Are you ready for some football!

by Sherri Barnes, ProvenWay Membership Services This weekend kicks off the 2013-14 season of college football, which happens to be the most viewed sport in my house (Boomer Sooner!). Oddly enough, I have learned a great deal from watching coaches lead their team. It was at one particular game when Oklahoma was playing the Baylor Bears that I was mesmerized at the way Coach Stoops came out and individually, one by one, made eye, hand, and verbal contact with every player on the field. I was amazed at the care he took to make sure that each one of the players on the team knew that they were valuable enough to him to spend a few minutes with before a game. As I sat and watched, I realized that as leaders we are all called to be a coach to someone. Helping other people see and reach their God-given potential is not just for a few select people, it is something we all can do with whatever gifts God has given to us. We see this concept in the Bible with Naomi and Ruth, Paul and Timothy, and most certainly Christ to His disciples, the disciples to the church, and the church to the world. So who are you coaching? Who are you investing in to impact their life as well as the mission God has for them? Who do you need to encourage and remind that they are a valuable part of your team, more importantly, a valuable part of God's team? Join us for these upcoming trainings and events: Austin Women's Ministry Matters  Sept 11  Register Now Leading, Equipping, Praying Dallas Leaders Lunch      Sept 19      Register Now Taking the Coach Approach The North Texas Giving Day - Get Up and Give! Save the Date - Sept 19, 7 am  - midnight Your opportunity to support ProvenWay by making a donation at

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