Wired for Connection

by Sharmon Coleman

I love my smartphone, but I hate the charging accessories.  Sometimes when I have my device plugged in, it won't charge!  The reasons for the lack of charge are varied but since I need a charged battery to use this lifeline, I have to troubleshoot the problem; I just can't ignore it.

Did you know God has custom-wired you for connection to keep you charged to fulfill your purpose? Our society provides many options to connect with others:  social media, texts, emails, video conferences, and the increasingly difficult-to-arrange face-to-face encounters.  

Which connection method is best? While they all serve a purpose, I lean toward the face-to-face encounter when at all possible.  Why?  Because that's the way God wired us.  In Genesis, He even said it is not good for man to be alone and that does not just pertain to marriage!  Plus, God tells us that when two or more are gathered in His name, He is there (Matthew 18:20).  God speaks to us and shows up in our midst when we gather face to face. I've seen this lived out in person at Proven Way's monthlyCoffee Connections.  One month we had a gal who was headed to an Eastern European country as a missionary, and another gal who had served in the same place previously and was able to answer burning questions. ⁣Another month, the majority of women were struggling with caring for aging parents and were able to share resources and comfort each other. ⁣Just this past month we had two women attend who discovered that they live on the same street! Because we are a judgment free, confidential space, we’ve had the privilege of comforting and praying for those who share an overwhelming struggle. And, of course we learn of events around the city that we would have missed otherwise. Join us to see for yourself.⁣

Because Proven Way believes in the power of face to face gatherings, we also offer theCome Away Weekend which gives an extended opportunity to connect.  We are excited to offer a four partHow To Seriesthis coming fall and spring to equip you to conquer typical nuisances that sideline your ability to focus on fulfilling your God-given purpose.  And most exciting of all is our December 2019Journey to the Holy Land(Registration closes on August 14th).

So, please save the dates to connect with us.  Be known, loved and energized to be who God created you to be and fulfill the specific tasks custom designed for you.

Sharmon Colemman