10 Commitments to Excellence in your Service

With the start of the New Year, we need to remember that over the past several months we have developed some great habits and probably need to drop some. Just like anything we endeavor to do we always can find ways to make positive changes. The way we treat people and who we consider our Customer is among the central tenants of Jesus’ gospel message. John records Jesus’ words, John 15:1,2 , “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” As a leader in your organization, you have adopted great practices that enhance the ministry you’re leading. These 10 commitments listed below are gentle reminders of how we can renew our hearts toward excellence in providing great service. Attention to the little details in how we serve or treat others can be what makes all the difference in others decision to support the ministry you lead. These simple reminders are the very changes you or someone on your team need to incorporate to make this New Year go from good to great! Feel free print them out and keep them near your work area, or keep them on your smart phone.

  1. Keep a smile in your voice
  2. Show respect to customers
  3. Aim to exceed expectations
  4. Show professionalism as well as caring
  5. Go the extra mile with every customer
  6. Think of problems as challenges to solve
  7. Give each customer your undivided attention
  8. Make great customer service your first priority
  9. Follow through to be sure customers are satisfied
  10. Offer team members the same courtesy you offer customers
NewsDee Ann RainwaterComment