New Perspective

by Sharmon Coleman, ProvenWay Executive Director Writer’s block. Who’s been there? Me! In preparing for a recent speaking engagement, I hit a wall in my preparation. I knew what God wanted me to say, the words just were not flowing as I tried to transfer my thoughts to my laptop. My prayers needed reinforcements. So, I texted a few friends and requested intercessory back up. One precious sister suggested moving to a new place to compose in order to move past the blockage. I took her wise counsel, and viola! From my new place came great new perspective, and thoughts and words gushed forth.

Recently, God impressed upon me this same principle regarding prayer. Mark Batterson gives an equation for reigniting prayer in his book, “The Circle Maker.”

                                A New Time + A New Place = A New Perspective

Sweet Leader, are you in need of a new perspective? Then consider changing the time and place where you pray.   Our creative God invites you to meet with Him in prayer so that He can download His Presence, plans, and purpose for your area of influence. Mixing up your spiritual routines can bring fresh awareness of His voice. Consider prayer walking, or moving your devotional time outdoors, even to a different time of day. The possibilities are endless. And the result? Renewed energy, vision, and a fresh perspective from His limitless Holy Spirit. Can I get an amen?