Lessons from a Fawn Rescue

by Sharmon Coleman 

Meet Damascus.  I saved this little guy after he stumbled into a steep pond at my house and couldn’t get out.  My mama instinct took over.  I kicked off my shoes and jumped in to help.  I finally got the poor thing out of the water and onto the grass.  As I was getting out, Damascus ran and jumped right back into the pond!  

All the commotion brought my neighbors over who had seen the same fawn in their yard and thought he might be blind. While I ran to get my cat carrier, my neighbor pulled the panicked baby out of the pond and deposited him safely in the carrier.  Of course, the fawn was absolutely terrified and rocked the carrier in an attempt to escape. To calm the animal while I found a rescue facility, I covered the carrier with a towel and placed him on my front porch.  My biggest fear was that the little one would give himself a heart attack.  

Long story short, the baby calmed, I found a shelter, and by the time the rescue worker examined the baby, he was as docile as a lamb.  It turned out that I had made the right decision to bring him to the shelter.  He was blind, which earned him the name Damascus after the Apostle Paul who was blinded on the road of that same name.  The rescue worker said the baby was at the age where he would start following the mama doe around and he wound up lost due to his blindness.  It would have been just a matter of time before a predator enjoyed Damascus for supper. 

As I’ve thought about that situation, I realized that this sweet fawn and I have much in common.  Here’s what I learned from Damascus:

            • Sometimes when we’re following God to fulfill our purpose, we get lost and wind up in an unexpected pit. Damascus was simply doing what he was created to do — follow his mama.  However, he ended up lost due to his blindness.  Since we walk by faith and not by sight, sometimes we can unwittingly stumble into a dangerous situation when trying to do what we’re created to do.  It’s important to remember that a wrong turn doesn’t cancel our calling.  We just need to cry out to God for rescue and get back on the path.  God’s plan for our life has no expiration date or failure clause. 

            • Sometimes if we fall into a pit when trying to fulfill our God-given purpose, it really leads us to safety.  Just as Damascus would have been easy prey and needed protection,sometimes the pit we fall into is God’s way of protecting us from a dangerous or ill-advised direction.  We are wise to stop struggling and reconfirm our path when circumstances are difficult and obstacles keep popping up instead of stubbornly plowing ahead. 

            •  Community is a large part of our ability to fulfill our God-given purpose.  Rescuing the fawn was a task I could not do alone.  Without my neighbors, I’m not sure how successful the rescue would have been or how long it would have taken. God has not called us to be “lone ranger” servants.  He deliberately created us to need each other’s gifts, talents, wisdom, prayer and support to complete His assignments.  Do you have one, two or more friends who propel you forward in pursuing God’s will?  

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 Fawn Rescue Update:The fawn (Damascus) I rescued is doing very well. He was transferred with another fawn named Ray Charles who came in with no eyes to a refuge. He and Damascus have been pen mates. Damascus will be his ambassador to help him adjust to the new place. He does seem to be seeing better but his eyes are still cloudy. It can take up to 6 weeks to know if he will gain his sight back. If not, he will stay with Ray Charles and they will live their lives out together in a sanctuary safe and secure.

Sharmon Colemman