Missing in Action

by Sharmon Coleman Can I say that the month of May was hard? The rainy weather and overcast skies mirrored my joyless heart. Depression nipped at my heels. Why? Because I experienced the unexpected loss of a beloved pet followed by news that changed the expected trajectory of my future. Yep, my joy was missing in action.

As I slogged through the days, the Lord kept bringing Nehemiah 8:10 to mind, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” God’s word always holds the answer to whatever we may face, so what was He telling me here?

The Analysis:

  1. Joy means “rejoicing, gladness” in the original language.
  1. The owner of joy is the LORD, “the joy OF THE LORD.” Joy is His to give. Psalm 16:11 says, “You fill me with joy in Your presence.”
  1. The word used for strength in Nehemiah 8:10 in Greek means “place or means of safety, protection, refuge, stronghold.”

The Conclusion:

Joy had not gone missing. Joy was where it’s always been, in His Presence. My experience of joy was missing because my focus had shifted from Him to my heartache. The month of May happened. That’s not going to change. My challenge is to shift my focus back to Him, and plant myself in His Presence. That’s where I’ll find His joy and strength, right where I left them.

What about you, Servant of God? Is your joy missing in action? If so, God has a BIG lap. Come join me until His joy and strength have infused us so that we can move forward IN God for the world.