Spiritual Carbs

by Sharmon Coleman

I love carbs!  If I ever have to choose a last meal, I will choose potatoes:  mashed, baked, scalloped, fried, sautéed, etc.  I love carbs!  How many of you have ever reduced or even eliminated carbs from your diet?  I did a few years back, and man was it tough. Besides craving the taste, I was completely drained of energy when I went too long without them.  Have you experienced that feeling?  It’s like walking through molasses with heavy weights on your arms and legs.  Once I had imbibed, the energy returned and I could keep going.

Just like our bodies need carbs for energy, our purpose needs fuel too.  If you don’t keep this spiritual fuel flowing, you will feel exhausted, unmotivatedfrustrated and maybe even burned out as you try to live out your God-given purpose.  What is this sacred energy, our spiritual carbs?  The Holy Spirit!

What do you know about the Spirit?  Growing up I only knew He was part of the Trinity and that He came to live in me at the moment of salvation.  I thought He was simply the deposit Jesus gave me to get into Heaven.  As a result, I tried to live for Him in my own strength and was perpetually frustrated by my failure. Discouragement and defeat were my spiritual norm.  It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I discovered the absolute necessity of not just having the Holy Spirit in me, but that I needed to yield to His authority daily! I received as much of the Holy Spirit at salvation as I was ever going to get.  The question is HOW MUCH OF ME DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT HAVE ON A DAILY BASIS? Once I understood this concept, my relationship with Jesus took off and I began to experience success in doing what He asks of me.  

Are you feeling discouraged, defeated, and burned out trying to live out your God-given purpose?  Do you know how to activate the Spirit’s power in your life daily so that you can do what He’s wired you to do?  Join us for Lunch & Learn on Tuesday, April 16thor for Dig-In Dinner on Thursday, April 25thto find out WHO the Holy Spirit is, WHAT He does, WHY we need Him and HOW to activate the Spirit’s control daily!  Register today! From this link, click on the “Choose One” box and select either Lunch & Learn or Dig In Dinner from the drop down.  Use coupon code FIRSTTIMEFREE for $10 off if you do NOT want a meal.



Sharmon Colemman