It Will Be Worth It All When We See Jesus


Christian living should be filled with pleasure and peace, not sorrow and strife. And it is what our heavenly Father desires for us. Trials, heartaches, tears, separations, and disappointments are all part of the voyage through this strange place of earth that we will continue to experience for as long as we are on it. And, at times, these experiences will be quite difficult to confront and bear. And we find ourselves whining and asking “why?” on a regular basis. Believers are likely to ask themselves this question more than any other, in my opinion.

Moreover, we are aware that He has pledged never to abandon or forsake us.

When the clouds part, the light beams through to reveal itself once again.

It is possible that we may reach a point in our understanding when we will proclaim, as Esther Kerr Rusthoi, the author of this week’s song, said, “it will all be worth it when we meet Jesus.” And we pray that day will come very soon.

  • When the day appears long and our hardships difficult to bear, we’re tempted to grumble, mutter and despair; yet Christ will soon arrive to catch His Bride away, and all tears will be forgotten in God’s everlasting day.
  • When the sky appears gloomy with not a ray of light, we are tossed and pushed on with no human assistance in sight;But there is one in heav’n who understands our deepest care, and he is the one who loves us.
  • Refrain It will all be worth it when we encounter Jesus face to face.
  • (3)Life’s day will soon come to an end, and all storms will be forgotten.
  • The tempter will be expelled, and we will be relieved of our load.

Refrain It will all be worth it when we meet Jesus; when we see Christ, life’s troubles will appear insignificant; one glance of His tender face will erase all grief; therefore fearlessly continue the marathon till we see Christ. Take a listen to the lyrics and music in this section. LISTEN

It Will be Worth it All

Esther K. Rusthoi wrote the lyrics and composed the music.

It Will be Worth it All When We See Jesus

(When We Come Upon Christ) D GD says that the day might seem particularly lengthy at times. Our difficulties are difficult to endure; We’re inclined to grumble, D to moan and be dejected about the situation. Christ, on the other hand, will arrive shortly GD To entice His spouse away from him; GD All tears have been dried up for good. GA7D In the eternal day of God. Chorus:DGD All of our efforts will be rewarded when we see Jesus; A7D When we see Christ, the difficulties of life will appear insignificant.

  • We must fearlessly run the race until we reach Christ’s arrival.
  • But there is someone in heaven who understands our innermost concerns; let Jesus take care of your situation.
  • Life’s days will soon come to an end, and all storms will be forgotten; we shall bridge the vast divide.
  • We’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of heav’n together.

Hymn: All for Jesus! All for Jesus

The song cannot be played because your browser does not support it.

1 All for Jesus! All for Jesus! All my being’s ransomed pow’rs; All my thoughts and words and doings, All my days and all my hours.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!All my days and all my hours.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!All my days and all my hours.
2 Let my hands perform His bidding; Let my feet run in His ways; Let mine eyes see Jesus only; Let my lips speak forth His praise.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Let my lips speak forth His praise.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Let my lips speak forth His praise.
3 Worldlings prize their gems of beauty, Cling to gilded toys of dust; Boast of wealth, and fame, and pleasure; Only Jesus will I trust.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Only Jesus will I trust.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Only Jesus will I trust.
4 Since mine eyes were fixed on Jesus, I’ve lost sight of all beside— So enchained my spirit’s vision, Looking at the Crucified.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Looking at the Crucified.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Looking at the Crucified.
5 Oh, what wonder! how amazing! Jesus, glorious King of kings, Deigns to call me His beloved, Lets me rest beneath His wings.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Resting now beneath His wings.All for Jesus! All for Jesus!Resting now beneath His wings.


In more recent times, a key was turned (Women) 310 Our God is a fortress of strength68. A Bereaved Traveler on the Road to Recovery 29 There has been a voice heard from the dust 275 165Abide with me; it is the season of celebrations165Abide with me! 166 Adam-ondi-Ahman Our dear Redeeming Lord179 has called us together once more around the board. 49 Our God and King has created all creatures62. All Honor, Glory, and Praise69 69 The United States of America is a beautiful country. 338 There Was an Angel From Above 13There Was an Angel From Above328There Was an Angel From Above203 Raise your heads, O Glorious Zion.

Bring your Saints of God to their feet!17 Manger 206: Away in a Manger


Battle Hymn of the Republic (Battle Hymn of the Republic) 60 Be Still, My Soul, and Listen124 130. Be Humble in Thyself Beautiful Zion, constructed at an elevation of 44 meters. Because I’ve been given a great deal219 In front of Thee, O Lord, I Bow My Head158 Take a look at the Great Redeemer Die191.

Lord, have a look at Thy Sons and Daughters238 Take a look at the Mountain of the Lord54. Look, it’s a Royal Army! 251 We Ask for Your Blessing on Our Fast138 320 Brethren, you are powerful by earthly measures. Our Father’s Mercy (Men’s Choir)335 Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy


249 people were summoned to serve. Carry on255 with your life. Place Thy Burden on the Shoulders of God110 Children of Our heavenly Father299 (also known as Select the Appropriate Christ the Lord has risen from the dead today200 Bring it on, bring it on244 Take a Break and Attend Sunday School276 Come before Him114. Come to Jesus, and you will be saved117. Invite everyone who have been enlightened to come268. Come, All Ye Saints of Zion38Come, All Ye Saints Who Dwell on Earth65Come, All Ye Saints Who Dwell on Earth Calling out to all ye Sons of God (Men).322Calling out to all ye Saints.30 Come, Come, Ye Saints326 Come with me and follow me116 Come, Let Us Begin Again217 Invite everyone to join us in singing an evening hymn167.

Come, O Thou King of Kings59, and save us.


The Shepherd’s Heart221 is very close to his heart. My Dearest Children, God Is Close to You96 Did You Consider Saying a Prayer? 140 Put Yourself in Others’ Shoes237 Is the journey seeming to be too long? 127


Each and every life that has a positive impact on ours 293 Earth, with her ten thousand flow’rs (women) 313Earth, with her ten thousand flow’rs (men) 87Earth, with her ten thousand flow’rs (men) 140Earth, with her ten thousand flow’rs (men) 313Ere you left your chamber this morning 140


The Faith of Our Forefathers Families can remain together indefinitely300 Far, Far Away on the Judean Plains212Father in Heaven133Father in Heaven, We Do Believe180Father in Heaven, We Do Believe We implore you to cheer our souls tonight231 Father, this hour has been filled with joy154. The Father, Thy Children Are Raise91 in Thy Name91 As solid as the mountains that surround us 255 For the Sake of All the Saints82 In the Interest of the Earth’s Beauty92 In Order to Increase the Strength of the Hills35 Everything that exists below the skies90 has been taken from them.

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The Sacred Strain Should Be Raise Gently146 Great and glorious things are sung in Zion48. The Most Glorious Things of Thee Are Said46 Praise be to God in the highest66 Faith263 is ready to take the lead. Be on your way, Ye Messengers of Glory262 Send out your messages from Heaven (Men’s Choir)327 God’s blessings on you till we meet again152 Dear24, May God Bless Our Prophet. God is present in His Sacred Temple132. I believe in God’s love87. God Is Love (Women)313God Loved Us So Much That He Sent His Son187God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313God Is Love (Men)313 In a Strange and Mysterious Way, God Moves285 God of our forefathers, Known from Ancient Times80 Lord God of our Fathers, we come before Thee76 God of our forefathers, whose omnipotent hand78 is upon us.

God of Strength, God of Justice20 God Save the King341 is a popular song.

164 The Lord is exalted77. Great King of the Heavens, number 63 101 Ways to Get Me to Thee You are our leader, O Great Jehovah. 83


Salute to the radiance of Zion’s glad morning light! 42 All Peoples of the World, Pay Attention! 264 The Angels of the Lord are Singing! 209Have I Contributed Anything Valuable? 223 He had passed away! The Great Redeemer died, yet He has risen from the dead! 199 Hear our Hymn, O Lord222, and help me to teach with enthusiasm. 281 High on the Mountain Top5High on the Mountain Top (Men’s Choir)333High on the Mountain Top (Men’s Choir) Mount Zion is home to a number of holy temples. 289 Home has the potential to be a Heaven on Earth.

What is the strength of the foundation?

195 How Magnificent Thou Art86 How much longer, O Most High and Most Highest?


I Believe I Am a Child of God301 On this planet, I have a family.134I believe in the deity Christ. 300 I Have Enough Work to Do224I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day214I Know My Father Lives302I know that my Redeemer lives 135I Know That My Redeemer Lives136I Know That My Redeemer Lives136I Know That My Redeemer Lives136I Know That My Redeemer Lives136I Know That My Redeemer Lives136 I require your assistance at all times98. I Need Thee Every Hour (Men’s Choir)334 I Need Thee Every Hour I Saw a Mighty Angel Fly15I Stand Transfixed193I travel in the dark of night 114I will not doubt, I will not dread 128I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go270I’m a Pilgrim, I’m a Stranger121I’m a Pilgrim, I’m a Stranger121 Assuming you could travel to Kolob284, how would you improve the shining moments226?

In Hymns of Praise172In Hymns of Praise75In Remembrance of the Crucified 190In Our Lovely Deseret307In Our Lovely Deseret Because of Thy Suffering, I write this.

God is calling Israel, Israel, God is calling7.


Jehovah, the Creator and Ruler of Heaven and Earth269 Christ Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah and King181 Jesus, You Are the Lover of My Soul102 The Mighty King in Zion234 is Jesus Christ. Jesus, my Savior, is the real deal 101. Jesus, Who Was Once of Lowly Birth196 Pilot Me104 is named after Jesus, the Savior. Jesus, the very thought of Thee is a prayer141 (Women) 315 Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee The First Prayer of Joseph Smith26 Happy New Year to the Whole World201


Observe the Ten Commandments303 It is important to remember that every soul is free 240


Please guide me towards Eternal Life. 45 Lead, please turn on the light. 97 Count on My Abundant Arm120 Let the inhabitants of the planet rejoice. 53Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you. 143 Let us all continue to go on243Let us speak kindly to one another232 Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise41Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching253Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise41 The Mighty God has shown himself! 55 Lord, accept our true devotion into Thy Kingdom236Lord, accept our true devotion into Thy Kingdom 107 Lord, please accept our resignation with Thy blessing.

163Lord, I Would Follow Thee220Lord, We Ask Thee Before We Part153Lord, I Would Follow Thee Lord, we come before Thee now162Love at Home294Lord, we come before Thee now Loving One’s Spouse (Women)318 308 Love One Another is the theme of this week’s blog post.


There is a tempest raging around you105 Men Are in Order That They May Have Joy275 My eyes have witnessed the splendor of the Lord’s arrival 60 Give Me 131 for more holiness. My Country Is Devoted to Thee339 My Redeemer Is Still Alive135


Speak No Ill233;g233;n233; I’m becoming closer to Thee, Dear Savior99. My God, I’m getting closer to Thee100 Immediately, Let Us Rejoice3 Now, thank you very much to all of our Gods95. Now that the day has come to an end159 Our prayer is now soaring to heav’n at a rate of 106. We’ll Sing in Harmony from Now on25


O God, Who has been our help throughout the ages31 God, the Eternal Father, thank you for your mercy. 175 337O Little Town of Bethlehem (Men’s Choir)337O Home Beloved (Men’s Choir) 208O Lord of Hosts178O Love That Exalts the Son295O Lord of Hosts The Saints of Zion, O My Father292 39 Lord, Thou Who Art Appointed to a Crown196 Father, we thank you for your kindness and generosity. 150O Thou Rock of Our Salvation258 (150O Thou Rock of Our Salvation) O Thou, Who Art Before the Beginning of the World189O Ye Mountains High 34 Oh, say, can you see, by the first rays of the morning sun 340?

  1. 272Oh, Say, What Is the Meaning of Truth?
  2. 338 Oh, Come, All You Devout Ones!
  3. Oh, what a beautiful morning it was on June 26.
  4. Oh, What Songs of the Heart286 There Are286 Standing on bended knees, with crushed hearts, 138 On this day of celebration and gladness, 64 Once you’ve arrived to Royal David’s City205, you’ll want to explore the area.


Give thanks to the Almighty, from Whom all blessings flow242 Praise the Lord with all of your heart and all of your voice73 Praise be to the Lord, the All-Powerful72 The Man27 deserves to be praised. Praise the Lord, all you who are in it74 Prayer is the sincere desire of the soul145. 93. Thanksgiving Day Prayer93 103. Precious Savior, Beloved Redeemer Saints81, keep moving forward. 252 Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel


61 Raise Your Voices in Praise of the Lord Messiah, the Redeemer of Israel6 Rejoice, because the Lord has come to reign! 66 Saints of the Latter Day Saints, rejoice290 Rejoice! There is a glorious sound that may be heard. 257 Now is the time to be reverent and meek. 185 Wild Bells, Raise Your Voice! Raise Up, O Men of God (Men’s Choir)215Rise Up, O Men of God (Men)323Rise Up, O Men of God (Men)324Rise, Ye Saints, and Temples Enter 287 The Stone of Ages111


Day 148 of the Sabbath Saints, take note of how mighty Jehovah is. 28 220 Savior, may I come to know and love thee. I confess that you are my Savior and Redeemer112 Sunshine230 Scattering A Song for School Thy Feelings (Men’s Choir)336 Prayer in the Dark144 See the Gathering of the Mighty Priesthood (Men’s Choir)325 for more information. See the Mighty Angel Flying (Men’s Choir)330 for more information. Is it possible for the young of Zion to falter 254? In the event that you feel inclined to censure23 Silent Night 204 is a silent night.

Now that the sun is shining, softly160 He is approaching the Sons of Michael51. Sweet Hour of Prayer (142nd minute) The Peace that the Gospel Brings14 is a sweet thing. The Work Is Delightful147 317 Sweet Is the Work (Women’s Work)


It’s a Pleasure to Sing the Unmatchable Love176 It’s a Pleasure to Sing of the Incomparable Love 177 It had been observed in the early morning sky. 12 Learn to Walk in the Light304 Testimony137 Thank you for providing Sabbath School. 278 That Easter Morning in the year 198 The Breaking of the Day Dawn52 Noel213 is the first of a series of Noel213s. There has been a glorious outpouring of gospel light283 At long last, the happy day has arrived32. The Iron Rod274 is a rod made of iron. The Light of the Divine302 We pray that the Lord will be with us161.

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89 Shepherd, the Lord is my Shepherd 108 315 The Lord Is My Shepherd (Women)317 The Lord Will Make My Pasture Ready109 The Dawning of the Day 1 Our Lord’s Priestly Ministry (For Men)320 The Holy Spirit2 (also known as the Holy Spirit of God) The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States.

The Voice of God Can Be Heard Once More18 On its way to its conclusion, the wintry day 37 The world is in desperate need of willing males.

The world is full of beauty 294The world is full of beauty (women) 318There is sunshine in my soul today227There is beauty all around When this land was once a garden location, they were called “the Builders of the Nation.” 49 It is to Thee that we dedicate this house245 Despite the Deepening Trials122 Thy Holy Word279 is the foundation of our lives.

(Men’s Choir)329Thy Spirit, Lord, has stirred our souls157Thy Spirit, Lord, has stirred our souls157 Be it done, O Lord, according to your will188 Today, while the sun shines229, it is appropriate to Dedicated to the Faith254 The Eternal Truth4 Truth Has an Impact on Our Senses273.


‘Wake up, awake, ye Zion’s Defenders’248On the Cross of Calvary184


We Have Enlisted Everyone250 Onward and upward to victory225 We Are Sowing216We Ever Pray for Thee23We Ever Pray for Thee (Women)312We Are Sowing216We Ever Pray for Thee (Women)312 We have gathered to beg the Lord’s blessing on our endeavors. 93 It is only Thine Own218 that we give thee, and it is we who have shared in Thy Love155 We Pay Attention to the Voice of a Prophet22 We Admire Thy Residence, O God247 We like hearing your holy word 279 a lot. We Reconvene as Sisters (Women)311We Reconvene at Sabbath School282We Reconvene in the Name of the Lord151 We express our gratitude to Thee, O God, for sending a Prophet.

57 Greetings, Greetings, and Greetings, Sabbath Morning280 What awe-inspiring sights my eyes are treated to 16Can You Tell Me What Was Seen in the Heavens?

129 While We Partake of These Emblems173While We Partake of These Emblems174While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks211Who’s on the Lord’s Side?

During this time of these emblems 260 With All the Might of Heart and Tongue79With Humble Heart171With Songs of Praise71With Wondering Awe210With All the Might of Heart and Tongue79


Three hundred and ninety-nine (Men) Elders of Israel I’m talking about you, simple souls who wander119. Ye Who Have Been Called to Work (Men)321 321 321 321 You Have the Power to Make the Pathway Shine228.


Zion is surrounded by hills, and it stands tall43.

Jesus Paid it All – This Hymn Was More than a Coincidence

Elvina Hall wondered aloud how long Pastor’s prayer would last this morning. Elvina’s thoughts turned to our need for redemption and the price that Jesus had to pay for it as she sat in the choir loft. Words began to develop of their own accord. She needed to get them to the ground. She, on the other hand, did not have any paper. That, however, was not quite correct. I hear the Savior say, “Thy strength truly is small;Child of weakness, watch and pray;Find in Me thine all in all,” and she scribbled it on the flyleaf of her hymnbook.

  1. Not too shabby.
  2. She handed the remarks on to her pastor after the service.
  3. It’s possible we’ll never know.
  4. The pastor had lately received a new piece written by organist John Grape, who had handed it to him.
  5. As a result, he brought them together.

Lyrics of “Jesus Paid It All”

  • “Thy strength really is small
  • Child of weakness, keep watch and pray
  • Find in Me thine all in all,” I hear the Savior say.
  • Finally, Jesus paid it everything
  • I owe everything to Him. A crimson stain had been left, but He had removed it with the whiteness of snow
  • IWhereby Thygraceclaims that I have done nothing good
  • I’m going to wash my clothes in white. Calv’ry’s Lamb was sacrificed in order to save us. And now that I am fully clothed in Him, wearing His righteousness as my garment, close to His side, I am marvelously blessed
  • The Lord, certainly, I have discovered that only Thy might, and Thine alone, has the power to transform the *leper’s spots and melt the heart of stone
  • When I emerge from my death bed, my ransomed soul will proclaim, “Jesus died to save my soul,” and the vaulted sky will be torn apart. If I am completely finished in Him when I stand before the throne, I will lay down all of my trophies at Jesus’ feet.

Elvina Hall was 45 years old at the time of the incident. She was born on this day, June 4, 1820, and was married twice: first to Richard Hall, and then, following his death, to Thomas Meyers, who was a Methodist pastor. She passed away in 1899.

Videos of “Jesus Paid It All”


  1. Hezekiah Butterworth and Theron Brown have collaborated on this project. The Hymns and Tunes: Their Origins and Development. “Elvina M. Hall,” published by George H. Doran Co. in New York in 1906.

Featured Image courtesy of Getty Images-CJ Romas

Our 20 Favorite Songs about Jesus

Before we look at some of our favorite Jesus songs for praise and worship, let us consider why we worship in the first place. We worship to show our gratitude for God for who he is, to magnify him, and to give appreciation to Jesus for what he has done. We come to worship in order to express our gratitude to God the Father and Jesus for everything he has done for us. We worship in order to come closer to the living God and to spend more time in his presence with him. We worship in order to have a taste of Heaven on earth.

In praise hymns, the sacrifice of Jesus and the gift of redemption that God provided through him are two of the most frequently encountered topics.

We honor the One who taught us how to live, who never sinned but bore the sins of the entire world upon his shoulders.

According to John 3:16, “For God so loved the world,” God sacrificed his only Son, “so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” The Bible says in John 3:16 For your convenience, we’ve produced a list of Our 20 Favorite Jesus Songs to serve as a reminder of who Jesus is and what he’s done for us.

How intense the agony of a piercing loss. “As the scars that blemish the Chosen One raise many sons to glory, the Father turns His face away from them.” Photos courtesy of Thinkstock/mbolina. The top 20 songs about Jesus.

I See Jesus lyrics by Hank Snow – original song full text. Official I See Jesus lyrics, 2022 version

When a guy named Steven taught about the Lord, many were saved and subsequently cured as a result of hearing his message. Satan did not take kindly to it, and soon he gathered his followers. Steven sobbed openly while he was being tried on that particular day. I see a vision of Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father. I see Jesus over in the Promised LandThe work is done, and now I’m on my way to be with him. I see Jesus standing at the door, ready to welcome me. – Featured as an instrumental – As the stones rained down on him, doing havoc on his body, Steven realized that he would soon be free of all toil and sorrow.

  1. He prayed that the Lord would pardon them because they were unaware of what they were doing.
  2. March the hero up to the throne of God and into the kingdom of heaven.
  3. I see Jesus standing at the right hand of the father.
  4. I see Jesus standing at the door, ready to welcome me.
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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus: The Inspiring Story of this Hymn’s Origin — Jen Miskov

Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.’s Walking on Water: Experiencing a Life of Miracles, Courageous Faith, and Union with God is the inspiration for this piece. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” is a hymn that has always been a favorite of mine. Every time I sing it, it transports me directly into the presence of Jesus. Every single time. I was curious as to what sort of music could have such anointing. As a result, some years ago, I started to look into its origins in order to understand more. I discovered that the song was composed by Helen H.

It was also based on a poem she had written titled “Focussed: A Story and a Song,” which I thought to be quite interesting.

I would want to thank her for her service.

Famous art reviewers took notice of her early work and were even prepared to invest in her schooling since they saw the enormous potential she has as an artist.

While living in London, she began to respond to this cry by walking out into the streets alone in the middle of the night to locate and rescue prostitutes who were on the streets.

This calling would come at a high price, as it would force her to give up her promising artistic career in order to follow it.

As soon as she replied to the call, she discovered that no mission agencies would deploy her or sponsor her mission.

For forty years, she lived in the desert’s obscurity among the locals, blending in with their culture.

For that one reason, she had sacrificed her entire life.

Here is the original poem, as written, with nothing modified in order to maintain the authority of the source.

It happened in the early hours of the morning in a little wood.

It seemed out of nowhere, shining brightly from a dark area of purple brown stalks and tawny moss, that a huge golden star had appeared.

And it looked to be talking to itself as it stood there, as if it were discussing the potential of making the absolute most of our lives.

Lives that have been gathered together and focused on a single goal—Christ—are the kinds of lives on which God can concentrate blessing.

In the advancement of science, we may see the concept reflected in the use of the telephone and wireless technology in the area of sound, and the use of radium and ultra violet rays in the arena of light.

The current trend in every field of learning and craftsmanship is to specialize—to choose a single subject and devote all of one’s time and energy to it to completion.

These vested interests, on the other hand, may be found everywhere.

The risk of floating between them is that the “good” will cover up for the “best” much more effectively than it could be masked by outright frivolity, with its stifled heart-ache at its own emptiness.

The place where our thoughts rest as we regain awareness in the morning is an important question.

Is it possible that this test does not provide the answer?

Put your entire life and being on display before Him, and ask Him to reveal whether or not everything is centered on Christ and His glory.

What exactly does this focusing imply?

This is demonstrated by the operation of any lens, whether it be a microscope, a telescope, or a camera.

When you stare through the window bars, the world beyond is merely a shadow; when you look through the window bars into the distance, it is the bars that become ghosts.

What do you think?

To what extent should we be willing to abandon all goals, all aspirations, all wants, and all endeavors if they cannot be brought sharply and clearly into the center of “this one thing I do”?

Indeed, it will—just as the mountain road narrows as we ascend, since where we place our feet matters more and more as we ascend—but there is always a wider and wider vista, as well as purer, cleaner air, with each step we take on the mountain route.

Is there something to be concerned about here?

After all, “to live is Christ,” therefore it’s worth our while to let God to see what He can do with these lives of ours.

Looking at the items to be dropped, rather than the one point that is to be brought out, will yield the most accurate results.

As a result, “He is worthy” of having everything that is available in the heart that He has died to gain.” In this line, the term “attrait” was used at the end to refer to the French word for “attraction,” which Lilias frequently used in her writings.

“Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” is a poem written by Helen Lemmel.

Oh, spirit, do you feel worn out and troubled?

There’s enough light to take a peek at the Savior, and life is more plentiful and free than ever before!

We follow Him there;O’er us sin has no more dominion-For we are more than conquerors!

He has passed through death into eternal life, and we have followed Him there;O’er us sin has no more dominion-For we are more than conquerors!

His Word will not fail you—He has promised; Believe Him, and all will be well: Then go to a dying planet and tell everyone about His wonderful redemption!

When we live lives of hiddenness, when we seek the face of Jesus above all else, there is something strong at work.

This is the point at which everything changes. We pray that as we make the decision to fix our gaze on Jesus today, gazing deeply into His wonderful face, the things of this world and everything that bothers us will become faintly dim in the light of His glory and grace.

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