How To Spend Time With Jesus

How to Spend Time with Jesus in the Morning

In earlier postings, we discussed the value of spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning and how to establish such a practice. It is essential to our connection with Christ that we develop this lovely habit. Perhaps you see the advantages of developing this type of habit and want to increase your chances of success, but you’re not sure what to do during the transition period. What is the best way to spend time with Jesus? What do we do first thing in the morning with Him? The various fun and helpful methods that Christians have discovered to spend their mornings with the Lord over the years have been discovered by Christians who have loved the Lord and wanted to know Him.

But first, let’s take a moment to refresh our memories on what our time with Jesus in the morning is all about.

The goal of our morning time with Jesus

It is not necessary to spend time with the Lord Jesus each morning in order to satisfy any religious obligation or conduct a ritual. If we just “clock in” and “clock out” without putting our hearts into it or engaging our spirits, we may build a habit, but it will not be a pleasant one, nor will it assist us to know the Lord better or grow in our relationship with Him. Maintaining a lifeless practice serves no purpose and yields no results. Instead, we should view our time in the morning as a chance to spend time with the One we love and who loves us, our precious Savior Christ, who is the reason for our being.

We want to connect Him in our heart, be fed by Him in His Word, enjoy Him, listen to His voice, and communicate with Him throughout this period of time.

Call upon the Lord’s name

Sometimes the most effective prayer is just calling on the Lord’s name. It is sufficient to say, “Oh, Lord Jesus,” when we spend time with Jesus first thing in the morning. Our pleading with the Lord can assist us in beginning to open our hearts to Him and exercising our spirits in order to communicate with Him. In the course of our calling, we might pray further, “Lord Jesus, I turn my heart back to You this morning.” “Lord Jesus, I want to make spiritual touch with You in order to obtain Your life.” When we call, we are communicating with the Lord through the life-giving Spirit inside us, and we are receiving His life in return.

Barber expresses it well in one of her excellent hymns: “Just to breathe the name of Jesus is to sip of life truly,” she writes.

Tell the Lord you love Him

Because the Lord Jesus desires our love, when we wake up each morning and greet Him with the words, “Lord Jesus, I love You,” we experience a lovely pleasure. The more we express our affection for our Lord, the greater our affection for Him develops, and the greater our enjoyment of His love for us. Our hearts soften and become more receptive to Him.

Praise and thank Him

We may give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus for everything He has done and for who He is. For example, we might thank Jesus for His accomplishments and triumph on the cross by citing the magnificent truths found in God’s Word: “Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your accomplishments and victory on the cross.” Lord, we give you praise because you have raised us from the dead and given us eternal life.” Lord Jesus, we give you our heartfelt praise. “Praise you, Lord Jesus; You are God, and You are the perfect and blameless man.” “Lord, You are the Lamb of God, and we exalt You!” says the congregation.

Aside from the numerous concrete items in our life for which we might express our gratitude to the Lord, we can also express our gratitude to Him for who He is to us and what He does, as revealed in the Bible.

“Thank You, Lord, for being the source of my being.” I’d want to express my gratitude to the Lord Jesus for loving me and saving me. Oh, thank You for being in me and being in me at all times, Oh, Lord.” I’d want to express my gratitude to You, Lord Jesus, for becoming the bread of life for me.

Confess your sins

It is possible to confess our sins to the Lord Jesus each morning when He makes us aware of our transgressions through our consciences. This is incredibly crucial in our relationship with Him and our friendship with others. We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable of being around someone with whom we’ve had a disagreement or who has insulted us. It’s impossible to even have a conversation with someone. We may be concerned about one another, yet there is a barrier between us that makes it difficult for us to enjoy ourselves.

He resides within us and is fully aware of everything.

As a result, when we sin or disobey Him, we experience a barrier between ourselves and Him.

The barrier between us and the Lord has been gone, and we perceive a sense of harmony between us and him.

Read and pray the Word

We can read the Bible first thing in the morning and even pray from it. It is preferable not to read too many passages in this case, but rather to concentrate our prayer on one or two of them. We can study His Word at other times if we so choose. The aim in this situation is to be nourished. In the Bible, we may read a chapter, or half of a chapter if it’s a large chapter, and then go back and pray over one or two verses that the Lord has touched our hearts about. Consider the following scenario: you are reading John 4 as part of your usual Bible reading and the passages 10 and 14 stick out to you.

Oh, Lord, I come to You right now to drink from Your bountiful blessings.

You are now the live water in me, a fountain of water that springs up into eternal life, and I am grateful to You, Lord.

We can communicate with Jesus via His Word, and He can communicate with us through His Word.

Sing to Jesus

Sometimes a hymn reflects our thoughts and feelings better than we can explain them ourselves in words. Singing a hymn or thoughtfully reading a hymn might help us to become more intimate with the Lord Jesus. The early hours of the morning are ideal for singing to Him.

According to Ephesians 5:18 and 19, singing with our hearts to the Lord is another method to be filled with the Holy Spirit in our spirits (Ephesians 5:18). is a wonderful collection of hymns, as well as the music that goes with each song.

Be with a Person

In certain cases, a hymn is more effective than our own words at expressing our sentiments. It is possible to connect profoundly with the Lord Jesus by singing or prayerfully reading a hymn. Singing to Him in the mornings is a wonderful experience. According to Ephesians 5:18 and 19, singing to the Lord with our hearts is another method to be filled with His Spirit in our spirits. A great resource for hymns and the music that goes with them is

How to spend time with Jesus in every season

Becca Garvin is a model and actress. My hair is still wet from the shower. I’m about 15 minutes behind schedule. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear. My gaze is drawn to the Bible on my bedside table. An hour ago, it was open to the passage that I had every intention of reading “in a few minutes.” Now, it is closed. I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet and I’m already feeling defeated. As soon as I pull out of the driveway, guilt begins to set in as I recall a photo from my morning Instagram scroll: a brown, leather Bible that stood out beautifully against the white folded bedspread it was resting upon.

  1. A mug with an inspirational quote on it sat nearby, filled with steaming liquid and topped with a perfectly proportioned swirl of foam.
  2. A beautifully written description of a spiritual journey that makes my own seem like a long-distance, failing eighth-grade relationship in comparison.
  3. Do we love Jesus any less if our “quiet time” does not match the ideal we see on social media platforms like Instagram?
  4. You are not alone in this.

Life Is a Series of Seasons

The purpose of using someone else’s experience with Jesus to assess the success of our own is that we will feel defeated all the time and miss the point entirely. It is quite OK for time with Jesus to look different from season to season. The goal is to pursue excellence rather than perfection. The goal is to pursue excellence rather than perfection. Mary and Martha, two sisters who are closely acquainted with Jesus, are described in Luke 10. The next time Jesus comes to their house, Mary sits at His feet, eagerly drinking up every word that comes out of His lips.

Despite the fact that she was working in the kitchen, Martha was dissatisfied with Mary’s ability to spend meaningful time with Jesus while she was working.

This discovery has been made by Mary, and it will not be taken away from her.” (See also Luke 10:38-42) The purpose of reading the Bible and praying is not to appear good in comparison to other people’s actions.

When Jesus’ brother James writes in James 4:8, he says, “Come near to God, and he will come near to you.” Purify your souls, you sinners, and wash away the filth from your hands, you hypocrites.” Being with Jesus provides a chance to hear from Him, to learn from Him, and as a result, to grow in our ability to emulate His character.

Maybe you don’t schedule an hour like she does each day.

It’s possible that you don’t always take notes. Some days, the admissions I write in my journal might wreck someone’s day rather than making it a little better. We all have moments when we feel like Martha, and other times when we want to kneel with Mary.

Pursue Jesus the Best You Can with Everything You Can

Jesus’ love for us is not diminished as a result of our solitary periods. His character does not alter in response to changes in circumstances or sentiments. He will stay faithful even if we are unfaithful, according to 2 Timothy 2:13, since he cannot disavow himself. Jesus is interested in everyone of our own hearts. It’s in your heart. My heart is breaking. Filter-free. A heart that is receptive to the unfailing love He longs to lavish on us in an unending stream. Our time with Jesus doesn’t have to look the same in every season, but it should be present in every season, regardless of the weather.

So, what can we do to ensure that our partnership remains strong throughout our lives?

Four Tips for Sustaining a Relationship with Jesus Through Every Season

Even in the midst of a hectic morning, we have the opportunity to choose what is more important: time with Jesus or time on social media, time with Jesus or time in front of the mirror. Instead of straight hair and makeup, you’re going to skip out the door on certain days with freedom as your makeup and joy as your hairstyle. Keep in mind that your identity is found in Jesus, not in what others think of you.

2. Be consistent.

Showing up on a daily basis has significant influence. The benefits of spending time with Jesus build upon one another. We seldom understand how a relationship has shaped us until months or years later, as is true of every other relationship in our lives.

3. Be flexible with the when, where, and how.

When I begin to care more about how others see my relationship with Jesus, rather than just locking eyes with Him alone, the fixation with perception begins to destroy my tranquility. You are not required to meet with Jesus over a cup of coffee in the morning. You can communicate with Him at any time and from any location. In your automobile, you may listen to the Bible. While you’re working out, say a prayer. Before going to bed at night, read devotionals. Jesus himself took time out of his schedule to pray in the early morning and late at night (Luke 5:16,Mark 1:35, andMatthew 26:36-56).

4. Hold fast to the who (Jesus) and what (prayer/His Word).

Reading books and listening to podcasts are excellent methods to learn more about Jesus, but they cannot substitute for spending time with him in person. Only he is capable of providing us with complete satisfaction. When I make it my goal to determine when and where I will speak with Jesus, I will continuously oscillate between feelings of being inadequate and feelings of self-righteousness. There is nothing wrong with sharing what we are learning or with uploading adorable photographs on social media sites like Instagram.

Instead of pursuing calm periods that are worthy of being posted on Instagram, turn to Jesus.

How I Spend Daily Time With Jesus

Every day, hundreds of millions of believers all around the world find time to spend with God in prayer and reflection. This is really cool to consider, don’t you think? Devotional time, also known as devos, quiet time, abiding time, Jesus time, alone time, or whatever else we name it in the church, is time set aside to spend alone with Jesus in the presence of God. This period of time each day is essential for developing a genuine connection with the Lord. My own life has been filled with struggles, including a constant effort to carve out time to spend with Jesus.

  • Regardless matter how hectic my life becomes, I must establish a pattern that is effective, and I must be relentless in my pursuit of this goal.
  • Many people talk about having a quiet time with Jesus, but I’ve found that only a few of them genuinely go into detail about what that means for them.
  • A private moment with the Creator of the universe is a rare and precious experience.
  • On this page, I’m going to relate my daily devotions to Jesus, some of which have resulted in amazing success, while others have resulted in a big fat “F.” In order to do this, I want you to consider how you may be more deliberate in your own daily activities.
  • I’ll also share some of the highlights from those chats with you.
  • I’ve discovered that my time with Jesus is most productive first thing in the morning, after I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.

I used to fall asleep while praying in bed, with my Bible open by my bed. I find that spending time with Jesus first thing in the morning helps me concentrate my thoughts on what God has called me to do for the rest of the day.

What that looks like:

  • Turn off all other sources of distraction. As soon as I shut down my laptop, I check to see that my iPhone’s message alerts are switched off. When a message appears, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing
  • I use the Dwell audio bible to listen to scripture while also following along in my paper Bible. I adhere to their excellent reading schedules. On my 90-day journey through the New Testament, I take notes and highlight verses in my paper Bible
  • I use a notes app called Simplenote to jot down other random thoughts
  • I spend time praying through the meetings and projects I have scheduled for the day
  • I use a note app called Simplenote to jot down other random thoughts. When I’m praying or reading the Bible, it’s common for a friend or family member to come to mind. Once I’ve prayed for them and felt inspired to text them a scripture, question, or word of encouragement, I’ll go ahead and do so.
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Every morning, depending on the day and the activities I have planned, I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour abiding. I commute to work on my electric scooter, which takes around 20 minutes. Yes, I am a 24-year-old working adult who commutes to work on an electric scooter. During the journey, I put on my headphones and listen to worship music. When I’m driving around in my car, I enjoy rocking to live worship music, especially when I’m among other Christians. If I’m ever going through a tough time, blaring praise music and singing my heart out to God works wonders for my spirits.

What that looks like:

  • Will Reagan, The Sing Team, Hillsong Worship, Phil Wickham, and Tauren Wells are among the artists I’m listening to on repeat right now.

I spend the most of my day in front of a computer. Sometimes I get so caught up in my design work that I forget to get up and take a few steps around the office. Recently, I’ve made a conscious effort to take 5-10 minute walks outside by myself on a more regular basis. It’s a fantastic method to reclaim your energy. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to calm my thoughts and pay attention to what God is trying to communicate to me during the day.

What that looks like:

  • If it’s raining, I’ll walk around the outside of the office building for a few laps instead
  • Otherwise, I’ll stroll along a trail through the downtown area that circles directly back to my employment.

I’ve discovered that having short moments with Jesus while at work is the most beneficial. Typically, this consists of me uttering a brief prayer to God, asking him to guide me through a difficult situation I’m facing at work that day.

What that looks like:

  • Pray in my head while sitting at my desk
  • Allow me to take a few minute to meditate or calm my thoughts in an empty call room

I have a consistent schedule of working on side projects a few nights a week for a few weeks. FontPair is the name of the project I’m now working on. When I’m designing or coding a website, I’ll frequently have a podcast or YouTube channel playing in the background.

What that looks like:

  • Listen to Christian podcasts such as the Bible Project, Hinge, Judah Smith, Read Scripture, Pray the Word, Ravi Zacharias, and other similar programs. Listen to the following YouTube channels: the Bible Project, The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, Gospel in Life, Francis Chan, and others.

I make an effort to calm my mind just before going to bed at approximately 11pm. I find myself wanting to go for my phone on a regular basis, but I make an effort to resist and take the time to listen to God’s voice. This is the most difficult portion of my day by far. Allowing my thoughts to wander and sitting in quiet is something I find difficult at times. I’m presented with all of the doubts and worries that I’ve worked so hard to keep at bay. The only way to overcome these anxieties is for the Holy Spirit to remind me of who I am in Jesus Christ.

What I try to do:

  • My phone was turned off and put away for the night
  • I set an alarm for the next morning. Recall the events of the day in my head
  • I’m going to quiet my thoughts and wait for God to speak

I spoke with a couple of my friends to find out how they maintain a daily relationship with Jesus. Here is what they had to say.

  • While going to his next meeting, a businessman in Georgia informed me that he likes the “in-between times” with Jesus, and that he prays or listens to praise music while on the road. A missionary from Indiana has a wide range of experiences. Sometimes she will immerse herself in a thorough Bible study on a certain issue, other times she will read a Christian book, and other times she will praise dance in her room by herself. In his spare time, a designer from Tennessee enjoys reading diverse theological viewpoints from Christian writers and wrestling with different Biblical subjects. During her daily morning coffee-making routine, an Indianapolis entrepreneur has written down Gospel principles that she reads aloud to herself every morning while making her morning coffee. Another missionary from Indiana uses the Bible app to follow reading plans and podcasts to listen to sermons
  • Another missionary from California uses the Bible app to follow reading plans. A photographer from Indianapolis spends her entire day working from home while jamming to praise music on her computer. She often listens to sermons on podcasts while she is editing images. In order to ensure that he does not touch his electronics while spending time with Jesus, an Indianapolis businessman installs all of his technology in another room. Aside from that, he makes a point of spending time with Jesus before checking his emails.

I understand that spending time with the Lord must be a top priority for me. I don’t want to be solely reliant on myself. The simple act of spending time with Jesus every day helps me to learn to rely on Him more and more. Despite the fact that my daily time with God is rarely Instagram-worthy (shout out to all of the Christian Instagram chicks out there! ), it is genuine, raw, and desperately needed time spent with Him. What are some of the ways that you spend time with Jesus on a daily basis?

17 Simple Ways To Spend More Time With Jesus • Nicki Schroeder

Have you ever gotten the words to a song or a TV advertisement stuck in your brain for whatever reason?

Isn’t it true that once something gets into your head, it’s quite difficult to get it out?

The stuff that gets stuck in our heads

Depending on how long the music has been playing, it can be played repeatedly throughout the day and into the night, sometimes for days or even weeks at a time. In no time, that memorable melody or jingle has turned into an irritation, and you’ve begun to lose your mind over it. The other day, I couldn’t get the jingle from a carpet advertisement out of my brain since it was stuck in my head. Three decades have passed since I last heard the jingle! My sister and I used to get up early in the morning before school to watch this bizarre clown program on television.

The clown was a bit out of his mind, which may have contributed to my sister’s later development of a dread of clowns as she grew older.

For the record, I contacted the number the other day to see whether it was still in service in case you’re curious.

Even decades later, that phone number is still in use, and the business is still in operation.) There are 17 easy methods to spend more time with Jesus.

Put God on repeat throughout your day.

As I sat with my Bible open and a warm cup of coffee in hand, preparing to spend time in God’s Word the other morning, that ridiculous jingle flashed into my brain. I have no idea why. However, it caused me to take a step back and ponder. Because, if an idiotic commercial from my childhood can linger in my memory decades later, imagine how powerful God’s Word would be if we committed to keeping His promises in front of us every day? I mean, can you imagine how powerful God’s Word would be if we committed to keeping His promises in front of us every day?

I need to review how I spend my leisure time in order to improve it.

Sometimes we need to reevaluate our priorites.

The God who created us is ALWAYS our most reliable source of hope, no matter what is going on in our lives. Because the hardships of daily life threaten to take our happiness so frequently and so effectively, we resort to things like Facebook and other distractions to keep us occupied. Hello there, gleaming, glistening items. They’re so simple to get absorbed in when we’re looking for anything to divert us, aren’t they?

We must place our hope in the great Immanuel. The God who is always with us.

They will name him Immanuel, which means “God with us,” since “behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son.” Matthew 1:23 is a passage from the Bible that says, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is written, “It is God saved us by sending His son Jesus to earth to bear the punishment of our sin on our behalf, allowing us to be restored to a right relationship with our Creator.

Just think about it: how great is that?

Turn to the God of comfort when life gets sticky.

We don’t have to rely on Netflix, the gym, chocolate, Facebook, or any of the other glitzy distractions that keep us from finding genuine comfort and tranquility.

First and foremost, Jesus comes first, followed by everything else. First and foremost, Jesus comes first, followed by everything else. To send a tweet, simply click here.

Let’s grow in our relationship with Jesus!

Life is hectic, and it gets in the way of many of our interpersonal interactions. To be really honest, my relationship with Jesus isn’t the only one on which I need to put more effort. And while we may not always be able to clear our calendars in order to devote concentrated time to prayer and Bible reading, we may be more purposeful in building our connection with God on a daily basis just by maintaining a consistent relationship with Him. I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to tackling this problem.

God created each of us uniquely, and it is one of the most exciting aspects of being one of His children.

What does your daily relationship with God look like?

On a daily level, I’m not wired to be a strong believer in the Word and to pray like a furious warrior like certain people. That is not the person God intended for me to be. This is something a dear buddy of mine is doing. Without spending the first half hour of her day studying her Bible and then another half hour or more during the day praying, she is unable to function. She can recite Bible Scriptures to me in her sleep if she wants to. My religion path does not resemble those of my pals in any way.

That’s OK with me.

Or, more specifically, how I choose to relate to God is incorrect.

Do you ever just hang out with God during your day?

In comparison to other relationships, my connection with Jesus is more like spending the day with a buddy. Do I have time to read my Bible? Absolutely! It’s something I really enjoy doing. But, to be honest, I don’t do it on a daily basis. I prefer to sleep in and I require coffee before any form of mental activity can take place in my head. Furthermore, God provides me with the Bible passages I need to know, and the rest is just allowed to float away in my mind until they become something particular to me.

While I’m traveling, I enjoy talking to God and praying for my pals.

My prayers will be directed to Him while I’m doing the dishes or laundry.

God is a constant presence throughout my day.

You might think that’s a crazy idea. And do you know what else? That’s OK with me. Because your journey with Jesus is your journey. My stroll is all mine. And there is no superiority between the two. They are just distinct from one another.

Commit to a deeper relationship with Jesus

Whatever method we choose to connect with the Lord, we may make modest changes in our lives that will allow us to spend more time in close contact with our King.

It is preferable to have a little bit of the Word than to have none at all. To send a tweet, simply click here.

17 simple ways to spend more time with Jesus

  • Listen to Christian music on a daily basis
  • Download a daily five-minute Bible devotional application
  • Allow phone reminders to be sent to each family member to pray for them. Prepare to worship by singing your favorite praise songs. Dancing to your favorite Christian music is encouraged. Folding laundry is a good time to pray. While you’re cleaning your house, say a prayer to God. While cooking, you may listen to Christian podcasts. Make Scripture memorization a family affair. Take a stroll around God’s creation
  • Install a Bible-themed screen saver for your smartphone
  • Bible Scriptures should be displayed throughout your house. Invest some time in reading an excellent Christian book. Put away Facebook and read God’s word for a week instead
  • Create baked goods or prepare a dinner for a neighbor who is in need. Simple acts of kindness may make a big difference. Consider placing Jesus at the top of your daily to-do list.

Whatever method you choose to communicate with God, keep doing it! Watch to see how your faith grows and develops over the next few weeks. What methods do you use to maintain a spiritual connection with God throughout your days and weeks? Please share your thoughts! I would much appreciate hearing from you!

Spending time with Jesus will transform you!

Home|A Miracle Every Day|Miracles|A Miracle Every Day Spending time with Jesus will completely change your life! The majority of us have cooked or assisted in the baking of a cake at some time in our lives. You begin by preparing the batter, and then you bake the cake in the oven until done. But first, you must pour the mixture into a baking pan and bake it for 30 minutes. The unbaked batter does not have a defined form. Because it is liquid and pliable, it does not have the form of a cake. It conforms to the shape of the baking pan that you select for it.

  1. It is certain that the cake will be square if the pan is.
  2. It’s the same with your life, as you know!
  3. (See, for example, John 14:26 in the Bible.) God’s presence takes on the appearance of a baking pan, moulding and reshaping you as it does so.
  4. That is why it is so critical that the “first” baking pan, where you spend the most time, be filled with the presence of your Heavenly Father!
  5. God will mold you in such a way that your distinctive individuality will be respected.
  6. You will move from triumph to victory, and even from glory to glory, just as the Bible predicts you will!
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8 Creative Tips for Spending Time With God

You want to spend time with God, but it’s difficult to find the time. You only have so many hours in the day, and there are many things vying for your attention at the same time. If you’re like most people, spending time with God is the last thing on your priority list. I get what you’re saying. In order to help you understand why you should spend time in God’s presence, I’d like to offer some simple methods you may include quiet time with Jesus into your everyday routine. provided the image used in this post.

See the full affiliate disclosure for more information.

Why Do We Spend Time With God?

Many different approaches may be used to answering this issue, especially when we consider God’s three-fold essence.

As a result, let us explore why we should spend time with God by understanding who God is in His many functions and why we should do so.

Spending time with God, our Heavenly Father

God is the Supreme Being who is responsible for the creation of the cosmos. Despite the fact that He is all-present, all-powerful, and all-knowing, He regards Himself as our father. We are asked to refer to Him as Abba. It is the Greek term Abba, which means “father,” but it also conveys a sense of warmth, passion, and feeling in addition to the traditional meaning of the word. “Father” is not only a title we use to refer to Him because it is our custom; we refer to Him as Father because He loves us from the depths of His heart.

  1. Studying the Bible What would you do if you wished to maintain a positive connection with your father, you may wonder?
  2. I’m going to bet that you’d prefer to spend time in His presence than anything else.
  3. But what if He specifically requests that you come to Him?
  4. Would you make it a point to spend time with Him on a regular basis?

Spending time with God, the Son

Jesus is the Son of God, according to the Bible. He is our Advocate–the one who represents us before the Father in our time of need. He died on the cross for our sins and paid the punishment that should have been ours had we not done so. In a way, He’s like our big brother–someone who protects us from the consequences of our sin and our shame. He has a great deal to teach us about how to live in this spiritual realm without falling into sin. He wishes to teach us how to pray, how to fight the adversary, and how to live our lives in the manner that God would have us live them.

We spend time with Jesus because He is our Savior and Redeemer, and we want to be close to Him.

Spending Time With God, the Holy Spirit

He is our comforter, and he is the Holy Spirit. He is both a teacher and a mentor. He is the one who reminds us of the things we’ve learned from God’s Word when we need to be reminded of them. In times when we don’t know what to say, he is the one who prays on our behalf. We spend quality time with God, the Holy Spirit, in order to strengthen our relationship with Him. I understand, my buddy, that these are justifications you’ve undoubtedly told yourself over and over in your head. Please keep in mind that I am not a judge, but rather a choir member who happens to be seated right next to you on the bench.

How Do You Spend Quality Time With God?

It’s important, I believe, to first define what we mean by “quality time.” There are several methods in which people might spend time with God. I once heard a gentleman say a highly formal prayer in front of a group of people. Nothing like how my prayers sounded, it was eloquent and lovely in comparison. For a long, I was unsure whether or not my prayers were acceptable to God since they didn’t sound like they should be. I had to come to terms with the notion that God is aware of my existence.

I had to come to the conclusion that my method of approaching God had to be sufficient for me since God accepted my sacrifice.

For yourself, you’ll have to determine what it means to spend meaningful time with God.

The only way you may be intimidated by other people’s devotional time is if you disregard your own daily time with God. In order to make your time with God more productive, there are a few things you may do to improve your results.

1. Remove distractions.

Every time you decide to spend time with God, you are issuing a challenge to the devil. He doesn’t want you to spend time with God, and he will do all in his power to keep you from worshipping the Creator of the universe. The time you spend with God will have to be protected by removing any distractions so that you may concentrate on Him. When we sit down to spend time with God, our phones are one of the most distracting things in our lives. I would advise you to leave your phone in a different room.

2. Have a designated place for Bible study.

If it’s feasible, would you like to have a specific location for your Bible study? Whether it’s a chair at your kitchen table or a separate room, going to the same area every time you want to spend time with God can help you get more done. This helps to educate your brain to calm when you are in that location, allowing you to concentrate on your quiet time with God. Check out this article:Bible Study Tips for Beginners.

3. Keep all your supplies together.

Keep all of your Bible study resources in one place so that they are easily accessible. This makes it easier for you to find everything when you need it, allowing you to spend less time seeking for the items you need for your quiet time with Jesus and more time spending time with Jesus.

4. Get creative.

You should keep everything you need for Bible study together in one place. This makes it easier for you to find everything when you need it, allowing you to spend less time searching for the items you need for your quiet time with Jesus and more time spending time with Him.

5. Use a plan.

Occasionally, our devotional time does not go as planned because we have no clue what we’re going to do before we sit down to do it. Make a strategy to avoid this from happening in the future. You should make use of a Bible reading plan or a Bible study so that when you sit down to study the Bible, you know precisely which passage you are going to go over again, study, or reflect on.

Creative Ways to Spend Time With God

It is possible to get overburdened. And there are moments when it appears that we are too busy for God. That’s why it’s critical for us to come up with fresh and innovative methods to express our affection. Here are some recommendations about how to make your time with God more productive.

1. Use an adult coloring book.

A growing number of individuals are turning to Bible journaling as a method to express themselves creatively during their time with God. Although you may not be talented or have the time to commit to crafting gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy spreads, you are not required to design the layouts for your own use. As part of your devotional time, color pages from a coloring book that contains Bible scriptures. Alternatively, you can download printable sheets to use during your own devotional time with Jesus.

Relax and think about the passage that has been chosen for this activity. Allocate some time in your day for God to speak to your soul and teach you what He wants you to know about His character or what He expects of you.

2. Listen to an audio Bible.

Audio Bibles are very fantastic! It is by listening to the Bible–especially in a dramatized version–that the Word is brought to life for the listener. When my kid was small, we would sit around the table and listen to the Bible read aloud. This enabled us to hear the Word before our schedules were too hectic, and it also provided us with a convenient option to read the Bible together as a family.

3. Spend time with God when you go on a walk.

There’s something about spending time with God while you’re in the presence of nature that makes you feel a whole lot closer to the Creator. Next time you go for a stroll, consider it a chance to engage in spiritual practice. Take a deep breath and express gratitude to God for the fresh air. Take a look at the many items and learn to appreciate God’s presence in nature.

4. Worship during your chores.

Pray while you wash dishes or do laundry. Spending time with God is about building a relationship. This can be done even as you go about the habits of your daily life. Talk with God while you prepare meals. Invite Him along when you go grocery shopping. Worship when you are on your commute. Praise when you are stuck in traffic.

5. Disciple your children.

My son would tell you that I can turn any situation into a teaching opportunity. I make it a point to add a Bible lesson in every teachable situation I can think of. Sometimes this reminds me of a characteristic of God, and I can’t help but adore or honor Him as a result of who He is and what He has done. Are you seeking for new and innovative methods to spend time with the Almighty? Here are eight suggestions that you may put into action right away. hebrews12endurancespendtimewithGod To send a tweet, simply click here.

6. Listen to sermons.

A wonderful way of connecting with God is to spend time listening to men and women of God proclaim the Word. I’ve discovered that creating a YouTube playlist of sermons that interest me is a convenient approach to ensure that I always have sermons to view. As you continue to listen to sermons on YouTube, the algorithm will propose more and more sermons for you to listen to. Simply add these to your playlist so that you may listen to them the next time you want to hear an excellent sermon.

7. Listen to Christian podcasts.

Podcasts have just emerged as a new pleasure of mine. There’s something about hearing to other people discuss their beliefs that puts me in the mood to worship that I find inspiring. Starting with these nine podcasts for Christian women, you may get an understanding of this medium.

8. Block time to spend with God.

When something is essential, we make the time to do it, don’t you think? Make a note on your calendar to set aside some time for quiet time with Jesus. And then follow through on it. Treat it as if it were an appointment, and be sure to show there on time. I assure you that God will always be on time for your meetings with him or her.

Bible Verses About Spending Time With God

Investing time in God’s presence is a topic covered extensively in the Bible. It emphasizes the necessity of spending time alone with God. It also offers suggestions and rewards for carving out time for God.

Reasons to Spend Time With God

There are several reasons to spend time alone with God, but here are a handful that come directly from the Bible. It is your word that serves as a lamp for my feet and a light for my way (Psalm 119:105 ESV). God’s Word provides us with direction. After a period of time spent in the Word, we begin to comprehend what God expects of us and what we must do in order to satisfy Him. All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good job (Ephesians 4:12).

  1. The Bible has a total of 31,102 verses.
  2. But the most amazing thing about it is that there are no unnecessary words.
  3. It was either placed there to teach us something, to discipline us when we make a mistake, or to show us how to develop in holiness as a result of our mistakes.
  4. Consider yourself a hard worker who does not need to be embarrassed and who accurately communicates the message of truth (2 Timothy 2:15 NLT).
  5. Not only are we invited to be a part of God’s family, but we are also obligated to share what we have learned with others who are in need of it.

We are entrusted with the responsibility of preaching, teaching, and making disciples (Mathew 28:19-20). Having a clear understanding of what the Bible teaches and how to communicate that understanding to others is the only way we can accomplish this goal.

Benefits of Spending Time With God

When we spend time with our Creator, we learn a great deal about who we are as created beings. Following are a few passages from Scripture that refer to the advantages of spending time with God. Because you have tasted the goodness of the Lord, you seek pure spiritual milk so that you may grow up in your salvation by ingesting it like newborn newborns (1 Peter 2:2-3 NIV). As Christians, we have a lot to learn from one another. Spiritual babies are born, but they should not remain in that state forever.

  • We learn how to disciple others and to educate them about our religion as we progress through life.
  • Spending quality time with God via Bible study helps us to avoid committing sins against Him.
  • We learn to be holy in the same way that God is holy (Leviticus 19:2).
  • God’s Word purifies and sanctifies us.
  • We are cleansed and set apart for holy purposes as a result of His Word.

Tips for Spending Time With God

The Bible also contains guidelines for how you might spend time with God on a personal level. And he left the house very early in the morning, while it was still dark, and walked out to a solitary location, where he prayed for hours (Mark 1:35 ESV). The Lord Jesus Christ would rise early in the morning to pray while He was still on this world. Even if it is not feasible for you to get up early in the morning and pray, perhaps you can set aside some time in the evening when your day has become a little more organized to spend time with God.

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Additionally, Jesus found it necessary to travel to locations where He could be alone with God.

Do you have a specific location where you can go to pray?

Do you have a special place where you go?

Spend Time With God for Spiritual Growth

Making time to spend with God should be a top priority for everyone who want to see their religion blossom. This may need a little of imagination and forethought on your side. However, I firmly think that spending quality time with God is essential for your spiritual development. You will not be disappointed in the time you spend walking with God. How many of these suggestions have you attempted to make your solitary time with God more productive? What are some of your favorite techniques for spending time with God?

  • Using Our Gifts for God’s Glory
  • Living a Life That Is Devoted to God’s Service

10 Creative Ways to Spend Time with God

I’m constantly trying to stow away ideas about how to spend time with God on a daily basis, depending on the season of life I’m in. There are certain mornings when it is just not possible to dive into God’s Word, and rather than letting that throw me off for the rest of the day, I’ve come up with alternative methods to spend time with God! It is our hope that this list of 10 Creative Ways To Spend Time With God may also be of assistance to you. We are all aware that spending quality time with the Lord is essential for spiritual growth and the development of a closer connection with God.

I hope this message serves as an encouragement to you as you search out opportunities to spend time with God each day! It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. You may find my whole affiliate disclosure statement here.

Ways to Spend Time With God

Listed below is my top ten list of ways to spend time with God, but I’ll go into more depth about each one below.

  1. Make a date with yourself
  2. Start a gratitude journal
  3. Go on a closet retreat
  4. Make good use of your driving time
  5. Scripture to be written out
  6. A Bible verse to be colored
  7. A Psalm to be prayed Pay Attention to Worship Music
  8. Practise pausing when taking a snack break with God.

How To Spend Time With God in The Morning

Choosing to carve out time during your day to spend with God is the first step in coming up with creative ideas and methods for spending time with the Creator of the universe. Time is a valuable commodity, but the worth of time spent with God is incomparably more than the price of admission. However, let’s be realistic: spending quality time with God first thing in the morning is not always possible. If you’re having trouble connecting with God, there are many various methods to spend time with Him, as you’ll see below, but the first step is to make the decision to spend time with Him and to prioritize Him in your life, as you’ll see below.

Making the decision and setting the priority of putting God first will have a profound impact on the course of your life.

How can I spend time alone with God?

When you think of the New Testament and the disciples encountering Jesus for the first time, it all started with an invitation from the Father to the disciples. “Come, follow me,” says the narrator. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus says, “It is written, ‘It is written,’ he says. God asks us to spend time with Him as well, and we are honored to accept his invitation. We were formed for spiritual communication with God, and he delights in our efforts to establish spiritual connections with Him. Many times during his ministry, Jesus withdrew from the throng in order to spend time alone with his Heavenly Father.

Our God has always extended an open invitation to spend time with us and walk beside us throughout our day, whether it is via prayer, scripture study, or simply “being.”

Benefits of Quiet Time With God

There is nothing on this planet that can compare to the experience of being with our Creator. Putting God first is challenging and distracting in our fast-paced world, but if we are convinced that He is worth our time and effort, the noise of the world will lose its grip on us as we become captivated by Him instead. He alone provides us with serenity in storms, the strength to keep on, liberation from our sins, renewal in faith, love, mercy, and forgiveness through his Son, and joy in our days.

Spending time with God significantly outweighs any other activity in terms of value.

Ways To Spend Time With God

Sometimes it’s necessary to plan time with God on your own timetable. Schedule time with Jesus in your calendar every day, using a sharpie pen, just like you would any other appointment. Except for this appointment, which is the most important. Scheduled appointments make things “official” and helps you stay on track with your goals. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having something to look forward to on a date? Prepare for a delicious hot beverage and some quiet time with God. “I have so much to do today that I want to spend the first three hours in prayer,” Martin Luther is said to have said in a quotation.

Meeting with God in His Word is one of my greatest favorite times of the day — whether it’s first thing in the morning or in the early hours of the night.

Having dedicated time with God is something our souls yearn for, and it is in this time that we develop and are built up in Him. Related:Morning Bible Verses to Get You Started in the Morning

2. Start a Gratitude Journal

The keeping of a thankfulness diary is yet another innovative technique to spend time with God. It is through taking the time to enjoy and savor the Lord”s gifts and benefits that we are drawn closer to Him. For me, it was Ann Voscamp’s book One Thousand Gifts that ignited the fire. She recommends that you keep a notebook and fill it with blessings or gifts that you notice in your life when they come your way. You see what you were looking for all along. When you seek God, you will discover God, as well as the countless benefits he has lavished onto your life in abundance.

3. Closet Retreat

Yes, it’s a getaway in the closet. Also known as a “hidden chamber.” Jesus withdrew to be with his Father as well, and he remained in solitude. When you pray, however, retire into your room and close the door behind you, and pray to your heavenly Father who is in private. And your Father, who sees everything in secret, will reward you for your efforts. 6:6 (Matthew 6:6) When our children were in their rooms, I would go to our closet to spend time with God. After seeing the film War Room, I had the inspiration for this.

Find yourself a particular location to escape to where you may connect with God in a variety of ways.

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4. Use Driving Time Wisely

When it comes to venues to spend time with God, the vehicle is yet another option. Even if you’re not snuggled up in a chair with a notepad and notebook, you can certainly spend quality time with the Lord while traveling in the automobile. To listen to scripture, hear Christian podcasts, listen to praise music, or utilize the time for prayer, download the freeYouVersion Bible App. God is interested in your heart. Period. Whatever situation you find yourself in, use your imagination to create ways to spend time with God.

5. Ways to Spend Time With God – Write Out Scripture

Another approach to connect with God is to write out scriptures and have them nearby. If you’re following a Bible reading schedule or a devotional, make a copy of a verse that stands out to you and customize it to your situation. Fill in the blanks with your name. Consider the following passage from Proverbs 3:5-6: With all your heart, put your trust in the Lord, and don’t rely on your own understanding. Please thank him in all your actions and he will make your pathways straight.” Personalize it as follows: “I will put my trust in the Lord with all my heart, and I will not put my confidence in my own understanding.” I shall acknowledge him in all of my actions, and he will straighten out my routes for me.

This will be used by the Holy Spirit to alter your heart and establish you firmly on God’s Word! Consider taking part in the Get-To-Know-GodChallenge!

6. Color A Bible Verse

Have you ever considered coloring bible passages as a unique method to spend time with God? If you haven’t, now is a great opportunity to start. Please, give me a chance to explain. Using God’s Word to transform ourselves is a real possibility, and it may be accomplished by coloring or writing out scripture. The scriptural text 1 Peter 5:10 was just just shared with me, and it was really amazing. Moreover, when you have suffered for a short period of time, the God of all grace who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ himself will personally restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

I began rewriting this phrase over and over again, and before long, the words “the God of all grace.will personally repair, confirm, strengthen, and establish you” had me absolutely enraptured by the meaning of them.

Who can make a comparison?!

The fact that you could do this with your Sunday School class, children, or even friends makes it a wonderful method to spend time with God in a group setting.

7. Pray a Psalm

Have you ever prayed through the Psalms? It is my firm belief that there is a Psalm for every single feeling we go through! Find a Psalm that speaks to where your heart is at on that particular day and pray the words out to God. Make it personal, once again. When you deliberately pray through a Psalm and personalize it for yourself, there is something extremely lovely about reciting God’s Word back to Him. Here are a few Psalms that may be of assistance in getting you started:

  • When you are worried, turn to Psalm 27
  • When you are afraid, turn to Psalm 6
  • When you are seeking God, turn to Psalm 118
  • When you are praising God, turn to Psalm 18.

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8. Listen to Worship Music

When you have a hectic schedule and are working hard throughout the day, there is no doubt that you have less than five minutes to listen to a praise song or two in your spare time! In fact, you should start your day by being ready to glorify God with praise music! There is tremendous power in praising, and I believe that many of us do not consider it to be one of the most effective ways to spend time with God. Whenever we devote our time to worshiping God, our hearts change, the environment changes, and God is exalted!

9. Snack Break With God

Keep the discussion with God going after you’ve finished saying the blessing before a meal, or especially if you’re alone and eating a snack. As you have your snack, you can share your feelings and ideas with Him. The fact is that there are numerous and diverse opportunities to spend time with God all around us. It’s amazing how many opportunities we’ll find to encounter God when we dedicate our hearts to seeking Him!

10. Ways To Spend Time With God – Practice Pausing

This is an oldie but a goodie, plus it’s something fresh for me. Has “practice pausing” ever crossed your mind when contemplating how you can spend more time with God? We live in a society where quick pleasure is the norm. It requires discipline to take a breath before doing practically anything – speaking, listening, purchasing, or making any of the other decisions we make during the day. Would it be possible for us to begin to practice pausing and looking for God in the pause?

If we put this into practice, we’d be able to discover countless opportunities to spend time with God throughout the day, which would be fantastic! According to Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me if you seek me with all your heart,” which means “you will seek me and find me.”

How can I spend more time with God?

Are you still seeking for new methods to spend time with the Almighty? Encouragement is available! When it comes to spending time with God, there are several options, and He is always willing to meet you where you are. The following resources can assist you in getting started: Developing a Holy Habit of Spending Quality Time With God How to Get Started Reading the Bible Every Day The SOAP Method of Bible Study For those who are new to quiet time with God, here are some pointers.

Spending Time With God Bible Verses

When it comes to choosing a bible verse for spending time with God, there are lots of options to pick from! In order to possibly motivate you to spend time with God throughout the day, I’ve included a few examples. Rather, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things will be given to you as a bonus. Matthew 6:33 (KJV) Consequently, hearing leads to faith, which is gained through the word of Christ. 10:17 (Romans 10:17) Bring yourself closer to God, and he will come closer to you.

1:35 Mark 1:35 “I am the vine, and you are the branches,” says the speaker.

Spending Time with God + Spiritual Growth

Setting aside time each day for prayer and meditation with the Lord will be the only way for you to experience spiritual growth in your own life. Throughout your journey, the Holy Spirit will operate through your heart and lead you at every turn. God will bless you for every second that you spend seeking to spend time with Him. Continue to make God a priority in your life and come up with innovative methods to spend time with Him! I hope you found this list to be encouraging and that it provided you with some ideas to put into action.

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