A K.I.S.S. from London by Sharmon Coleman

A month ago, I crossed London, England off of my vacation destination bucket list. Along with enjoying the historical sites like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Tower of London, I had the opportunity to do one of my favorite things, people watch! We stayed in an Airbnb, so I actually experienced living like a Brit, and I was totally intrigued and more than a bit jealous after just one week. 

I pondered my feelings and distilled them into one concept.  Brits live by the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Sweetie). Using the tube frees them from the burden of car payments, traffic, and parking. The live in tiny spaces with limited stuff so there’s not a lot to maintain.  They have tiny grocery stores and dorm sized refrigerators, so they plan one or two meals at a time.  

And the result of this simplicity? They spend time with friends after work at a local pub.  They weren’t in a rush everywhere they went.  They weren’t impatient and preoccupied.  They made eye contact.  Brits have margin in their lives, so they have space to simply be. Now, I know this is an overgeneralization.  They still have problems and stress like any human being, but I maintain that their overall stress level is less because they live with less.  

I came back home on a mission.  Less stuff and more margin of time to simply be and invest in those around me, fulfilling my God-given purpose.  As I searched for resources to accomplish this goal, I’ve discovered that there are many Americans on this same quest.  One of my favorite finds is the bemorewithless.com website.  This community led by Courtney Carver is full of simplicity-inspired ideas for your home, heart, closet and inbox.  Let London give you a K.I.S.S. so you, too, will have more time and brain space to give to your God-given purpose!  

Sharmon Colemman