Born to Rule

by Barbara Wilson, Director of Alliance Partnerships I have always loved the British Royal family. I watched the wedding of Queen Elizabeth on a black and white tv – yes, I am old! I saw Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip when I was 13 years old while visiting Canada. I thought Princess Diana was a wonderful example of royalty serving her subjects.

My daughter was in London July 22nd, the day the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, Born to rulewelcomed their son, George, into the world. The one instruction I gave my daughter was bring me the newspaper from the day George was born. The headline read “Born To Rule”.

As we approach the Christmas holiday, I thought about that headline, the media and hype over this little boy, George, a future king. I challenge you to remember with me The One who was originally ‘Born To Rule’ – Jesus.

  • Jesus was already proclaimed King before Birth
  • Jesus was acknowledged King at the news of His Birth
  • Jesus was announced King at his Birth

The constant theme that emerges from Jesus' birth is that He was born into this world to save humanity from sin and rule as King of Kings. His birth was the inauguration of a life dedicated to the service of God and all mankind.

Our life is dedicated to the service of God as leaders, team members and servants within the church and in the community. This confirms He is our King of Kings. He rules deep in our hearts. He rules in the lives of his faithful people whom he gathers to be with Him forever.

We are right in saying that He is our King – and BORN TO RULE!

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