Puzzle Phobia

By Terri Burnett 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles scare me.  In fact, I'm not sure I have ever finished one.  I  rarely make it farther than dumping the daunting mound of miniscule pieces on the table, sighing as I glance at the completed masterpiece on the cover. Why didn't the manufacturers separate the corner and border pieces from the others and put "step 1" on the packaging? That one thing could have spared me from "puzzle phobia"!

Recently, I met with a woman whose life seemed to her like a giant puzzle.  She feels God working, but can’t quite put her finger on what He’s up to. Her horizons are being stretched as she is being introduced to new ways of thinking. It feels uncomfortable to her, but exciting all at the same time. She knows greater things lie ahead for her, but can’t figure out how to get there.  Sound familiar?

Each of us as leaders have undoubtedly experienced this at some point.  10 years ago, God was preparing me to start ProvenWay.  As I compare where we are as a ministry today verses where we started, it’s no wonder I was only given one piece of the puzzle at a time.  Two many pieces and I would have retreated back to the comforts of my safe church staff position I’d held for five years.

My middle son, Chase, recently wrote a new song with these words “I trust in the hand that made me, I trust in the love that saved me, I trust in the blood that bought me and brought me out of death.”  Knowing God can do all of this, I can most assuredly trust in the call He gave me.  One of these days, I will feel the joy of seeing all the pieces in place.  And it will be a masterpiece!