Know Where To Run by Sharmon Coleman

I love cats.  Anyone who knows me or follows me on Facebook can verify that I’m a crazy cat lady.  Currently, I have five cats living under my roof.  Each has a distinct personality.  One is a bully; another is Mr. Congeniality; the third is a fluffy ball of love; and the last two are Nervous Nellies. Little did I know that this morning, the Lord was going to use one of them to teach me something . . .

As I was snuggled in my rocking chair, sipping my first cup of coffee, I saw Nervous Nellie #1. Cleo, being quickly evicted from the bathroom. The panic in the cat’s eyes was apparent since she had not been given time to determine if danger lurked in the hallway.  From my vantage point, I watched this drama unfold and recognized her tremendous fear.   My heart filled with compassion.  I immediately held out my hand and called her to my lap.  She didn’t hesitate to run to my lap.  I was filled with pleasure knowing she TRUSTS me.

After Cleo jumped in my lap, the Lord immediately spoke to my heart about how similar I am to her.  You see, I’m wading through a new part of my purpose which is way outside my comfort zone!    “Me, Lord?  I’m not wired this way.  I can’t learn this stuff!  It doesn’t come naturally.  So&So would be awesome at this.  I think it’s time to pass the reigns to her!”  I have been feeling as if I’ve been thrown into a very scary place just like Cleo and panic has threatened to consume me.

His response?  He held out His hand, beckoned me to His lap of safety and spoke Proverbs 3:5,6 to my heart, “Trust in Me with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Me, and I will direct your path.”

Message received. Forgiveness asked.  While my fear didn’t go away, I have a peace that He will be with me as I encounter every new, foreign turn.  I simply need to ACKNOWLEDGE Him every time I encounter this new thing and TRUST Him to help me do what He’s called me to do. His lap is always there.

How about you?  Is God calling you to something unknown,; something that scares the wits out of you?  I urge you to run to the Father who is holding out His hand, lap ready to comfort and EQUIP you as you step out in faith, acknowledging Him.  Sister, you KNOW WHERE TO RUN.  And… go!

Sharmon Colemman