Password Protected by Sharmon Coleman

What are necessary evils in today’s online world? Passwords, of course.  If you’re like me, you have one password with several variations to meet the different criteria of multiple accounts.  My problem is that I have more than three variations yet only three login attempts and I often lock myself out of accounts.  Since I have the memory of a gnat, I found an amazing password booklet on Amazon, similar to the old-fashioned address book.  I always keep track of it it because it contains the keys to my online kingdom. 

Until I didn’t keep track of it. Imagine my panic when this important booklet disappeared!  I looked in the three places it’s supposed to live, but nada.  That night I had difficulty falling asleep because I kept imagining having left the booklet at a coffee shop for a tech-savvy thief to find.  I played and replayed different scenarios in my mind of how I could possibly protect myself from complete identity theft.  I also gave myself a mental beating for being so absent minded and careless with such a valuable item.

As my mind spiraled further and further, sleep became impossible.  Finally, I realized that I needed to pray.  Duh!  I remembered my devo from the previous day on 1 Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”  This verse comforted me and His word eased my inner turmoil for three reasons.

            1. CASTING - The Greek word used for casting in this verse is a compound word that means, “to violently throw or fling with great force.”  In ancient secular literature, this word was used to picture flinging excess weight off the shoulders of a traveler onto the back of a beast of  burden. With this definition in mind, I pictured myself heaving the booklet out of my hands like a hot potato onto Jesus’s shoulders.  When the worry came back, I repeated the process.  I’ve heard it said that just because a bird flies into your hair doesn’t mean you have to let it make a nest.  I decided I wasn’t going to hold on to the worry.

            2.  CARES – In the original language, this word describes any difficulty, hardship, trouble, misfortune or complicated circumstance that arises as a result of the problems that develop in our lives regardless of why it happened.  I gratefully flung my anxiety on Jesus because His offer isn’t just for those circumstances outside of my control.  No matter what the cause, He invites me to fling “it” on His shoulders.

            3.  CARETH – The Greek word used is taken from the word, melei, which means to be concerned, thoughtful, aware, or to give painful and meticulous attention.  Amazingly, Jesus doesn’t just take on my anxiety because He HAS to because He’s God.  He is actually CONCERNED and AWARE of my angst and gives it meticulous attention.  Because He careth for this situation of my own making, I felt free to ask Him to show me where to find it.  After all, He is EL ROI, The God Who Sees.

After casting my worry on Him because He is genuinely concerned about the situation, I slept like a baby.  I had no idea whether He’d show me where to find the booklet or He’d help me troubleshoot the repercussions of it falling into the wrong hands. Either way, I rested knowing that the situation was in His hands.  

The next morning I went downstairs and what was the first thing I saw? My password book was sitting on my kitchen counter!!!  As my eyes fell over it, I immediately remembered I had left it in my husband’s car, which I rarely drive. My husband had found it and brought it inside.  I was covered in glory bumps!  Isn’t He wonderful? We are all password protected, by the word of God.

My friend, what keeps you up at night?  CAST your CARES upon Him, for He CARETH for you!

Sharmon Colemman