Calling & Purpose

by Sharmon Coleman

Do you know the difference between calling and purpose?  I’ve spent a fair amount of time being confused by these two words. What’s the difference between them, or is there a difference? As I’ve wrestled with these questions, I’ve boiled it down to these simple truths.

God has the same calling for every person who walks on this planet . . . to know & love Father God through Jesus’ gift of salvation. After accepting His gift of salvation, my calling and your calling is to walk with Him daily, being transformed from the inside out into the image of His beloved son, Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:18 NLT).  Your calling does not change. 

Your purposeis the specific way God designed you in the womb(Psalm 139:13-16)  to fulfill the good works He planned specifically for you to accomplish before you were even born (Eph. 2:10) .  Your purpose will serve others & bring glory to God. The essence of your purpose does not change although the way it is expressed might.  My purpose is to share the truth with love and encouragement. Over the years, the expression of my purpose has varied.  My calling has been expressed through teaching in public and private school, Sunday School, the youth group, Ladies’ Bible study, Co-ed Adult Life Group, and currently the women I serve through Proven Way Ministry. My calling has also been expressed through speaking engagements and mentoring.  The bottom line has stayed the same, speaking the truth in love and encouragement, but HOW I do that has taken different forms.

 How about you?  Have you accepted God’s call to know & love Him?  If not, it’s as easy as ABC.  Admit that you need Jesus (Romans 3:23Romans 5:8)), Believe that Jesus is the only way back to the Father’s heart (John 3:16), and Confess Jesus as your Savior (Romans 10:13).  How clear are you concerning your purpose, the specific way God has wired you to serve others and bring Him glory? Sign up for Proven Way’s highly interactive workshop, Finding Your Lane, on Saturday, April 6th. You will leave with confidence and clarity, plus you’ll have a ton of fun!  Learn more & register.




Sharmon Colemman