Putty In His Hands by Melanie Lloyd, Proven Way Member

“Be like putty in My hands.” That’s what I heard as I awoke one morning. My mind raced to catalogue the characteristics of putty. It is pliable and yielding. It is easily workable when soft. It has so much potential, yet isn’t preoccupied with what it will become. Putty is obedient and bends to the will of its creator. It has a great shelf life, too; putty sealed in a container for years is still fully usable.

As my list grew, God slowed down my thoughts and turned my focus to the benefits of being like putty in His good and trustworthy Hands.

When my heart is soft and malleable, I am freed from the temptation to boast or take pride in achievements. Humility opens the gates for His power to flow through me. Nothing is accomplished in my own strength. When I am like putty, my entire existence and purpose depends on my Creator. When I am willing to be transformed, my Creator’s Hands are always on me. Like putty, I am stretched, kneaded, patted down, and sometimes even put into the fire, but I am never alone.

When I am surrendering to my Creator’s design, I am content with my capabilities and focus. My physical abilities, emotional capacity and mental acuity change throughout my life…day to day, season to season and decade to decade. I hope they increase, but reality tells me that there will be awe-inspiring highs, surprising lows and even lower-lows to come. My focus shifts as seasons change, too – tireless mom, humble leader, eager student, encouraging wife, friend in need, supportive sister, equipping mentor, etc. Like putty, I am adaptable, and the changes do not sacrifice my contentment.

There are endless possibilities of what I will become when I am like putty in my creative Father’s Hands. Whether made into a common bowl or a noble statue, I’m still me. My identity and worth are in being His creation, purposed to bring Him glory.

When we are like putty in our Creator’s Hands, we are fully influenced by Him. Whether being pinched, in a season of rest or actively serving, we are all a good work. Are you content with where Our Father has you today?  Will your contentment be shaken if He redesigns you tomorrow?

Isaiah 64:8 – Yet O Lord, You are Our Father, We are the clay, You are the potter, we are all the work of Your Hand.