jesus continued to develop, as recorded in Luke 2:52: “And Jesus continued to grow—in wisdom, in physical stature, in favor with God and in favor with others.” Take note of the four areas in which Jesus developed: In terms of mentality (wisdom) In terms of the physical (stature) In a spiritual sense (favor with God) In terms of social interaction (favor with others) This serves as an excellent reminder that our development must extend to the most important aspects of our lives.

If you continue to develop cognitively while neglecting your physical development, your life may come to an end sooner than expected.

The 7 Dimensions

“And Jesus continued to grow in intellect and physical stature, as well as in favor with God and with people,” according to Luke 2:52. Take a look at the four areas where Jesus matured in maturity: In terms of the mind (wisdom) In terms of physical appearance (stature) When it comes to spiritual matters (favor with God) When it comes to social interactions (favor with others) That our development must extend to the most important aspects of our lives is a timely reminder. The chances of your life ending prematurely increase if you continue to develop cognitively while neglecting your physical development.

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The First 3 Dimensions

The human being on our planet exists in three dimensions. These three dimensions are constantly in contact with the five senses of the body. Light, matter, and time are the three dimensions that make up the universe. We are unable to transcend beyond these three dimensions while in our physical bodies on this planet. Here on earth, Jesus died, and this corresponds to the outer court of the tabernacle of Moses, where animals were sacrificed on the obscene altar of sacrifice. In our earthly existence, man is restricted in a variety of ways.

  • Because of the time dimension, we are restricted in a variety of ways—you cannot, for example, engage in a continuous activity for an extended period of time without being exhausted.
  • After birth, the kid discovers a vast and diverse environment, complete with seas, land, and other natural features.
  • Heaven is not constrained by the three dimensions in which we dwell on earth.
  • The units of measurement in this life are months, days, hours, miles, kilometers, yards, and so on.
The 4th Dimension

The scientific dimension is the fourth dimension. Science transcends the constraints of the five senses of the human body. For example, a person’s senses are unable to communicate with an action that is taking place hundreds of kilometers distant from them. Television, on the other hand, can channel such activity and display it on a screen for the viewer. The fourth dimension is represented by television, radio, phones, and the internet. They are beneficial to man since his five senses are limited in a variety of ways.

Although that channel has been present from the beginning of time, mankind were just recently alerted to its presence. When our bodies will be glorified, we will no longer require these scientific instruments to function properly. We shall no longer be restricted in any way.

The 5th Dimension

After death, the sinner is reincarnated here. It’s the lands of the vanishing adrift. The bottomless pit is a realm that is also known as hell, according to 2nd Peter 2:4. Hell is the location of Satan’s lair and the residence of demons, however they do venture out to walk around the world occasionally. According to Revelation 9:1, Satan is the ruler of the bottomless pit. At death, the soul of a sinner, like the soul of a Christian, departs from the body. Because everyone has a certain amount of time on earth, the individual will not be able to extend his or her days on earth.

Instead of the lake of fire, this is a prison until the general resurrection and judgment in Revelation 20:11-15, when it will become the lake of fire.

The 6th Dimension

The sixth dimension is the place where the Christian travels once he or she dies. It is located just beneath the altar of God. Saints used to travel to a location known as paradise before the Blood of Jesus was shed. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, God destroyed that paradise, and we now live in the sixth dimension, which is the sixth dimension. Because this is underneath the altar and not where the throne is located, its dimension corresponds to the holy place in Moses’ tabernacle. Anyone in this realm who does not have access to the Holy Spirit remains as souls beneath the altar, without access to celestial bodies.

  1. They’re huddled beneath the obnoxious altar.
  2. Following the judgment of the great white throne, they will be allowed to enter the redeemed world.
  3. They are located beneath the golden altar.
  4. At that point, they will descend and place their newly exalted terrestrial bodies on top of the heavenly bodies, completing the transformation.
The 7th Dimension

This is where God’s throne is located. The holiest of holies in the tabernacle of Moses has a dimension that matches to this one. This realm is described in considerable depth in Revelation chapter 4. It is from this location that the Lord controls all of the dimensions of space. After the Rapture, the Bride will be transported to the 7th dimension. This is where the marriage feast of the Lamb will take place.

Praying the Fifth Dimension

Isn’t it interesting how much of a difference there is between a manipulative talk with a friend about a friend and a nice, long (what Christians like to call) intercessory prayer? Isn’t it interesting how much of a difference there is between two manipulative conversations? There isn’t much. It is possible that you may reconsider praying for your husband to be nicer, your children to perform better in school, or your employee to be willing to work that additional 40 hours over the holiday weekend if you want to see results.

It arrived with all of His might and all of His presence.

So let me say it again: Jesus’ Kingdom (and I am quoting Him) is not of this world, as many people believe. And, sure, (to paraphrase), all authority in Heaven and on Earth has been entrusted to the Church.

How Should This Affect My Prayers?

So, how should this tidbit of information influence my prayers? Consider the implications of this. You and I live in a three-dimensional universe where we are aware of our surroundings in terms of their length, breadth, and height. If we incorporate time, we may claim that it is four-dimensional. Well, when Jesus arrived, He brought a fifth dimension to the universe: the dimension of spirituality. Unless a miracle occurs, we will be unable to see, touch, or hear in this realm, yet we are still expected to believe.

All they have to do to disappear is walk up and over a line—and whoosh!

They’ve vanished!

The Fifth Dimension

A realm that we cannot see or hear, but where Jesus lives and moves is called the fifth dimension. When He acts in ways we cannot comprehend and performs miracles, it is because we are unable to comprehend or feel the concrete realities of the fifth dimension. at least not at this time. Nonetheless, it is in this fifth dimension that the real Christian is expected to live and worship. All of the things that Jesus has already given us are things that go into the fifth D category, if you understand what I mean.

  1. Rather of praying for three or four-dimensional outcomes (manipulative speech), the idea is to pray for the fifth-dimensional benefits promised and let them to decide the three-dimensional consequences.
  2. Is it important to you that your husband is not cruel?
  3. What about your child’s academic performance?
  4. That is an attempt to get your way—and it may be out of step with where your child is in their learning path, much alone what they are capable of.
  5. Furthermore, when there is light, there can’t be any darkness.

How to Pray

I could go on and on about this. You can pray for someone’s sins to be forgiven (see Job and Moses for examples); you can also pray for the Devil and his angels to be banished from a situation (see Daniel and Job). Indeed, you can even request that God’s will and ideas be given control over you and your affairs, therefore ensuring the finest possible outcome. In reality, anything in the Bible that is promised as a “already given” is a yes when requested for in prayer. After you’ve finished reading it, you’ll have a better understanding of how to pray.

It is therefore silly and even detrimental to pray for four-D results when we do not even know if such an outcome would be beneficial in the long term – as in indefinitely long term – in the first place.

No, he would prefer it if we just begged for spiritual benefits that would bring us into harmony with Him and allow Him to go to work for us.

His Kingdom Come

As a result, don’t pray for the future over anyone—not your family, friends, or the employees that you wish to put in extra hours. Instead, recite the fifth prayer. In your prayers, ask for the things that Jesus died to provide for you—the great things like the Holy Spirit to lead you, the blood to forgive you, the Word of God to guide you, and the protection of angels, among other things. Furthermore, you may be confident that your prayers will have a significant influence, even if you do not see the results until we reach the other side.

  • Jesus came to earth for the first time in order to bring the entirety of the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven to the people.
  • And what does that imply for me personally?
  • Yes, it is very nice.
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The Fourth Dimension and the Bible (1922)

When it came to religiously-minded scientists, the Victorian age — with its Darwinian disclosures, dinosaur discoveries, and other discoveries — was not the easiest time to be alive. Despair and doubt were rampant. As explorations into “unseen” phenomena such as x-rays and radioactivity progressed toward the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century, the positing of invisible worlds and higher dimensions began to offer a means of reconciling the latest scientific developments with religious inclinations.


His book, The Fourth Dimension (1904), was based on concepts he had been developing since 1880 and sought to establish an additional spatial dimension to the three we are familiar with — visualised in the form of coloured hypercubes which he called “Tesseracts,” which he called “Tesseracts.” As a result of Hinton’s works’ widespread popularity, the concept of a higher dimension spread not just via scientific circles but also through artistic and literary circles as well as, of course, religious and spiritual societies.

People who believed in the spiritual aspect of the argument, such as Rudolf Steiner and Charles Leadbeater, went along with it.

These circumstances set the stage for this especially severe case of fourth dimension meets religion, which is the mathematician William A.

Hinton hinted at something, but Granville goes all in, attempting to explain the more perplexing portions of the Bible via the rigors of pure mathematics, an ambitious undertaking that, as he admits, is “taking a trip on practically uncharted waters.” Granville wants us to consider the possibility of another dimension, one that is beyond our mortal comprehension, in the same way that Edwin Abbott’s Flatland(1884) imagines a flat, two-dimensional cosmos in which our three-dimensional perceptual world is beyond comprehension.

Heaven is considered to be the upper dimension, where God resides, and all happenings on earth are considered to be three-dimensional expressions of the greater celestial aggregate.

A man (three-dimensional entity) who has been transferred from our space into a higher-dimensional space will stay invisible to earthly humans until he returns to our space, explains the author.

Also, when Jesus enters the chamber of his disciples (John 20:19-23, 26-29), he does so through the realm of the fourth dimension, which serves as a mediator between him and the disciples.

Even though it is (of course) referred to as a “lower dimension,” the notion of hell may be conceived of in terms of mathematical concepts as well.

Sir Isaac Newton pioneered work on natural sciences as they were applied to religious commentary in his posthumously publishedDaniel and the Apocalypse(1733).

The oscillation between empirical science and religious doctrine, albeit at times ridiculous, may be explained by a fundamental rationalism: if theology is to avoid becoming fanatical, it must stay firmly rooted in the natural world.

If, as Emerson put it, “Nature geometrizes,” then God, according to Granville, must do the same.

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