Purpose University

Purpose University is designed to take you deeper into all you need to thrive in fulfilling your God-given purpose by offering multi-week courses taught by vastly experienced and highly trained experts.  You will leave with new skills and in-depth knowledge that propel you into the purpose for which God created you.  Course offerings vary, but all will delve into a particular subject that strengthens your relationship with God, your understanding of who He says you are, your understanding of how He wired you, and/or how to fulfill your God-given purpose with excellence and joy. 



Topic:  Ministry Matters for Women 1.0:  Confident Leadership
Beginning September 17, 2018                                                                    
Whether you're new to leadership or in a paid ministry role, this course will help you develop biblically based habits in three key areas of ministry success:  confidence, calendaring savvy, and communications skills.  To learn more and sign-up, click the event button below.

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Topic:  Crazy Truth of Who You Are
Beginning October 10, 2018 / Ends November 14,2018   *six week course                                                   Each of us is on a journey through this broken and imperfect world. Things happen, needs go unmet and we quickly learn how to adapt and change to meet the needs and challenges, or we learn to hide ourselves, so that we won’t get hurt. Then one day, we wake up and realize we don't really know who we are. It’s as if we lost our true selves, somewhere on the journey. To learn more and sign-up, click the event button below.