Dare To Lead Free!

I kicked off my summer by doing something I haven’t done in over 25 years – I hung out on 6th street in Austin until after midnight! As you may know, 6th street is the Texas version of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street. I went there with my sister, Tanya, joining others in the Christian community of all ages and backgrounds wearing bright orange t-shirts with “Prayer Team” across the front. We weren’t there to show the Jesus film, hand out tracts, or quote scripture. We were just a quiet presence, smiling and making casual conversation with the mostly young bar crawlers, presenting an opportunity for a listening ear. I expected the jeering (which we got) and the confused looks (which were many). But I have to admit I was surprised when several engaged with us in honest dialogue, expressing their pain and receiving hope through prayer. Not the most comfortable thing I have ever done, but it freed me to participate in and accept this unorthodox way of ministering. There were some who smiled as they approached us – wanting to know more about who we were and what ministry we were with. The cool thing about it is that we were all from different churches or organizations – most meeting each other for the first time. No single church or ministry claimed ownership or received the credit for this unique outreach. No identifying logo was on the t-shirts. It was a collaboration of anonymous difference-makers quietly leading out in this unique way. So I have a two-fold challenge for you this summer to help you lead free:   1. Do something uncomfortable for the cause of Christ, and  2. Do something you won’t receive any personal credit for. Dare to make a disquieting difference with no glory-strings attached. Then feel the freedom it brings!