Born on Purpose for a Purpose

by Sharmon Coleman

Have you ever felt like your life is boring, repetitive and meaningless?  I sure have.  I love the movie, True Lies, with Jamie Lee Curtis & Arnold Schwartzeneger. I so identified with Doris, the woman who wants to live a life of purpose and adventure but finds herself in a routine, predictable lifestyle.  Doris becomes prey to a used car salesman who woes women like Doris with the ruse that he’s a spy who needs her help. Unbeknownst to Doris, her husband is not a computer salesman, but a James Bond type spy.  He suspects that Doris is having an affair, so he uses his spy skills to capture and question her.  He discovers her desire for meaning and thrill, so he anonymously concocts a fake spy mission for her but things go awry when his real spy life hijacks his plan.  Eventually Doris discovers her husband’s true identity and the adventure takes off from there.

That movie haunted me after watching it because I was in a season of life of raising littles.  My day consisted of taking care of my kids, taking care of my husband, taking care of the house, grabbing a little sleep and waking up to repeat the process.   In my head, I knew that what I was doing was a privilege of eternal significance, but in my heart, it felt like my life was unimportant.

So, my situation begged the question, do I have purpose in life?  If so, what is it and how do I find it?  As in all things, if we want an answer to our existence we go our Creator, Father God.  What I’ve learned I want to pass on to you so that you, too, can know your DAILY purpose. 


Jesus answered this very question in Matthew 22.  In a nutshell, He said it’s to love God and love people.  What does it look like to love God and others daily?

Love God DAILY  To be able to love God, we must have a relationship with Him.  Beginning a relationship with Him is as easy as ABC.

* Admit that we are jacked up and can’t fix ourselves. 

* Believe that Jesus is the only One who can connect us to the Father.  Just like water and oil can’t combine to make mayonnaise without an egg which works as a binding agent, our jacked up state cannot “mix” with a Holy God unless Jesus is introduced.  Jesus is the holy Son of God and the sinless Son of Man who understands our struggles.  He is our connection when we .

* Confess Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

* So, once our relationship is established, how do we love God daily?   By connecting with Him!  Do you spend time with Him?  Talk to Him? Listen to Him? And do what He says? We have many resources at our fingertips.  Podcasts, Christian radio stations (105.9 FM), Christian preaching stations (101.1 FM), devotionals, Bible studies, etc!  The point is NOT to cross time with Him off your list, but to meaningfully connect with HIM.  


Love people DAILY

*  Isn’t it interesting that Jesus answered a question that hadn’t been asked in Matthew 22? Remember He was just asked about the greatest commandment.  Why did He offer the second greatest commandment of loving others?  I suggest that it’s because we cannot love others unless we first love Him because people are JACKED UP and hard to love!  Only when we love God and let Him fill us up with His love are we able to then love others.

* So how do we daily love others?  We walk through our day with Jesus eyes and ears wide open.  We take the opportunities that He brings our way through the people whose paths we cross. Sometimes it’s asking the grocery store checker about his/her day.  Other times it’s leaving a generous tip for your waitress.  Maybe it’s as simple as making eye contact and smiling at the homeless person begging for money while you’re stopped at a street light.  A while back, my assignment was to help a confused elderly woman find her doctor’s office as I left my own appointment. Other times showing love is through patience with a difficult person, assuming the best about another’s motive, not popping off at the mouth when provoked.  The point is to pay attention to ways to encourage and serve those around us and to show Jesus’ character in those emotionally volatile situations.   

Our daily purpose is not rocket science.  It’s a choice to get outside of ourselves and our tasks and pay attention to what’s going on around us.  So often we move through our days focused on ourselves and what we need to accomplish. Do you want a DAILY life of purpose and meaning?  Then love God and love others! 

Stay tuned . . . In my next blog, I’ll share how you can find and accomplish your SPECIFIC purpose and why it’s so vitally important to complete them.  

Sharmon Colemman